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100 Boat Names From History, Nature And Fiction

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Are you looking for to learn about different boat names throughout history?

Or perhaps you want some boat name inspiration for your own boat? Well you should 'Seas The Day' and take a look at this great list!

This list of the best boat names from history, nature and fiction is bound to include a few choices that will inspire you, it is full of 100 boat names all categorised by type to make your life that little bit easier.

The most common boat name, unsurprisingly, is the punny moniker 'Seas The Day'. This is a great name, but you may be looking for something that stands out a little more, so look beyond 'Seas The Day' with this great list!

If you still need more ideas to name a boat, check out our lists of Pirate Ship Names and Funny Boat Names too.

Historical Boat Names

There have been some boats that have made history and their names will always be remembered. Whilst they may not be the best boat names for your own boat, they have certainly made history and are so interesting to read and learn about. If you see SS in any of these names, it stands for Steamship.

A fish eating something from fishing rod wire

1. American Queen (English origin) the largest river steamboat ever built.

2. Bacchus (German origin) a distilling ship built by William Hamilton in 1915.

3. CSS Hunley (English origin) the ship designed to sink Union Navy ships, this was built in 1863.

4. Golden Hind (Arabic origin) this ship was captained by Francis Drake.

5. HMAV Bounty (American origin) this small merchant vessel was purchased by the Royal Navy in 1787.

6. HMS Beagle (English origin) a Royal Navy boat launched in 1820.

7. HMS Victory (English origin) one of the largest wooden warships built to serve two fleets from Spain and France.

8. Mayflower (English origin) a ship that brought English pilgrims to the New World in 1620

9. Nina (Spanish origin) the name of a Spanish ship used by Christopher Columbus.

10. Noah’s Ark (Hebrew origin) this is the ship that saved two of every animal during the great flood in the Bible.

11. Pinta (Spanish origin) the fastest ship used by Christopher Columbus.

12. RMS Lusitania (Roman origin) a British ship that was sunk in 1915.

13. RMS Titanic (Greek origin) the famous cruise ship that sunk in 1912.

14. Santa Maria (Latin origin) a Spanish ship used by Christopher Columbus.

15. SS Edmund Fitzgerald (English origin) this ship was an American Great Lakes freighter. It tragically sank in a storm in 1975.

16. The Queen Mary (English origin) a famous British ocean liner.

17. USS Arizona (English origin) a US Navy battleship which was victim to an explosion in World War II.

18. USS Maine (French origin), the famous ship whos sinking sparked a war between America and Spain.

19. USS Missouri (English origin) also known as the ‘Mighty Mo’, this is the ship where some documents that ended World War II were signed.

20. Whydah Gally (African origin) built as a passenger, cargo and slave ship it became a famous pirate ship after being captured.

21. Yamato (Japanese origin) a leading Japanese battleship.

22. Queen Anne’s Revenge (English origin) this pirate ship from the 18th century also featured in the movie ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’.

23. Flying Dutchman (English origin) this is another boat from the ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ that has historical origins in the real world.

Fictional Boat Names

Crown butterfly fish couple

A lot of famous ships have graced our screens and the pages of our favorite books. These fictional ships make the best boat names to learn more about. Enjoy this list of the best fictional boat names!

24. African Queen (English origin) from the movie ‘The African Queen’.

25. Albatross (Spanish origin) meaning “pelican” from the movie ‘The Sea Hawk'.

26. Andrea Gail (French origin) meaning “brave” from the movie ‘The Perfect Storm’.

27. Arabella (Latin origin) from the book ‘Captain Blood’.

28. Artemis (Roman origin) from the book ‘Voyager’, this makes for one of the coolest names for a boat.

29.  Aurora (Roman origin) meaning "dawn" from the comic 'Adventures Of Tintin'.

30. Bebop (English origin) from the manga 'Cowboy Bebop'.

31. Black Pearl (English origin) from the movie ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’, one of the most famous names for a boat.

32. Blue (English origin) from the anime 'Blue'.

33. Borneo Prince (Sanskrit origin) means "water" from the 'Commando' comic.

34. Britannia (English origin) from the literature work ‘In Search Of The Castaways’.

35. Cornelia Marie (Roman origin) from the movie ‘Deadliest Catch’.

36. Dawn Treader (English origin) from the movie ‘Chronicles Of Narnia’.

37. Dazzler (English origin) from the book ‘The Cruise Of The Dazzler’.

38. Demeter (English origin) from the book ‘Dracula’.

39. General Grant (English origin)  from the book ‘Around The World In 80 Days’.

40. Gone Fission (English origin) from ‘The Simpsons’.

41. Grossadler (English origin) from the story 'Bright Blade Of Courage'.

42. HMS Dauntless (English origin) from the movie ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’.

43. HMS Endeavor (English origin) from the movie ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’.

44. HMS Interceptor (English origin) from the movie ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’.

45. HMS Viper (English origin) from the comic 'Bright Blade of Courage'.

46. Maersk Alabama (English origin) from the ‘Captain Phillips’.

47. Pequod (English origin) from the movie ‘Moby Dick’.

48. Queen’s Gambit (English origin) from the series ‘Arrow’.

49. The Empress (English origin) from the movie ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’.

50. The Henrietta (English origin) from the movie ‘Around The World In 80 Days’.

51. The Inferno (English origin) from the movie ‘The Goonie’.

52. Sea Patroller (English origin) from the cartoon ‘Paw Patrol’. Young kids will recognise this boat name!

53. Sea Queen (English origin) from the 'Superman Returns'.

54. SS Minnow (English origin) from the movie ‘Gilligan Island’.

55. SS Ramona (Spanish origin) means "protecting hands" from the book 'The Red Sea Sharks'.

56. Vulkan (Latin origin) after the 'Commando' comics 'Flak Fever'.

57. Wizard (English origin) from the movie ‘Deadliest Catch’.

Classy Boat Names

If you are looking for something simple and sophisticated for boat naming, the natural environment and the people around you it is the best place to get inspiration for naming your boat. These names for ships come naturally and never go out of taste. The best boat names that are classy are on this list. You might fancy calling your boat USS to sound like the famous ones, but sadly you can't - this prefix is only use for commissioned ships of the United States Navy.

58. Aristocrat (Greek origin) means "sea of Atlas".

59. Atlantic Pearl (English origin) refers to a precious pearl found in the Atlantic ocean.

60. Atlas (Greek origin) means "support".

61. Baroness (French origin) is a title for the wife or widow of a Baron.

62. Elizabethan (English origin) refers to the reign of Queen Elizabeth I.

63. Exodus (Greek origin) means "the exit of a large group".

64. Legacy (English origin) means "an inheritance".

65. Liberty (Latin origin) means "free" or "freedom".

66. Magnolia (Latin origin) means "Magnol's flower".

67. Oasis (French origin) meaning "a peaceful dwelling place".

68. Peridot (Arabic origin) meaning "a green gemstone".

69. Serenity (French origin) meaning "calm".

70. Splendour (Latin origin) meaning "magnificent appearance".

71. The Admiral (English origin) means "commander of the sea".

72. The Baron (French origin) a status denoting a person of rank.

73. The Duchess (Latin origin) means "commander" or "leader".

74. The Icelandic (English origin) refers to the country of Iceland.

75. The Olympian (Greek origin) meaning "a participant in the Olympic games".

76. The Sapphire (English origin) a jewel and the birthstone for September.

77. Twilight (English origin) means "dusk".

78. Watercrest (English origin) refers to a type of aquatic flowery plant.

79. Winchester (Latin origin) meaning "legendary camp".

80. Windsor (English origin) means "riverbank with a windlass".

Funny Boat Names

Funny boat naming is a great way to express your sense of humor. Boat owners who have a luxury yacht can give their boats some out of the box names. Nothing compliments your sense of humor better than a clever name for your new boat or luxury yacht. Here are some funny names of boats to get you thinking of your unique yet fun boat name.

81. Bikini Bottom (English origin) the home of the cartoon character 'Sponge Bob Square Pants'.

82. Clam Dunk (English origin) like a slam dunk but with clams instead.

83. Codtastrophe (English origin) a funny play on the words 'cod' and 'catastrophe'.

84. Fish And Ships (English origin) a play on words from the meal fish and chips.

85. Knot On Call (English origin) for boat owners who want to relax when sailing the seas.

86. Looking For Fish (English origin) the perfect boat name for a fishing boat.

87. Missing Anchor (English origin) a funny boat name for beginners.

88. Nuclear Fishin' (English origin) for boats that are strictly for fishing.

89. Poseidon Probe (Greek origin) means "island of Atlas".

90. Seas The Day (English origin) we couldn't leave the most popular boat name off our list!

91. Reely Expensive (English origin) to show that your boat is very expensive!

92. Rubber Ducky (English origin) reminds you of your childhood.

93. Sea Senor (English origin) means "sea master".

94. Scuba Steve (English origin) for a boat used for scuba diving.

95. Sick Day (English origin) gives a giggle for those who suffer from sea sickness.

96. Sharkbait (English origin) this boat name can be given to a fishing boat.

97. Tax Refund (English origin) is this boat what you spent your refund on?

98. The Crusty Crab (English origin) the restaurant from the 'Sponge Bob' cartoon.

99. The Other Woman (English origin) if your boat also has your heart.

100. Therapy (English origin) for those who love to relax on their boat.

Kidadl has lots of great names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for Boat Names from history, nature and fiction, then why not take a look at these Car Names For Girls, or for something different try these Top 100 Winter Storm Names For Your Baby.

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