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40+ Brilliant Black Dog Names For Your Puppy

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If you're a dog parent or someone who loves dogs, it's obvious that you'd be looking for nothing but a perfect name for  your new pup!

The addition of any four legged family member is always a new journey and the process of choosing a dog name for your precious pup is always really important. So let us help, with this brilliant list of the best black dog names!

Black dogs have something about them that is absolutely stunning. From their shiny fur to their eyes that shine like a black pearl, normal names do not do justice to their personality and appearance. From cute names for your black lab to the coolest names for dogs with raven-like personality traits, we have it all in this list of the best black dog names, because your black puppy deserves to have the best black dog name in town!

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Cute Black Dog Names

Here is a list of cute names for sweet and gentle black dogs and the best family pets. Any black dog lover would want to give their little dog one of these best black dog names.

1 . Ace, meaning "one" and "expert."

2 . Asher, meaning "one who lives by the ash tree."

3 . Cha Cha, after the dance form.

4 . Dusk, meaning "the time of the day when the sun sets".

5 . Ebony, is after the dark colored wood; also meaning "jet black".

6 . Eclipse, is after the occurrence in nature, the eclipse.

7 . Ember, meaning "spark."

8 . Jet, is a cool short name, inspired by "jet black".

9 . Kuro, a Japanese word for "black".

10 . Smoky, is inspired by the color that resembles smoke.

11 . Velvet, is by the extremely soft fabric, perfect for your pup with velvet-like fur.

12 . Zorro, meaning "sly."

Gender Neutral Black Dog Names

If you prefer having a gender neutral outlook and wish that your black dog has a unisex name, we've got loads of ideas. These names for black dogs vary from the cutest little nicknames to names with an in depth meaning. Here's a list of some really good black dog names for your newest baby.

13 . Agent, is inspired by movies, to name your curious little dog Agent is just perfect!

14 . Coal, is name for dogs inspired by their fur color.

15 . Ink, a unisex name for your adorable little pup inspired by the darkness of ink.

16 . Midnight, is inspired by a time of the day.

17 . Nero, meaning "vigorous" and "strong."

18 . Onyx, meaning "claw."

19 . Raven, is a great name for dogs with dark hair.

20 . Spade, is of German origin, the name means "late."

21 . Noir Nova, where Noir is French for "black" and Nova means "new."

Cool Names For Your Cute Little Black Dog

A badass French Bulldog wearing black sunglasses

Names for black dogs need to be considered and chosen based on their size, the way they look, and their personality traits. Listed here are a few black dog names that are perfect for the coolest dogs with black fur, not just anyone can pull these names off!

22 . Arrow, is a name for dogs that are as fast as an arrow!

23 . Asphalt, is a great name for black dogs, as asphalt is a semi-solid material that is dark.

24 . Bolt, is inspired by the Disney character, Bolt.

25 . Bullet, is name for dogs who are fast and fidgety all the time.

26 . Falcon, is inspired by the falcon bird belonging to the hawk family.

27 . Gyps

28 . Mamba, meaning "chewy."

29 . Ninja, is inspired by Ninjas meaning "skilled and excelling in a certain activity."

30 . Phantom, meaning "illusion."

31 . Renegade, meaning "rebel."

Funny Black Dog Names

There are black dogs in many different breeds, from the notorious dachshund, Labradors and  Retrievers to the Great Dane and Portuguese Water Dogs. Each is known for different characteristics but each is likely to be the most prized possession of their household! Dog names can draw inspiration from multiple places, including movies, comics, or your favorite TV series characters. If your dog shows personality traits similar to that of your character in the dog world, it's icing on the cake! Here's a list of black dog names with a tinge of humor and sass. You're sure to find the perfect name among these.

32 . Batman, is the lead character from the 'Batman' films.

33 . BlackJack, is fictional manga character.

34 . Chewbarka, is a wordplay on the 'Star Wars' character.

35 . Coca Cola, is inspired by a black aerated drink.

36 . Dark Knight, is another name for 'Batman'.

37 . Darth Vader, is a character from 'Star Wars'.

38 . Django, is name inspired by the film 'Django Unchained'.

39 . Dr. Pepper, is also inspired by a soft drink company.

40 . Hairy Pawter, is wordplay on the famous magic series, 'Harry Potter'.

41 . Loki, is inspired by a fictional Norse God.

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