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Bulls are complex, yet brilliant creatures.

Ask any rodeo how they feel about a bull, and they will tell you. A bull is a funny, sometimes stubborn creature who has played a very important part in cattle farming.

Bulls are mature male cattle who are capable of breeding, cows are technically fully grown female cattle which have given birth to at least one calf and a young bull is called a bull calf. There are many types of bulls, with the Spanish fighting bull being classes as the meanest bull breed, and a healthy bull might live for 10 to 12 years.

We have put together a list of the best cow names for your male cow or bull, from funny names to cute names and even some famous bull names, there is something for everyone here!

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Names For Highland Cattle Bulls

Below are some popular bull names and cow names from Scotland.

1. Agarach, in Gaelic this means "pretender".

2. Armunn, this bull name means "warrior".

3. Brogach, this name means “sturdy boy”.

4. Ceannard, among the best bull names that means “chief”.

5. Dùbhlanaiche, the name means “challenger”.

6. Fleasgach, an ideal name for a bull calf. It means “youth”.

7. Gille, a wonderful name for a bull. It means “boy”.

8. Lasgaire, it means “champion”.

9. Oighre, a lovely name for a bull. It means “heir”.

10. Saighdear, it means “soldier”.

Angry bull red in Spain

Names For Baby Bulls

A baby bull is called a bull calf. Baby bulls are extremely naughty and super cute, find the perfect name for them here!

11. Angus, Angus is a name of a breed of bulls. It is also a very good name for a bull calf.

12. Armor, a lovely name for a baby bull. A name that displays strength. An ideal name for cows with horns.

13. Bully, a clever word play on the word 'bull'. Bully is a cute name for a bull.

14. Diesel, a wonderful name for a baby bull.

15. Duke, this is an ideal name for a bull calf. It is also a name signifying royalty.

16. Horns, a perfect name for baby bull cows without horns yet.

17. Kristof, one of the names for a bull which sounds fun when you say it out loud.

18. Midnight, an ideal name for a black bull cow. A jet black bull called Midnight will be the talk of the town.

19. Nitro, for the calf that always seems to have that extra energy.

20. Tank, for the bulls that are built to last. An ideal name for a large bull.

Cute Names For Bulls

Below is a list of bull names which are cute and smart. They can also double as names for cows.

21. Axel, a name made famous by the Guns N Roses lead vocalist.

22. Blade, after the 'Wesley Snipes' movie character of the same name. For bulls that are sharp.

23. Buzz, if your bull is super energetic and keeps everyone on their toes this would be an ideal name.

24. Chopper, one of the best names for a big bull. You can even bring out your own Schwarzenegger’s voice and probably say "get to the chopper".

25. Gunner, another strong but cute name for a bull. This is a great name for your sidekick.

26. Major, military names given to cattle are always cute and funny. This name is no exception.

27. Mystery, this is one of the best bull names which is both cute and unique.

28. Shorty, one of the best names for a bull which is shorter than the rest of the herd.

29. Stark, a name for a bull whose owner is an ‘Iron Man’ fan. A really cool name for a member of the cattle herd.

30. Woody, a perfect name for a brown bull.

Funny Bull Names

Some names inspire greatness while others bring a smile to your face. Below is a list of funny bull names.

31. Big Mac, well this is a name that is bound to bring a smile on your face.

32. Blake Livestock, a name certain to inspire some lively banter around the bullpen.

33. Bradley Mooper, if you think Bradley Cooper is funny wait till you meet Bradley Mooper.

34. Dr Moo, if you have a medical inclination and want to name your bull appropriately, this name is perfect.

35. Dr Ox, a very cute name for male cows.

36. Milkshake, a very funny name for a bull. This is also a name that will suit both cows and bulls.

Famous Bull Names In Real Life

These bulls made their name in the coveted Professional Bull Rider’s championship which is one of the most followed sports in America. Take a look at these famous bulls' names for more ideas!

Bull in nature

37. Bodacious, the bull which won the Brand of Honor Bull. Bodacious is the most famous bull.

38. Bruiser, another top bull in its own right and probably the only challenger to Bodacious.

39. Little Yellow Jacket, he was one of the few bulls to win the Professional Bull Rider’s Champion Bull award three times in a row.

40. Long John, Long John was Bruiser’s brother and equally impressive.

41. Mossy Oak Mudslinger, one of only seven bulls to ever win the Brand of Honor, this bull was an absolute unit.

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