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83 Cool, Cute And Alternative Aunt Names For Kids To Use

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Having a nickname for your aunt sounds fun, right?

An aunt is your second mom, an older sister, and a friend when you need one. She is the one who will be there for you in every situation.

When a child is born in a family, many relationships are also begin, such as mom, dad, grandpa, grandma, aunt, and uncle. Every relationship has its significance in the life of that newborn.

What an aunt can give to a nephew or a niece, a mom can never provide that to their child. An aunt is the feeling of warmth and comfort that helps children feel lively around them. It is a safe place where they can share all their worries knowing that they will receive the help and advice they need. They are the funniest person and not a strict mom.

Aunts have a special place in the lives of their nieces and nephews. Aunts and uncles most special for children. Even though they are older than them, they share an amazing bond. Aunts don't have any rules and laws of discipline. They are fun and cool.

Aunts become a safe space for children, and they can share all their matters with them without hesitation, which they can't share with their parents. 

This special bond and aunts need special names, more like unique, cute, or cool aunt names that children can use for them instead of simply using aunt.

When you can't come up with any quirky names, or you want to keep things simple yet traditional, then having classic or traditional aunt names is the best option. These are the common aunt names that are mostly used worldwide for aunts.

Cute Aunt Names For Kids To Use

You can have very cute and crazy nicknames for aunts. You can give names depending on the different factors, such as looks. For instance, if she is fair or has long hair, you can have a nickname related to that characteristic, you can name her Rapunzel. Another is personality, if she is bossy, you can have a nickname related to that, or if she is sweet, you can name her Candy because candies are sweet. There are many more such characteristics you can keep in mind before deciding on a perfect nickname for your aunt.

Similarly, you can also name them after something you like the most, a food item or a cartoon character, or something common favorite between the two of you. You can also name her after something she likes, like any Disney princess or her favorite food or sweet. Your aunt would love it when you call them such cute yet crazy names.

Apple pie (English origin) is a dessert.

Aunt (French/Latin origin), followed by the first initial of her first name.

Aunt Lala is an interesting name for a loving aunt.

Aunt Ora is a fascinating name for a caring and loving aunt.

Aunt Rah is a fun name for a caring aunt.

Aunt Teeny (English origin) is for someone short.

Auntie (French origin), followed by her first name or nickname. Children most commonly use this to address their aunts.

Aunty Bear (English origin) is as cute as a teddy bear.

Be-be is just a cute name.

Bubbles (English origin) is for someone who has very bubbly or playful behavior.

Cinnamon (Late Middle English/Old French) is for someone who adds flavor to your life like cinnamon adds essence in food.

Cookie (Dutch origin) is a baked sweet favorite of most people.

Cuddle Bug (English origin), if she likes you to cuddle, this is a cute name.

Gummy Bear (English origin) is a candy.

Miss muffin (English origin), a muffin is a dessert. So, this is for someone who makes you happy as a muffin does.

Nini (African origin) means melody.

Plum (Latin/ Old English) is a sweet and juicy fruit.

Pooh or Kitty or Dora (English origin) are inspired by Disney characters.

Tinkerbell (English origin) is a Disney character. Call her by this name if she is a fairy.

Tootsie (English origin) means dear or sweetheart.

Fun And Cool Aunt Names

The best thing about giving nicknames is that there is no rule you can not name your aunt anything, which even she agrees upon. They are named on how they look, their personality, or where she is from.

Auntie Cool is a name that is self-explanatory.

Aunty Forty (English origin) is a good idea of using her age with aunty.

Aunty salty (English origin), when your aunt always says something salty or taunts you each time she sees you, this is the funniest nickname for her.

Boogie (African English origin) is the one who dances to pop music.

Buffy, if she is in a good physical shape with well-developed muscles.

Chatterbox (English origin) is an aunt name for the one who talks a lot.

Chubby or Chubs (English origin), if your aunt is chubby, then this nickname suits her well.

Dazzler is a person or thing that dazzles.

Drama Queen (English origin) is an aunt name for one who does lots of drama always.

Firecracker (English origin) is an aunt who is short-tempered.

Foxy is a great name choice used for a clever aunt of a baby boy.

Funfetti (English origin) is a new type of cake called 'Funfetti' cake, a combination of fun and confetti.

Gossip Girl (English origin) is an aunt name for the one who likes gossiping.

Lady Bug (English origin) is an insect and also an animated character.

Miss Prickly (English origin) is an aunt name for the one who is never satisfied and is always grumbling.

Miss Sunglasses (English origin), if your aunt is classy and always wears sunglasses, this is the perfect nickname.

Miss Tall (English origin), or Tally, is one of the classic aunt names used by family members.

Spy is the one who has spy or detective-like qualities.

Tear tank (English origin) is an aunt name for the one who cries a lot.

Tia Amor is a great name for a French aunt.

Fun and Cool Aunt names

Now, let’s look at some fun and cool aunt names.

Abbreviations can be used to name your aunt. For example, Aunt, and the 1st letter of the first name, that is, Auntie Pam, would be AP, or Aunt Vidhi will be AV.

Boss lady (English origin) is the one who is amazingly skilled and can manage a team and also is bossy.

Brainy bun (English origin) is a very smart one that is fun to be pronounced.

Dollar (English origin) is a rich aunt's name with its first letter 'D'.

Fancy pants (English origin) is a very fancy and stylish name for aunt.

Hoppie (English origin) is the one who loves basketball. It is an interesting name to be pronounced.

Master chef (English origin) is an aunt's name who cooks the best.

Miss fairy light (English origin) is for the one who can light up any room with their mood.

Rose (Old French) is a flower whose beauty and fragrance are loved. One of the crazy aunt names.

Teen Diva (English origin) is an aunt in her teens and is very popular.

Nicknames for aunts and uncles are popular with babies.

Alternate Aunt Names

Alternate names can be the names that are derived from the first name of the person you want to give a nickname to. It can either be just the initials of her name or a short yet cute way to say her name. It is simpler to have a nickname rather than thinking of some funky name. It is also easier to remember and easy to address.

Aunt Vi, if her name is Vidhi, you can call her Aunt Vi or Aunt Vidhu.

Big Love or Baby Love (English origin) is the one who has great attachment and affection.

Fairy godmother (English origin) is the one who makes all your wishes come true.

Ill Pill (English origin) is the one who keeps complaining about everything.

Jessica, if her name is Jessica, you can call her Aunt J or Aunt Jessy. One of the clever name ideas.

Sassy (English origin) is a good name for an aunt who is lively, bold, and full of spirit.

Sleeping beauty (English origin) is a name for an aunt who is always sleepy.

Sporty (English origin) is a good name if your aunt likes playing sports.

The Party Planner (English origin) is the one who always plans the best parties.

Wonder Woman (English origin) is a marvel character. One of the interesting name ideas.

Common Aunt Names In Different Languages

Every country has its language. So, depending on the country you live in, its heritage, culture, and language, you can find cute names to address your aunt. Even if one does not belong to a particular country or know their language, they can use these names as nicknames for aunts.

Aintin (Irish origin) means aunt in Irish kinship.

Anakē (Hawaiian origin) is a classic alternative for aunt in Hawaiian.

Bhua (India origin) is the Indian paternal aunt.

Chachi (India origin) is the Indian paternal aunt.

Maami (Indian origin) is the Indian maternal aunt.

Masi (India origin) is the Indian maternal aunt.

Moster (Swedish origin), meaning ‘aunt’ in Swedish, is mostly used for maternal aunt.

Néni or Nagyneni (Hungarian origin) is the Hungarian name for aunt, and Neni means 'Mrs.' in English translation.

Oba (Japanese origin), an aunt in Japanese, also means 'a large garden'.

Tädi (Estonian origin) means 'aunt' in Estonian. One of the created names to be called by a niece or nephew.

Tai (Indian origin) is the Indian paternal aunt.

Tannie (South African origin), meaning ‘aunt or auntie’, in African.

Tante (French origin ) means 'aunt' in French and German. One of the creative name ideas.

Täti (Finnish origin) is a traditional word for aunt in Finnish.

Teyze (Turkish origin) is a creative name starting with the letter 'T' refers to maternal aunt.

Theia (Greek origin) is a word used for aunt. The name was derived from the Greek words thea 'sight; and theiazô 'prophesy'.

Tita (Filipino origin) is an aunt in the Filipino language.

Tita/Tia (Spanish origin), Tia means 'aunt' in Spanish, and Tita means 'aunty or auntie' in the same language.

Tiya (Filipino origin) is used for parents’ close friends.

Yímā (Chinese origin), the traditional word ' yímā-aunt' is used in a phrase to talk about menstruation. According to Chinese folklore, this phrase came about from a love story.

Zia (Italian origin) means 'aunt' in Italian. It was derived from the Latin word Thia, meaning aunt.

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