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Originally Published on Nov 18, 2020
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Horses are a well-loved animal, whether it be as domestic pets or in the world of horse racing and horse jumping.

Naming a horse can be difficult, that is why we have come up with this handy list of 40 of the best horse names to inspire you. For girls and boys, from cute to funny, these horse names will inspire any horse owner to pick the perfect name for their pet.

Some names of horses can sound funny to us humans, sometimes this is because there is a lot of history and tradition behind some funny names for horses. Also, in races and competitions, there are various requirements for a horse's name.

The name of a horse has to be original, it cannot include more than 18 characters, and it also cannot feature a copyright term. This often results in some funny name ideas becoming popular!

But for now, don't be hoof hearted (hah!), let's focus on the best names for your pet pony, we hope you find the perfect name!

For more horse names, take a look at these Western horse names and these Native American horse names.

Funny Horse Names For Girls

Female horse names may sound funny and unique at the same time. Here are some ideas for female horse and pony names that will suit your funny horse.

1 . Angie (English origin ) meaning "a messenger of God".

2 . Bella (Irish origin) meaning "devoted to God".

3 . Ginny (English origin) meaning "pure".

4 . Lilly (English origin) meaning "God is abundance or oath".

5 . Lucy (English origin) meaning "light or born at dawn".

6 . Mona (French origin) meaning "love" or "solitary".

7 . Molly (English origin) meaning "rebelliousness or beloved".

8 . Poppy (English origin) meaning "a flower".

9 .  Rosie (English origin) meaning "fame".

10 . Tilly (German origin) meaning "strength in battle".

Funny Horse Names For Boys

When it comes to male horse names, there are plenty of options available. Let's jump straight into the list below.

11 . Alfie (English origin) meaning "wise".

12 . Buck (English origin) meaning "male deer".

13 . Colt (American origin) meaning "young horse".

14 . George (Greek origin) meaning "farmer" or "earth worker".

15 . Hay (English origin) meaning "tall".

16 . Hyatt (English origin) meaning "lofty gate".

17 . Jake (English origin)meaning "holder of the heel".

18 . Kevin (Irish origin) meaning "noble" or "birth"

19 . Lucky (English origin) meaning "fortunate".

20 .  Mister (English origin) meaning "night".

21 . Philippe (French origin) meaning "lover of horse".

22 . Tater (English origin) meaning "popularity".

23 . Turner (English origin) meaning "lathe worker".

24 . Whiskey (Irish origin) meaning "water of life".

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Gender Neutral Funny Horse Names

Well, what's best than some unisex names that can be considered for horses of both genders? Here are some funny neutral gender names for you to enjoy.

25 . Bailey (English origin) meaning "an enclosure or steward".

26 . Bobby (English origin) meaning "bright fame".

27 . Bronco (Spanish origin) meaning "wild horse".

28 . Jack (French origin) meaning "God is gracious".

29 . Jimmy (English origin) meaning "supplanter".

30 . Mare (English origin) meaning "the sea".

31 . Murphy (Irish origin ) meaning "sea warrior".

32 . Pony (French origin) meaning "foal or a young".

33 . Stormy (American origin) meaning "a tempest or an impetuous nature".

34 . Scout (American origin) meaning "first explorer"

35 . Texas (Native American origin) meaning "friend or friendly".

Cute Funny Horse Names

If you want your pet horse to have a cute name, these good horse names might be the perfect choice! Many of these are unique horse names too.

36 . Daisy (English origin) meaning "innocence and purity".

37 . Gypsy (English origin) meaning "traveler".

38 . Missy (American origin) meaning "bee", Missy usually consider as a nickname.

39 . Peanut (American origin) meaning "influence" or "power". This is a unique name for a horse.

40 . Ransom (English origin) meaning "deliverance" or "rescue".

41 . Star (American origin) meaning "famous", "talented", or "luminous".

42 . Sugar (American origin) meaning "sweet crystal".

43 . Sunshine (English origin) meaning  "bright" or "shining light".

44 . Tara (Irish origin) meaning "star".

45 . Teddy (English origin) meaning "divine gift".

Famous Funny Horse Names

Lastly, here are some of the most popular and famous funny horse names. Which funny horse name will you choose?

46 . Buddy (American origin) and generally denotes friends or fun.

47 . Cody (English origin) meaning "helpful".

48 . Cisco (Spanish origin) meaning "Frenchman".

49 . Dale (German origin) meaning "valley".

50 . Dusty (English origin) meaning "stone".

51 . Fancy (English origin) meaning "decorative idea" or "notion".

52 . Mane (American origin) meaning "great".

53 . Prince (Latin origin) meaning "royal son".

54 . Rebel (English origin) meaning "defiant person".

55 . Rocky (American origin) meaning "rest".

56 . Sapphire (Hebrew origin) meaning "blue".

Kidadl has lots of great names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for Native American horse names, then why not take a look at something different like these white horse names or these mythical horse names.

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