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Horses are the most magnificent beings, and they deserve a name belies their majesty.

From Greek mythology, Norse legends to Chinese folklore, all are a good place to look for a suitable name for your pet horse. To choose the best horse names for your horse, check out this list of mythical horse names.

A powerful creature such as a horse deserves a name that reflects its strength and power and thus looking to mythology to name your horse, is a wise choice. Below we have collected various names with mythological significance to help you narrow down your search for the perfect horse name.

If you're looking for more inspiration for animal names, why not check out these white horse names and these famous horse names.

Famous Mythological Horses

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There are many popular and famous horses that can be found in various forms of mythology. Here are their names.

1. Arion, a very fast horse that could speak.

2. Balius, the name of an immortal horse. The horse was given as a gift by Poseidon, the God of horses.

3. Centaur, this a famous creature from Greek mythology which is half-human and half-horse.

4. Dora, the name of a war horse of Durad Senkovic.

5. Embarr, this mythical horse belongs to Niamh and Lugh.

6. Enbarr, a mythical horse in Irish mythology. Enbarr means “imagination”.

7. Epona, this is the name of a Gaulish horse Goddess.

8. Falhofnir, a mythical horse of Norse origin.

9. Glad, another mythical horse of Norse origin.

10. Gringolet, Sir Gawain’s mythical horse is called Gringolet.

11. Gullfaxi, one of the horses from Norse mythology.

12. Hengroen, this is the mythical horse of King Arthur.

13. Nuggle, in Shetland folklore, this is the name of a mythical water horse.

14. Pegasus, the most famous flying horse owned by Hercules from Greek mythology.

15. Polkan, this is a half-human and half-horse mythical creature from Russian folktales.

16. Sterope, this is the mythical horse of the sun God Helios.

17. Tianma, in Chinese folklore, this is the name of a flying horse.

18. Tulpar, this is a winged horse from Turkish mythology.

19. Uchchaihshravas, this is a horse from Hindu mythology. It is a seven headed winged horse.

20. Veillantif, in French legend this horse was ridden by Roland the paladin.

21. Widow-Maker, another mythological horse. This is the horse of the mythical cowboy Pecos Bill.

22. Xanthus, this is an immortal horse gifted by Poseidon to the hero Peleus.

23. Zelenko, this is the mythical horse of Daman Jugovic.

Male Horse Names Inspired By Greek Mythology

Three horses running in ground

Greek mythology features many strong horse names. For instance, Alastor, which is Hades' horse or Apollo's many horses: Aethon, Eous, Pyrois and Phlegon. See a selection of our favorite male horse names inspired by mythology below.

24. Abraxas, this was one of the four horses of the Sun God Helios.

25. Aithon, one of Ares’s fire breathing mythical horses.

26. Anemoi, this was the name of the horse whose shape the Gods of the winds who drew Zeus’s chariot took.

27. Balios, one of the immortal horses who drew Achilles' chariot in the Trojan War.

28. Boreas, the God of the north wind, he drew Zeus’s chariot of horses.

29. Bronte, another name for one of Helios’s immortal horses.

30. Euros, the God of the east wind.

31. Harpagos, an immortal horse of the Dioscuri twins.

32. Konabos, another of the God Ares' fire breathing horses.

33. Lampos, one of the horses of the Goddess Eos.

34. Notos, a horse named after the God of the south wind.

35. Skylla, the horse who drew the chariot of Poseidon.

36. Sterope, another immortal mythical horse in Greek culture.

37. Sthenios, the name of the God's horse who horse who drew Poseidon's chariot.

38. Xanthos, a horse gifted to the hero Peleus by the Gods.

39. Zephyros, the name of the horse whose shape the God of the west wind decided to take.

Greek Mythical Female Horse Names

There are various mythical horse names that signify power. See some of our favorites for females below.

40. Acacia, a very popular name, meaning “thorny tree”.

41. Aglaia, meaning “splendor, beauty”, it’s a mythical name of one of the three graces.

42. Alala, meaning “war cry”. A good name for a loud horse.

43. Alexa, a very popular name these days. This means “defender”.

44. Althaia, from the word Althea, it means “healing”.

45. Amaltheia, this means “to soothe”.

46. Amara, this is a beautiful name, and it means “eternally beautiful”.

47. Ambrosia, meaning “immortal”. An immortal horse name for your favorite pony.

48. Anaitis, this means “immaculate”.

49. Andromeda, the name of a constellation. It also refers to the daughter of Cassiopeia who was rescued by Perseus. Surely one of the strongest horse names.

50. Aslie, this female horse name means “strong willed”. One of the nicest horse names beginning with A.

51. Asta, this horse name means “divine strength”.

52. Berenike, a powerful name for a powerful horse. It means “bringer of victory”.

53. Calisto, an ideal name for a horse. It means “most beautiful”.

54. Danae, named after Perseus’s mother, it means “parched”.

55. Demetra, meaning “earth mother”, this is a perfect name for a caring mare.

56. Elektra, another immensely popular name, it means “bright” or “shining”.

57. Eos, meaning “dawn”. One of the most well known mythical horses.

58. Frona, meaning “self controlled”.

59. Gaia, the mother of all the Titans. It is also Greek for “earth”.

60. Kalypso, derived from Calypso, it means “she who conceals”.

61. Olympia, a beautiful name meaning “home of the Gods”.

62. Ophelia, a name which has been used by Shakespeare as well, it means “help”.

63. Penelope, named after the beautiful wife of Odysseus, it means “weaver of cunning”. It refers to someone whose thoughts cannot be interpreted easily.  A perfect name for a tempestuous horse.

64. Thalia, meaning “flourishing” or “blooming”. Thalia was also the name of the muse of comedy and poetry in Greek myth.

65. Theodora, this translates as “gift of God” in ancient Greek.

66. Vasiliki, the name literally translates to “Queen” in Greek.

67. Xenia, meaning “stranger”.

68. Zephyra, the female form of Zephyr, it means “west wind”.

69. Zylina, a perfect name for a horse growing up on a farm. It means “wood dweller”.

Famous Horse Names Inspired By Norse Mythology

Norse mythology features several impressive horses, such as Sleipnir who is Odin’s eight legged horse.

70. Alf, Alf was the name of a King. A fitting name for a strong horse.

71. Alvis, this means “all wise” in Norse. Alvis was the dwarf who made a deal with Thor. We think it would make a great name for a grey horse.

72. Balder, Thor and Loki’s brother, Balder was a beautiful Norse God. A lovely name for a black horse with princely looks.

73. Embla, the first female to be created by three Norse Gods. A perfect name for a female mare.

74. Fenrir, son of the Norse God Loki, Fenrir was a wolf who is rumored to kill Odin at the end of 'Ragnarök'. A strong name for a wild horse.

75. Frey, is the God of rain, sunlight, and fertility. In ancient Norse, Frey also means “Lord”. A stately name for a white horse.

76. Freya,  Frey’s twin sister and the Goddess of beauty, war, love, and death. A perfect name for beautiful myth horses.

77. Frigg, the Goddess of earth, air, and fertility. She was Odin’s wife. A beautiful name for a calm black mare.

78. Gandalf, a dwarf  character in the poetic epic 'Edda'. A good name for a small horse.

79. Hulda, in old Norse, this means “secrecy”. Hulda was the name of the sorceress in ancient Norse. In modern Swedish, it means “loveable” or “sweet”.

80. Idunn, the meaning of this name is “to love”, Idunn was a Goddess in Norse myth.

81. Skinfaxi, in Norse mythology, this is Dagur’s horse.

82. Sleipnir, the eight legged horse of Odin was known as the best of all the horses.

Names For Horses Inspired By Gods And Goddesses

Across all mythologies, horses are often associated with Gods and Goddesses, so why not name your horse after them? Take a look at some of the best horse Gods and Goddesses names below.

83. Athena, the Greek Goddess of wisdom.

84. Gaea, this Greek God is known as mother of the earth.

85. Hera, this mythical horse name is derived from the Queen of the Gods.

86. Juno, is the Queen of Gods in Roman legend.

87. Maia, the Greek Goddess of the mountains.

88. Minerva, another mythical horse name that takes inspiration from the Roman Goddess of wisdom.

89. Phoebe, this beautiful name is the name of the Greek Goddess of the moon.

90. Tethys, is the mother of the sea.

More God Inspired Names For Male Horses

Take a look at these potential horse names with a link to the names of Gods.

91. Ares, this is the name of the Greek God of war.

92. Atlas, another name of a mythical horse based on a God’s name. Atlas is the God that is tasked with holding the sky.

93. Heracles, one of the many sons of Zeus.

94. Hercules, in Roman mythology Hercules is the son of Zeus.

95. Jupiter, this is the name of the King of the Gods.

96. Mars, the God of war. Another horse name that is based on the Gods.

97. Neptune, in Roman legend Neptune is the God of the sea.

98. Poseidon, a popular mythical horse name. Poseidon is the Greek God of the sea.

99. Uranus, this is the Greek God of the sky. One of the most appropriate names for mythology horses.

100. Zeus, the Greek King of the Gods. A very popular mythical horse name indeed which has been popular for many generations.

Kidadl has lots of great names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for mythical horse names, then why not take a look at these female horse names, or for something different look at these western horse names.

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