80+ Funny Cow Names For Your Pet

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Dec 12, 2023 By Georgia Stone
Originally Published on Dec 08, 2020
Brown cow wearing a bell

Choosing funny cow names for your pet is always entertaining, you can spend hours brainstorming and coming up with hilarious nama ideas.

As your four legged friend has character, you want to give it a name that suits its personality. If you can’t make up your mind on what you should name your cow, check out our list of 100+ funny cow names for your pet for ideas!

Did you know that cows have different names depending on their age and their gender? A young female cow who has not had any calves yet is called a heifer, when she is older she is simply known as a cow!

For more pet names, check out these cute and quirky cow names with meanings and these funny horse names.

Best Funny Names For Cows

Let’s start with the best funny names for cows that you can call your pet. After all, you know you can’t go wrong with any name from this list. If you are looking for a black and white cow name, or even names using moo puns or beef puns, check out this list of cow puns names.

Cow eating green grass on a meadow

1. Beef Burger (American/German origin), this is one of the funniest cow names.

2. Beef Stew (Irish origin), if you are looking for one of the best cow names, Beef Stew should be high on your list.  

3. Big Mac (American origin), every time you visit McDonalds, you will be reminded of your favorite cow. One of the best names for baby cows.

4. Bulldozer (American origin), we know cows and bulls are different, so this is one of the cool puns about cows.

5. Cheddar (English origin), since we're following a theme of what you eat, cheddar is a great funny name for your cow.

6. Cheeseburger (American origin), the classic cheeseburger, a burger no American can resist.

7. Cowabunga (American origin), from shows such as 'Howdy Doody' and 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles'. One of the cool bull names too.

8. Cowasaki (Japanese origin), a hilarious take on the Japanese bike manufacturer, Kawasaki.

9. Cowboy (Mexican origin), ironic! You  might want to call your cow this name of the person who takes care of your cattle. This is the most popular cow name.

10. Cowch (English origin), from couch.

11. Cowfetti (Italian origin), a hilarious twist on confetti and a pun everyone will appreciate.

12. Cownt Dracula (Romanian origin), from Count Dracula.

13. Cowculator (French origin), when you need to add two large numbers, you know which cow you can depend on.

14. Cowzilla (Japanese origin), like Godzilla.

15. Deja-Moo (French origin), like deja-vu, but for your cow.

16. Excuse Moo (English origin), use this funny name for your cow if it is a polite animal.

17. General Mootors (American origin), this is what happens when a cow takes over General Motors. Also one of the cool names for bulls.

18. Hamburger (American/German origin), who doesn’t love eating hamburgers? The perfect name for a good cow.

19. Holy Cow (American origin), if your pet surprises you, this funny name is appropriate.

20. Laughing Cow (French origin), give your pet the best cow name after the iconic brand known for its cheese wedges.

21. Maw Cow (English origin), avoid confusion by letting everyone know this is your cow.

22. Meatloaf (American/German/Scandinavian/Belgian origin), a delicious name for a good cow.

23. Milkyway (Latin origin), the best funny name for your cow when you think its not from this world. One of the cute cow names.

24. Milkmaid (English origin), if you are looking for girl cow names, you can't go wrong with this one.

25. Milkshake (American origin), love drinking milkshakes? Why don’t you give your pet this funny white cow name.

26. Moo York (American origin), when the cows take over New York. One of the good cow names.

27. Moody (English origin), if your pet behaves differently every day, call it Moody.

28. Mooman (English origin), male cow names like Mooman are great for every occasion.

29. Moo Moo (English origin), why not name your cow after the sound it makes?

30. Moon (English origin), if your pet is from outer space, give it this pun cow name.

31. Mooney (English origin), this could be the best pun cow name you can think of for your pet.

32. Moscow (Russian origin), the capital of Russia.

33. Moostache (French/Italian origin), have a funny pet? Use this pun in its name.

34. Mootilda (English origin), from one of the most popular books, 'Matilda', written by British author, Roald Dahl.

35. Mootopia (Greek origin), comes from the Greek word for a place that doesn’t exist.

36. Mr & Mrs. Butterworth (English origin), these are funny names that you can use when you have a male and female cow.

37. Oink (English origin), this has to be the best cow name, purely for its irony.

38. Prince Moo Milk (English origin), if your pet looks majestic, why don’t you start calling it by this name?

39. Red Bull (English origin), name your pet after the popular energy drink Red Bull if it has lots of energy.

Cartoon Funny Names For Cows

If you are looking for cow pun names, famous cow names, or even black and white cow names, our list has you covered.

Portrait of a cow mooing

40. Cowderella (American origin), this is one of the best Disney cow names you can give to your pet.

41. Mooana (Polynesian origin), for fans of 'Moana'.

42. Moolan (Chinese origin), is your pet brave? Give it a popular Disney cow name like this one.

43. Winnie The Moo (English origin), looking for a cute cow name? Here you go!

Celebrity Funny Names For Cows

If you are looking for calf names, dairy cow names, or the perfect name for a cow who will become famous in the future, take a look at some of theses famous cows' names.

44. Alex Moogan (American origin), from the women’s American soccer team, Alex Morgan.

45. Blake Livestock (American origin), another popular cow name from Blake Lively.

46. Bradley Mooper (American origin), one of the funny names from the award winning actor Bradley Cooper. Surely one of the most famous cows.

47. Charlie Mooplin (English origin), from the legendary British comedian, Charlie Chaplin. One of the best funny names.

48. Cristiano Moonaldo (Portuguese origin), like the famous footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo. One of the best boy cow names.

49. Dairy Lee (Chinese origin), want a dairy cow name? Draw inspiration from the iconic actor and martial artist, Bruce Lee.

50. DJ Cowled (Palestinian origin), from one of the most popular musicians in the world, DJ Khaled.

51. Donald Rump (American origin), give your pet the name of American President Donald Trump.

52. Dr. Moo (American origin), from the American author, Dr. Seuss.

53. Emily Ratajcowski (Polish origin), from Emily Ratajkowski, an actress and model.

54. George Mooney (American origin), American writer, director, actor and producer, George Clooney was the inspiration for this funny name.

55. Henry Cowvill (English origin), you might remember Henry Cavill as the 'DC Comics' character Superman. Who knows, your cow might become the next super hero.

56. Hugh Cowman (English origin), from the popular actor Hugh Jackman.

57. Ian Mookellen (English origin), when you want to give your pet a funny name, Ian Mookellen should be your choice.

58. James Francow (American origin), from the actor, James Franco.

59. J.K Cowling (English origin), from the author of the 'Harry Potter' series, J.K. Rowling.

60. Kim Cowdashian (American origin), we got this funny name from none other than the iconic American businesswoman, TV personality and model, Kim Kardashian.

61. Leonardo DiCowprio (Italian origin), this funny name comes from the award winning actor, Leonardo Dicaprio.

62. Lin-Manuel Mooranda (American origin), what happens when you give American actor Lin Manuel Miranda a bovine twist? You end up with Lin-Manuel Mooranda.

63. Liza Cowshy (American origin), if you’ve been on Vine or YouTube, there is a high chance you would have heard about Liza Koshy. Add some cattle theme to it and end up with Liza Cowshy.

64. Marilyn Moonroe (American origin), American actor, singer and model, Marilyn Monroe was the inspiration for this funny name.

65. Megan Ox (American origin), every time you call your pet by this funny name, you will remember 'Transformers'.

66. Milkauley Culkin (American/French origin), if 'Home Alone' was one of your favorite movies, then Milkauley Culkin is the best cow name for you.

67. Moochelle Obama (American origin), former First Lady, Michelle Obama was the inspiring figure for this funny female cow name.

68. Moodonna (Italian origin), let your cattle know you love them as much as pop music, calling your pets by Moodonna is the way to go.  

69. Moogan Freeman (American origin), if you imagine your pet to have a deep voice, you should give it the male cow name Moogan Freeman.

70. Mooley Ray Cyrus (American origin), from the American record producer, singer, actor and writer, Miley Ray Cyrus is the celebrity behind this funny cow name.

71. Moolisa McCarthy (American origin), we got this female cow name from one of the actors in 'Gilmore Girls', Melissa McCarthy.

72. Moona Lisa (Italian origin), a cattle inspired painting by Leonardo Da Vinci is a great name you can give to your pet.  

73. Moop Dogg (American origin), the American rapper and media personality, Snoop Dogg is a funny name for your cow.  

74. Mootalica (American origin), as a tribute to the American heavy metal band, Metallica, give your cow this name.

75. Pablo Picowsso (Spanish origin), from the Spanish artist who influenced art in the 20th century, you can call your cow by this funny name.  

76. Roan Atkinson (British origin), add this pun to your cow’s name after actor Rowan Atkinson.

77. Robert Cowney Jr. (American origin), if you think your pet looks like 'Iron Man', this is one of the funny names you can use.

78. Sandra Bullock (American origin), producer and actress, Sandra Bullock, is one name you can call your cow.

79. Simon Cowell (English origin), British entrepreneur, record executive and television personality, it would be funny to call your cow Simon Cowell.

80. Wayne Mooney (English origin), one of the best English soccer players in the world, this funny cow name will be perfect for the pet you love the most.

Kidadl has lots of great names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for funny cow names, then why not take a look at something different like these funny animal names for your pets, or these funny plant names for your plant babies?

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