Ultimate List Of 100+ Fishing Boat Names

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Originally Published on Dec 17, 2020
Small fishing boat on the sea water in a secluded bay.

In this list we have explored boat names which are funny, chic, common, popular, famous and classy.

Naming a boat has to be a thoughtful and a careful consideration. The name you choose will create an image of the boat and reflect the owner's (you!) personality as well.

Fishing boats come in various sizes. The smallest of those being dinghy boats. When not being used as fishing boats these boats can be used as companion boats. They also act as navigational aids for bigger ships in shallow waters. Did you know that the most common boat name is currently Seas The Day, punny right?

For more boat name ideas, check out these boat names from history, nature and fiction and these funny boat names for all kinds of boats!

Funny Fishing Boat Names

If you are looking for funny names for boats, check out the list below. We also have sport fishing boat names, boating names, cool names for boats, sailing boat names and creative names for boats.

1. Buoyoncé - This fishing boat also has the desire to be as iconic as Queen Bey. One of the best names of fishing boats.

2. Error 404 - You can be a little bit funny by adding, “Fish not found” to the end of this name. A funny and playful boat name.

3. Fish Tales - Names like Fish Tales for your fishing boat will surely keep you amused for many years.

4. Forward My Calls - When you are steering your boat you don’t have time to take calls. This is a smart and a funny name for your fishing boat.

5. Good Time Charlie - For a boat where fun in the number one priority!

6. In A Meeting - You can now tell your friends that you are in a meeting, when in fact you are riding the waves! One of the funny names for a fishing boat.

7. Kids' Inheritance - What child doesn’t want to inherit a fishing boat?

8. Knot On Call - When you do not want to be disturbed by anyone.

9. Laugh Out Loud - One of the funniest names for your fishing boats. This name exudes a lot of positivity and sunshine.

10. My Option II - Everyone needs an option two and a backup plan in life. One of the funny and cool fishing boat names.

11. Take A Look - It is funny because you don’t expect a sailing boat to have so much attitude.

12. Time Out - Show your sense of humor by naming your fishing boat Time Out.

13. Thanks Fish - A fun name for your fishing boat.

14. Seas The Day - A pun on the phrase “seize the day”, this is the most popular boat name.

15. Second Home - A fishing boat and its owner cannot be separated.

16. Unsinkable II - One of the funniest names for boats.

17. Yahoo - Definitely among the funniest good boat names.

Clever And Good Fishing Names For Boats

If you are passionate about sailing and are looking for some clever and good fishing boat names, this list will give you some of the best names for fishing boats.

18. Abyss - A short and sweet name for your fishing boat. Abyss means a “vast chasm”.

19. Black Pearl - A clever name like Black Pearl for your fishing boat is enough to make a strong statement.

20. Carpe Diem - It means “one should enjoy life to the fullest”.

21. Dream Weaver - Your dream fishing boat deserves a name like this.

22. Destiny - Another thoughtful name for your fishing boat.

23. Eos - The Greek Goddess of dawn is known as Eos.

24. Eros - Eros is the God of love in Greek mythology.

25. Fantasea - The meaning of this fishing boat name is “fantasy”.

26. Grace - Boats are often referred to as “she”. Why not name this beauty of yours Grace?.

27. Happy Hours - You surely have spent a lot of good times in your sailing boat.

28. Island Time - This name will make you feel like you are in a vacation mode as soon as you board your fishing boat.

29. Jubilee - This is the name of Queen Elizabeth’s yacht.

30. License To Chill - A cool and quirky name for your fishing boat.

31. Mahalo - Mahalo in Hawaiian means “thank you”.

32. Principal Interest - This name is one of the best puns that you can use for your fishing boat.

33. Queen Of Hearts - Your boat will rule the hearts of many in real life.

34. Uptown Girl - Some of the best fishing boat names are the ones which are creative and cool.

35. Wanderlust - When travelling is life and life is travelling, why not say so with the name of your boat?

36. Xie Xie - In Chinese, Xie Xie means “thank you”.

Famous Boat Names

Below are some names which have made history and are very famous in the sailing world.

37. HMS Victory - In the 18th century, HMS Victory led European fleets. This is one of the oldest sailing vessels.

38. HMS Virginia - In the Battle of Trafalgar this well know ship was led by Lord Nelson.

39. Mayflower - In 1620, the Mayflower boat carried the Pilgrims to America.

40. USS Missouri - The most famous battleship from the Second World War.

41. Santa Maria - This was the sailing vessel in which the New World was discovered by Columbus.

42. Titanic - The iconic ship that met a tragic end. Whilst you might not want to choose this iconic name yourself, it is one of the best known sailing ships so couldn't be left off this list.

43. USS Arizona - This boat  witnessed the attack on Pearl Harbour which took place in 1941.

44. USS Maine - This ship sank in 1898.

Popular Fishing Boat Names

We hope you find your perfect choice from the list below.

45. Blue Moon - Your fishing boat is your prized possession so why not name her Blue Moon?

46. Escape - One of the most popular names for your fishing boat which expresses a free mind and free thinking.

47. Forever Young - One of the best name for a boat.

48. Liberty - The meaning of this fishing boat name is “freedom”.

49. Misty - This is a short and cute name for your sailing boat.

50. Relentless - An ideal name option for a sport fishing boat.

51. Sea Quest - This is the name that comes to mind when a quest begins and you need your best mate to be a part of it.

52. Serendipity - This is a happy and  positive name for a fishing boat.

53. Tide Runner - This name means “sailing smoothly along with the tide”.

54. Venus - A sturdy name like Venus is a great name for a boat.

A fisherman on a fishing boat is casting a net for catching fish.

The Most Common Boat Names

Below is a list of the most popular and common fishing boat names.

55. All For Knot - If in life there can be "one for all" and "all for none" then why not "all for knot"? When all you want is to be on your boat and in the water, go for All For Knot.

56. All Aboard - When fishing time beckons, everyone wants to hear this phrase. Why not make it official by naming your fishing boat All Aboard?

57. Aquaholic - For those who have an affinity for the water and for those whose life revolves around the water, this is one of the best fishing boat names.  This is also one of the most common boat names.

58. Aye Sea U - A clever word play on "I see you". This is a very common and famous boat name.

59. Piranha Party- Stay safe from those piranhas whilst partying on your very own boat!

60. Feeling Nautical - Life is too short to be very serious.

61. Forever Alive - A name which stops time. A beautiful name for a fishing boat.

62. High Maintenance - For a fishing boat that requires a lot of care and maintenance.

63. Life Is Like That - For boat owners who understand the complexities of life and are on board with the realities of life.

64. Namaste - Namaste means “greetings”. One of the cool boat names.

65. Neptune's Glory - This is the name of the Roman God of sea. One of the boat names that is used quite often by boat owners.

66. North Star - The North Star is the guiding star for sailors on long voyages.

67. Orion - If you have a new boat or ship, this is a powerful name option for it.

68. Pearl - Perfect for the boat owner fascinated with ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’.

69. Pegasus - Another strong name for a boat. In real life, this name is the mascot and symbol of the University of Central Florida.

70. Second Chance - When life gives you lemons you make lemonade. But what happens when life gives you more lemons? Well, you name your boat Second Chance!

71. Second Wind - When fishing is able to cheer you up, even after a bad day!

72. Squid Pro Quo - This is one of the funny fishing boat names. A clever word play on "quid pro quo".

73. Why Knot? - This name is perfect for people who love to use humor in their day to day life.

74. Zenith - When you have the best boat and you want the world to know, you can name it Zenith.

75. Zeus - Why not name your fishing boat based on one of the greats? In ancient Greek, Zeus is the God of the sky.

Cool Fishing Boat Names

Having a fishing boat is an extremely cool thing. Ensuring that the name you choose is also equally cool is important to some owners. After all a name is for life. Below is a list of cool fishing boat names.

Happy Father and Son together fishing from a boat at sunset time in summer day under beautiful sky on the lake.

76. Heart Of The Dragon - Dragons have always been full of mysteries. They have always been associated with bravery and honor. So, a dragon’s heart is a very special name.

77. Highlander - A very strong fishing boat name. It is also a name of a movie. It can also be one of the strongest sailing boats' names.

78. Instigator - Another wonderfully powerful name for a fishing boat. It speaks volumes about the go-getting attitude of the owner.

79. Knight Of The Caribbean - A play on words with from the name of the movie ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’. This is a very cute name for a fishing boat.

80. Ladies First - For any female boat owners!

81. Lector’s lady - For those who like the story of Hannibal Lector. This is a very niche name for a fishing boat.

82. Maelstrom Avenger - For the Avenger fans! This is a paradoxical name. Maelstrom was the villain who was felled by the Avengers. One of the best boat names.

83. Mail Order Bride - After the '60s movie by the same name. A very cute and funny name for a fishing boat. One of the more unique boat names.

84. Moody Diva - One of the best cute names for boats.

85. More Than Enough - For those who tend to be content with what they have. A lovely name for a fishing boat.

86. Mystic Of Time - The mysteries of time are known to none. This is a wonderful name for a fishing boat.

87. Night Time In Miami - A name reminiscent of a glorious time in a glorious city. Miami is one of the most vibrant cities and during the night it is even more spectacular.

88. Nirvana - For those who are in heaven when they are out sailing and fishing. One of the classy boat names.

89. Omega Red - Omega Red is a villain from the X-Men universe. It is an ideal name for a fishing boat which is exceptionally strong.

90. Paradise Pirate - Another one of those cute and funny names for boats.

91. Penny Lotts - A funny take on "penny slots". This is a cute name for a fishing boat. This is one of the clever names for boats.

92. Pillar Of Autumn - Pillar of Autumn was a cruiser designated for transporting Spartans.

93. Props - One of the newest good names for boats that has gained popularity. Props to whoever came up with this name! It is one of the clever boat names.

94. Robin Hood - An ideal name for a green fishing boat. Also, one of the best names for owners who are fascinated with superheroes.

95. Sandman - After the mythical character who promotes beautiful dreams.

96. Sappho - A beautiful name for a fishing boat or your first boat. Sappho was a poet of considerable repute. One of the ideal small boat names.

97. Shock Wave - A powerful name for a fishing boat.

98. Underwater Explorer - This is another lovely name for a boat. It is perfect for adventurous boat owners.

99. Variety - For a boat that brings excitement and variety to your life.

100. X Factor - This one is perfect for your first boat that is a cut above the rest.

Kidadl has lots of great names articles to inspire you. We hope you liked our suggestions for the ultimate list of fishing boat names including some funny boat names. For more, take a look at something different like these Pirate ship names from history and fiction, or these Pirate names from history and fiction.

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