50+ Pirate Ship Names From History And Fiction

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Pirate ships are found throughout history.

Some have famous names and others have hilarious names. If you need some help with finding the best pirate ship names for your project, or you just want to do some research on them then this list should help!

Real or made up, we have put together a list of the best pirate ship names from history and fiction, including some of the most famous pirate ships for you to enjoy.

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Historic Pirate Ship Names

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Some pirate ships made history on their voyages at sea. If you are looking to name your own ship after a real pirate's ship, such as The Adventure Galley or Royal Fortune, keep reading to find the best pirate ship names from history.

1. Bachelor’s Delight (English origin) the ship of William Dampier.

2. Fancy (English origin) captained by Henry Avery, a member of the Royal Navy.

3. Golden Hind (English origin) captained by Sir Francis Drake.

4. Happy Adventure (English origin) the flagship vessel that was captained by Peter Eason from Canada.

5. New York Revenge (English origin) the pirate ship captained by William Kidd.

6. Queen Anne’s Revenge (English origin) Queen Anne’s Revenge is the infamous ship of the captain Blackbeard. Queen Anne’s Revenge is the biggest pirate ship on this list.

7. Roebuck (English origin) a 292 ton pirate ship of William Dampier.

8. Royal Fortune (English origin) Royal Fortune was captained by the famous Black Bart.

9. Satisfaction (English origin) captained by Henry Morgan, it was his flagship boat.

10. The Adventure Galley (English origin) The Adventure Galley was another ship belonging to William Kidd.

11. The CSS Alabama (English origin) a confederate pirate ship.

12. The Freedom (English origin) this ship's captain was Benjamin Hornigold, it was later sold to Blackbeard.

13. The Flying Dragon (English origin) named by the famous pirate Edmund Condent.

14. The Gabriel (Hebrew origin) captained by Sir Martin Frobisher, a privateer.

15. The Golden Fleece (English origin), captained by Joseph Bannister.

16. The Ranger (English origin) the flagship vessel of Charles Vane.

17. The Revenge (English origin) captained by John ‘Calico Jack’ Rackham and the famous Anne Bonny, one of the few female pirates.

18. The Rose Pink (English origin) another ship captained by Edward Low.

19. The Squirrel (English origin) a ship also captained by Edward Low.

20. The Whydah (Yoruba origin) one of the most famous pirate ships from history and captained by Black Sam Bellamy.

Fictional Pirate Ship Names

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Although some pirate ships never really existed, only in the minds of the creators and audience, they have still gained a lot of popularity. These pirate ship names are from movies, comics, books, and even video games.

21. Arabella (Latin origin) from the book 'Captain Blood'.

22. Araby (Arabian origin) from the book 'Captain Of The Araby'.

23. Artemis (Greek origin) from the 'Voyager'.

24. Aurora (Roman origin) meaning “dawn” from the comic ‘The Adventures Of Tintin’.

25. Black Hawk (English origin) from the movie ‘Pirates Of The Black Hawk’.

26. Black Pearl (English origin) is the name of the ship in ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’. Black Pearl is one of the most famous pirate ship names.

27. Dazzler (English origin) this pirate ship name is from the book 'The Cruise Of The Dazzler' by Jack London.

28. Eagles Shadow (English origin) Sir Nick Fury's ship in the movie 'Marvel'.

29. Empress (English origin) one of the ships in ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’.

30. Golden Lolly (English origin) from the TV show ‘Henry’s Cat’.

31. Gotha (English origin) from the 'Greedy For Glory' comic.

32. Ghost (English origin) from the book 'The Sea Wolf'.

33. Jackdaw (English origin) the pirate ship of Edward Kenway in ‘Assassin’s Creed’ video game.

34. Jolly Roger (English origin) Jolly Roger is the name of the famous ship of Captain Hook in ‘Peter Pan’.

35. Marie Elena (French origin) from the video game ‘Elder Scrolls IV’.

36. Salty Sea Mare (English origin) from the movie 'My Little Pony'.

37. Sea Queen (English origin) owned by Lex Luthor in the movie 'Superman Returns'.

38. The Black Freighter (English origin) meaning “a cargo vessel” mentioned in the comic series ‘Watchmen’.

39. The Nameless Ship (English origin) from the novel 'The Iron Pirate: A Plain Tale Of Strange Happenings On The Sea'.

40. The Walrus (Dutch origin) the pirate ship of Flint from ‘Treasure Island’.

Ideas For Pirate Ship Names

Perhaps you are playing 'Sea Of Thieves' and looking for a pirate ship name. You can name you ship anything you wish in Sea Of Thieves', you don’t need to give your fictional or real ship a name that already exists. Why not think of something unconventional, check the list below to get some ideas.

41. Damnation Of The Fear (English origin) the name inspires fear.

42. The Blasted Plunderers (English origin) for pirates that plunder other ships.

43. The Cruel Disgrace (English origin) putting to shame other sea vessels.

44. The Hades Rift (Greek origin) after the Greek God of the Underworld.

45. The Hateful Swashbucklers (English origin) this name uses a classic pirate term: 'Swashbuckle'.

46. The Neptune’s Servant (Roman origin) after the Roman God of the sea.

47. The Nights Rambler (English origin) for a ship that rambles other ships at night.

48. The Sanguine Rift (English origin) refers to anything of a blood red color.

49. The Uncultured Fortune (English origin) coming into a fortune through uncultured means.

50. The Victory Ship (English origin) for a ship that always comes out on top in battle.

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