100 Pirate Names From History And Fiction To Inspire You

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Pirates are universally loved by kids.

For an extremely drawn-out period of time, pirates been the figures of involvement and vagrancy. Many popular movies, for example, 'The Pirates Of The Caribbean' and 'Fortune Island' follow the lives of pirates.

Notwithstanding the way that the names may sound uncanny, pirate names for characters are becoming a la mode. Since pirates were known for their courage, nautical, and investigating capacities, it is a fun task to pick pirate names for your characters.

Most pirate names sound cool and many of them are one of a kind. You can pick pirate names based on a movie or from history, but ultimately picking a pirate name is all about freedom and choice, anything goes as long as you can make it work!

Why not base your name on Blackbeard who is still considered to be the most feared pirate of all time?

For more pirate naming fun, check out these funny pirate names and these pirate parrot names.

Historical Pirates Names For Girls

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If you are looking for a name for a female pirate, pick the most famous pirates from the list of real pirates below.

1.  Adrie (Roman origin) means "a female kind of Adrian." The name Adrian comes from the Old Roman name Hadrianus meaning "from Hadria".

2.  Aegea (Greek origin) means "from the expanse of Aege".

3.  Apulia (Latin origin) means "from Apulia". The name Apulia comes from the Greek words 'Iapudes,' that describes the people who lived on the contrary side of the Adriatic Sea.

4.  Augusta (Roman origin) means "extraordinary".

5.  Azure (Persian origin) means "semi-valuable stone".

6. Belle (French origin) means "delightful". The name is additionally utilized commonly as a short structure for the end of names finishing with like Isabelle, Maybelle, Annabelle.

7. Bertha (German origin) means "acclaimed and splendid". It is accepted to have been made famous by Normans during their triumph of England in the 11th century.

8. Cataline (Greek origin) means "pure".

9. Coral (Greek origin) means "an ocean polyp".

10. Cordelia (Latin or French origin) means "someone near to heart".

11. Daria (Persian origin) means "somebody who has great characteristics".

12. Doria (Greek origin) means "endowment of God".

13. Echo (Greek origin) means "sound".

14. Evalyn (German origin) means "desired or wished for child".

15. Flora (Latin origin) means "bloom". As indicated by folklore, it is the name of a ninth century Spanish Saint and it is also the name of the Roman Goddess of springtime.

16. Freeda (German origin) means "harmony".

17. Gilda (Italian origin)means "penance".

18. Hally (Scandinavian origin) means "authority".

19. Iona (Hebrew origin) means "dove". Iona is also the name of an island off the shore of Scotland.

20. Isola (Italian inception) means "island".

Historical Pirate Names For Boys

There are so many pirates in history, they have been feared by sailors for centuries. Henry Morgan was one of the most famous and popular pirates.

21. Ace (Middle English origin) means "astounding".

22. Alek (Scottish origin) means "safeguard of men".

23. Archer (Latin origin) means "a curve".

24. Augie (Latin origin) means "fantastic".

25. Bastian (Latin origin) means "from Sebastia".

26. Benno (Old German origin) means "somebody who is bear like or valiant".  

27. Cael (Old Gaelic origin) means "slim". Cael was the name of a holy messenger from the Cancer zodiac, and was also the name of a famous pirate champion in Irish folklore.

28. Castor (Old Greek origin) means "to dominate".

29. Cedric (Celtic origin) means "abundance". It was designed by Sir Walter Scott for the name of a character in his novel 'Ivanhoe'.

30. Cole (Old English origin) means "coal-like dark".

31. Cutler (Old English origin) means "an individual who makes cutlery".

32. Dax (Roman origin) means "somebody who originated from a French town of a similar name".

33. Emmett (Old German origin) means "entire".

34. Finlay (Gaelic origin) means "blond champion".

35. Finn (Irish origin) means "reasonable". It was the name of a mainstream legendary Irish hero who was known for his liberality and intelligence.

36. Flynn (Irish origin) means "a relative of Flann". Flann is a typical Irish name meaning "ruby".

38. Galen (Greek origin) means "quiet".

39. Hadrian (Old Roman origin) means "from Hadria.".

40. Horace (Old Roman inception) means "time or season". Horace was the name of a well known Roman artist.

Fictional Pirate Names For Girls

As opposed to the image portrayed in fiction about pirate, pirates ordinarily didn't have "pirate names", they were known by their original name. On some rare occasions, privateers like Blackbeard took their nickname and utilized it consistently as their pirate name. Here are some pirate names for girls from the world of popular culture.

41.  Angelica, is also the name of the fictional character from 'The Pirates Of The Caribbean' movie franchise.

42.  Anne, is a fictional character from the 'Black Sails' movie.  

43.  Blackboots, is a fictional character from the graphic novel 'Here Comes A Candle', it is among the most popular names for a pirate.

44.  Dola, is a fictional character from the new 'Laputa: Castle In The Sky' movie.

45.  Emeraldas, is a fictional character from the new anime 'Space Pirate Captain Harlock'.

46.  Elizabeth, is a fictional character from 'The Pirates Of The Caribbean' movie series.

47.  Janme, is a fictional character from the 'Sons Of Eve' anime manga series.

48.  Marika, is a character from the book series 'Bodacious Space Pirates.'

49.  Mary, is a popular fictional character from the young adult novel, 'Bloody Jack'.

50.  Marquise, is a fictional character from the webcomic 'Homestuck'.

51.  Morgan, is a female pirate in the 'Cutthroat Island' movie. It's a common pirate name.

52. Nami, is a fictional pirate from the anime 'One Piece'

53.  Revy, is a character from the anime series 'Black Lagoon'.

54.  Seth, is a fictional character from the 'Lost Odyssey' video game.

55.  Tia, is a soothsayer in the famous 'The Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest' movie.

Fictional Pirate Names For Boys

This rundown contains the most famous and darling anecdotal pirate names from books, games, movies, and TV. Johnny Depp's portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow in 'The Pirates Of The Caribbean' movies remains the most loved and popular new pirate character.

56. Anton, is also the name of the fictional character from the 'Lucky Starr And The Pirates Of The Asteroids' book.

57. Balthier, is a sky pirate from the 'Final Fantasy XII' video game.

58.  Barrett, is a sea pirate with a hook in the 'The Princess And The Pirate' movie.

59. Bloth, is an alien pirate in the 'Pirates Of Dark Water' animation series.

60. Flint, is known as Captain Flint in the 'Black Sails' movie.

61. Han, is a pirate from the 'Star Wars' movie series.

62. Hook, is a famous fictional pirate from the 'Peter Pan' movie.

63. Jack, is a funny sea pirate in 'The Pirates Of The Caribbean' movie franchise.  

64. Jesamiah, is a fictional character from the 'Sea Witch' book series.

65. Killian, is also known as Hook in 'Once Upon A Time'.

66. Nemo, is a sea pirate in 'The Mysterious Island’ book.

67. Pablo, in 'The Backyardigans' Pablo is a superhero.

68.  Roberts, is also known as Dread Pirate Roberts in the 'The Princess Bride' movie.

69. Stephen, is a fictional character from the 'Outlander' movie.

70. Tom, is a prominent character in the 'The Mysterious Island' book.

Ideas For Pirate Names For Girls

Here are some ideas of girls' names for pirates. Why not use one of these names for your new pirate character?

71.  Abby (Hebrew origin) means "father of magnification".

72.  Aggie (Greek origin) means "great".

73.  Ailith (English origin) means "prepared hero".

74.  Ally (Greek origin) means "splendid".

75.  Anna (Hebrew origin) means "charitable".

76.  Arcelia (Spanish origin) means "money box".

77.  Battista (Latin origin) means "to plunge".

78.  Beryl (Greek origin) means "light green semi-precious gemstone".

79.  Blade (English origin) means "blade".

80.  Calico (English origin) means "multi-shaded".

81.  Cally (Latin origin) means "wonderful bloom".

82.  Cima (Hebrew origin) means "treasure".  

83.  Dally (English origin) means "delay".

84.  Destiny (English origin) means "decided destiny".

85.  Diamond (English origin) means "of high worth".

Ideas For Pirate Names For Boys

Pirate names for young men are found far and wide, take inspiration for your new character's name from this list.

86.  Axel (Scandinavian origin) means "harmony".

87.  Brigg (English origin) means "settlement".

88.  Bronn (English origin) means "darker looking".

89.  Cooper (English origin) means "barrel creator".

90.  Cornelius (Latin origin) means "horn".

91.  Duggan (Irish origin) means "dull or dark".

92.  Dylan (Welsh origin) means "incredible tide".

93.  Edge (American origin) means "outskirt".

94.  Errol (English origin) means "aristocrat".

95.  Gage (English origin) means "vow "

96.  Gordon (Scottish origin) means "huge stronghold".

97.  Gunnar (German origin) means "battler".

98.  Hawk, means "a bird of prey".

99.  Hayes (Irish origin) means "supported zone".

100. Theo (Ancient German origin) means "brave people".

Kidadl has lots of great names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for pirate names then why not take a look at these Parrot names and pirate ship names, or for something different take a look at these funny and fresh fish names for your pet.

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