40 Pirate Crew Names To Inspire You

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Originally Published on Nov 19, 2020
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No pirate ships are not complete without a captain, a first mate and plenty of pirates.

All these people together make a pirate crew who travel on a ship together, discovering treasure around the world.  It Pirate crews generally have between 15 and 25 members, and every great pirate crew needs a name.

On a pirate ship you will find a Captain, Quartermaster, First, Second, and Third Mate, Boatswain, Cabin Boy, Carpenter and many more crew members. The First Mate ranks directly below the Captain, and takes on a lot of his duties.

So, to help you name your very own pirate crew in your game, book, or even movie,  we have compiled a list of some iconic and wonderful pirate crew names to inspire you.

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Amazing Pirate Crew Names

Here is a list of names for pirates crews from the past, present and for the future. They are inspired by a range of pirates, including Blackbeard, who is arguably the most famous and the worst (meaning the most feared) pirate in the world.

1. Anicetusous: this crew love looking for hidden treasures on pirate ships.

2. Captain Napi n' Eatin': for a crew who is always sleeping and eating. The perfect crew name for a bunch of lazy pirates!

3. Demetrius Of Pharos: for a crew inspired by Pharos of Hellenic, who participated in the Second Battle of Illyrian.

4. Dionysius The Phocaean: named after the pirate who participated in theGreco–Persian battle.

5. FrancisMore Lies: inspired by FRancis Leslie, one of the leaders of The Flying Gang pirate crew.

6. Gannatreasures: named after Gannascus, the 47 AD pirate who led pirate raids on the ships of the Chauci in Belgium.

7. Ganging Shing: for a pirate team inspired by a notorious pirate from China, Gan Ning.

8. Gangs Of Illyria: a pirate crew inspired by Gentius, the King who assisted pirates raids in Italy.

9. Glauketas: this team's namesake is privateer Glauketas, the man who raided Kynthnos Island.

10. James & Kelly: inspired by theEnglish pirate James Kelly who actively looted the Indian Ocean region.

11. Raiders La Palisse: inspired by the man who consorted with Bartholomew Roberts.

12. Richard's Riders Of North: a team inspired by the Irish pirate active in the Caribbean.

13. Teuta of Illyria: this team's namesake is Teuta, who was the Pirate Queen of Ancient Illyria.

14. Captain Kidd's: this simple pirate crew name is inspired by Captain William Kidd.

15. Moody's: this is one of the best pirate crew names, it is inspired by privateer Christopher Moody.

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Fictional Pirate Crew Names

Edward Teach (Blackbeard) was one of the most famous pirates in history and a character from the film series 'Pirates Of The Caribbean' was based on him. If you are looking for pirate ship crew names from fiction, then keep on reading.

16. Animal Kingdom Pirates: a crew that daydreams about treasures. This is the strongest pirate crew in 'One Piece'.

17. Big Mom Pirates: the most infamous and powerful pirate crew led by the Emperor Charlotte Linlin in 'One Piece'.

18. Blackbeard Pirates: a crew name inspired by the ruthless Blackbeard.  

19. Buggy's Delivery: a crew who like to loot.

20. Donquixote Family: a crew that share close familial bonds.  

21. Fire Tank Pirates: a crew that is always ready to fight.  

22. Giant Warrior Pirates: a crew of giant men.  

23. Red Haired Pirates: a crew of ginger haired pirates.  

24. Straw Hat Grand Fleet: a great name for a sophisticated crew.

25. Sun Pirates: for a crew that loots in broad daylight.  

26. The Kuja: an all-female fighter crew from the Amazon Lily in 'One Piece'

27. The Rocks: a legendary pirate crew.

28. The Roger Pirates: one of the most well loved 'One Piece' pirate crews

29. Thriller Bark Pirates: a crew consisting of warlords and witches.

30. Whitebeard Pirates: one of the strongest pirate crews in the fictional world.

Funny Yet Fearful Pirate Crew Names

Check out these funny pirate crew names.

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31. Buccaneers Boys: a simple crew name that does what it says on the tin.  

32. Captain's Horrid Treasure: for a crew that struggles to find the best treasure.

33. Captain Morrill’s Company: a crew managed by the most daring captain.  

34. Captain Frogs: for a really 'hoppy' crew!

35. Crew Of The Archangel: a crew who is as mighty as the archangel themselves.  

36. Devil's Jewels: a crew that are ruthless in the pursuit of jewels.

37. Hades Saber: for fans of 'Star Wars'.

38. Hades Raider: in Ancient Greek myth Hades is God of the dead and King of the underworld.

39. The Crimson Pirate: a crew inspired by the movie of the same name.

40. The Icelanders: perfect for a crew of Nordic men.

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