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Originally Published on Dec 17, 2020
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Many new parents want to give their kids fun and unique names.

One great way to do this is by choosing word names for babies! These baby names are given to both boys and girls and are really beautiful whilst also being amazingly interesting, they are rare names that are very special for any baby.

As new parents, we look at many names before we choose one for our baby and it can be hard to find the perfect one. Perhaps it is time to think a little outside of the box? That is where these word names come in! The English language offers some incredibly unique and cool words that can be used as baby names. Word names can be adjectives, nouns, a place name or even the name of a tree or another object from nature. To help provide you with some ideas and inspiration, we have listed more than 250 cool and unique baby names that are all word names. Use them as they are or add a twist of your own to give these names a personal, modern touch. We hope you find the perfect name!

For more ideas, take a look at this list of the cutest nicknames for babies or these cool and unique hipster girl names.

The Most Popular Names That Are Words

Looking for names from words that are good, modern choices? These baby names aren’t just simple names. They are unique and rarely used by other children. If you are looking to give your baby a special name, here are some of the most unique baby names that are cool word names just waiting to be used by new parents for their baby. Each of these popular word names also has a special meaning that is detailed here to help you to understand the baby names that little bit more.

1. Ace, meaning “to excel”.

2. Alpha, meaning “dominant personality”.

3. Amber, meaning “a translucent resin that is honey yellow in color”.

4. Ambrosia, meaning “food of the Gods”.

5. America, meaning “all of the New World”.

6. Amethyst, meaning “a violet precious stone”.

7. Axe, meaning “tool that is used to chop wood”.

8. Bean, meaning “edible seed”.

9. Bingo, meaning “game”.

10. Birdie, meaning “denoting a small bird”.

11. Blaze, meaning “fire that is burning fiercely”.

12. Blessing, meaning “favor or protection from God”.

13. Cash, meaning “money”.

14. Cashmere, meaning “fine soft wool obtained from the goats in the valley of Kashmir”.

15. Dash, meaning “to run at a fast pace”.

16. Dawn, meaning “the first light of the day”.

17. December, meaning “the last month of the year”.

18. Denim, meaning “blue colored cotton twill fabric”.

19. Ebony, meaning “ wood”.

20. Empress, meaning “woman leader of a sovereign country”.

21. Forrest, meaning “large area covered with tall trees”.

22. Galaxy, meaning “celestial system of millions of stars held together by gravity”.

23. Genesis, meaning “the origin of life”.

24. Glorious, meaning “high honor won by powerful achievements”.

25. Hope, meaning “feelings of expectations for a specific thing”.

26. Jewel, meaning “highly precious stone”.

27. Joy, meaning “feeling of immense happiness”.

28. Kismet, meaning “destiny”.

29. Liberty, meaning “someone who has the ability to do what they wish”.

30. Ray, meaning “line in which light streams”.

31. Raven, meaning “black crow”.

32. Rebel, meaning “person who fights against opposition”.

33. Robin, meaning “small colorful bird”.

34. Rose, meaning “shrub with thorns and fragrant flowers”.

35. Rosemary, meaning “evergreen mint shrub that is incredibly fragrant”.

36. Stormy, meaning “weather characterized by strong winds, heavy rain, thunder and lightning”.

37. Sugar, meaning “crystalline solids that are sweet in taste”.

38. Summer, meaning “denoting the warmest season of the year”.

39. Sunshine, meaning “light coming from the sun”.

40. Symphony, meaning “intricate and complex musical composition”.

41. Taffeta, meaning “lustrous fabric of fine silk”.

42. Tangerine, meaning “citrus fruit that is orange in color”.

43. Thunder, meaning “loud rumbling noise heard after lightning in the sky”.

44. Trinity, meaning “referring to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit”.

45. Tripp, meaning “to hop lightly”.

46. Valour, meaning “someone who shows great courage in battle”.

47. Velvet, meaning “incredibly soft, closely woven fabric”.

48. Vice, meaning “someone who doesn’t have virtue”.

49. Winter, meaning “denoting the coldest season of the year”.

50. Zenith, meaning “specific time when something is the most powerful”.

Names That Are Adjectives And Nouns

Many people do not even consider adjectives and nouns for baby names, but they can actually make a lovely choice. These word names are becoming more popular among new parents looking for something different and they all make for really good names for any baby. If you are looking for word names for girls, using an adjective or a noun is an excellent idea since most of these words are best suited for names for girls rather than boys. So, if you are looking for unique short girl names or unique baby names in general, here are some of the best names that are adjectives and names that are nouns that you can use. These names are either nouns, adjectives or derivatives of adjectives.

51. Apple, meaning “round red colored fruit”.

52. Ashy, meaning “referring to a powdery residue that is left after burning something”.

53. Brave, a virtue name meaning “to be courageous in the face of fear”.

54. Breeze, meaning “light and cool wind”.

55. Calm, meaning “not feeling anger or anxiety”.

56. Chance, meaning “referring to the possibility of an event ”.

57. Clover, meaning “plant”.

58. Darling, meaning “referring to a person who is very beloved to someone”.

59. Earnest, meaning “showing intense sincerity”.

60. Era, meaning “long period of intense history”.

61. Foxy, meaning “referring to a fox or the traits of a fox”.

62. Gifty, meaning “something that is well suited to be given as a gift to someone”.

63. Glory, meaning “high honor won by powerful achievements”.

64. Gray, meaning “color that is a very specific mix of black and white”.

65. Halo, meaning “bright and shining circle of light”.

66. Happy, meaning “the emotion of feeling satisfied and content”.

67. Haven, meaning “place that offers immense safety”.

68. Henna, meaning “reddish brown dye”.

69. Honey, meaning “term of endearment” or “a golden yellow viscous liquid sweet in taste”.

70. Icy, meaning “referring to the sensation of feeling cold or chilly”.

71. Jolly, meaning “the emotion of feeling intensely happy or joyous”.

72. Journey, meaning “traveling from one place to another”.

73. Jubilee, meaning “anniversary of a very special event”.

74. Juniper, meaning “evergreen shrub with icy blue fruits”.

75. Justice, a virtue name meaning “act that is fair and right”.

76. King, meaning “the male ruler of a state or a country”.

77. Legacy, meaning “ancestral property or money left to someone in a legal will”.

78. Lemony, meaning “referring to the acidic and citrus taste of lemons”.

79. Lyric, meaning “the words of a song or poem”.

80. Mahogany, meaning “reddish brown wood”.

81. Mango, meaning “fleshy tropical fruit that is yellow in color”.

82. Maple, meaning “tree that has vibrant autumn foliage”.

83. Maxim, meaning “short statement that lets us know the truth”.

84. Noble, a virtue name meaning “having qualities that people find admirable”.

85. Ocean, meaning “large expanse of ”.

86. Pepper, meaning “referring to a hot spice used in cooking”.

87. Precious, meaning “something or someone that is of great value”.

88. Prince, meaning “the young heir to the throne of a place”.

89. Rider, meaning “someone who rides a horse or another vehicle”.

90. Rivers, meaning “water body of freshwater that has a source and an end”.

91. Rogue, meaning “unprincipled person who goes against the norm”.

92. Rowdy, meaning “someone who is disorderly and noisy”.

93. Sailor, meaning “someone who sails boats or ships in the sea”.

94. Scout, meaning “soldier or a first explorer who is sent ahead of the main army”.

95. Serene, meaning “feeling of tranquility and peacefulness”.

96. Sky, meaning “lower outer space region seen by humans from the Earth”.

97. Star, meaning “celestial body often seen by humans in the night sky”.

98. Sunny, meaning “referring to the bright and vibrant feel of the sunrays”.

99. Unity, meaning “the state or feeling of being joined together”.

100. Wilder, meaning “someone who has lost the normal way of life”.

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Word Names That Are Country Specific

Looking for cool German words for names, cool Latin words for names, or cool Japanese words for names? These languages offer unique baby names for parents who are looking for special baby names. They can use these word names to give their baby a modern moniker. Why not pick one of these word names with different origins and name your baby something incredibly rare and special?

101. Agnus (Latin origin) meaning “the lamb”. For a docile and innocent child.

102. Akio (Japanese origin) meaning “a shining man”. For a bright and young child.

103. Akira (Japanese origin) meaning “light”. A good name for bright girls.

104. Ambros (Latin origin) meaning “immortal”.

105. Aqua (Latin origin) meaning “water”.

106. Aries (Latin origin) meaning “ram”. For a headstrong and willful baby.

107. Aura (Latin origin) meaning “the air around”. For a happy and jolly little child.

108. Butterherzchen (German origin) meaning “a buttery heart”.

109. Carus (Latin origin) meaning “beloved”. For a lovely little angel.

110. Dea (Latin origin) meaning “the Goddess”. For a baby who is angelic and sweet.

111. Dignus (Latin origin) meaning “worthy”.

112. Draco (Latin origin) meaning “the dragon”.

113. Engel (Latin origin) meaning “angel”. For an angelic and calm baby.

114. Felix (Latin origin) meaning “lucky”.

115. Gemma (Latin origin) meaning “a precious stone”.

116. Hasi (German origin) meaning “rabbit”. For a child who is cuddly and cute.

117. Herzblatt (German origin) meaning “sweetheart”.

118. Himari (Japanese origin) meaning “sunshine”. A popular name for bright and happy girls.

119. Kazumi (Japanese origin) meaning “harmony”.

120. Kleeblatt (German origin) meaning “cloverleaf”. For a lucky baby.

121. Leo (Latin origin) meaning “the lion”.

122. Mami (Japanese origin) meaning “true beauty”.

123. Miles (Latin origin) means “soldier”.

124. Momoko (Japanese origin) means “peach child”. A good name for boys and girls.

125. Nanami (Japanese origin) means “seven seas”. A good name for boys.

126. Schatz (German origin) means “darling”. A good name for your beloved baby.

127. Schnuckiputzi (German origin) means “cutie pie”. For a baby who is as sweet as a pie.

128. Sho (Japanese origin) means “to fly”. A good name for boys.

129. Sonnenschein (German origin) means “you are my sunshine”.

130. Takumi (Japanese origin) means “carpenter”.

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Word Names Based On Countries And Cities

Choosing a place name is also an excellent way to find a good and modern name for your baby. A place name can be really unique and this option even allows parents to choose a name of a place that their family may have a special attachment to. You could also take inspiration from the name of the place that your baby was born, be that a particular city or town. Creating names for babies from the names of places is truly rewarding. If you are looking for a good place name for your baby, here is a list of unique baby names that can be given to your child inspired by places all around the world.

131. Adelaide, this Australian city is a favorite word name amongst new parents.

132. Alabama, an amazing name for babies of any gender.

133. Alexandria, this Egyptian city is a favorite amongst new parents.

134. Andorra, this name is usually given by parents to girls.

135. Asia, many new parents use this name for their girls.

136. Aspen, a great name for both boys and girls.

137. Aurora, new parents love this name for their girls!

138. Austin, the Texan city makes for a good name for boys.

139. Avalon, a fantastic name that can be given to any baby.

140. Berlin, a powerful name given to children.

141. Bronx, a modern name given to baby boys.

142. Brooklyn, this area in New York is another good name for boys.

143. Camden, another good name for boys.

144. Carolina, a fantastic name to be given to female babies.

145. Chandler, the US city in the state of Arizona is a good name for boys and girls.

146. Charlotte, the US city in North Carolina is a good name for girls.

147. Chelsea, a district in both London and New York.

148. Cody, the name of this city in Wyoming is often given to boys.

149. Dakota, another beloved name amongst new parents.

150. Dallas, a popular name amongst new parents.

151. Dayton, many new parents use this name for their boys.

152. Denver, one of the best word names.

153. Devon, this English town makes for a great name to be given to children.

154. Dominica, this name is usually given to little girls.

155. Easton, this modern name is usually given to boys.

156. Essex, this name has English roots.

157. Florence, a city known for its rich history and culture.

158. Geneva, this Swiss city is a popular name choice amongst new parents.

159. Georgia, another popular and modern name given to female babies.

160. Helena, this name is loved by many parents.

161. Helsinki, a fun name given to kids by loving parents.

162. Hudson, an excellent place name used by many parents.

163. India, this name is usually given to girls.

164. Islay, an English isle that makes for a fantastic name.

165. Jordan, an excellent name for both boys and girls.

166. Juno, a small place in Ireland, this name is often given to girls.

167. Kendall, this English place is a fantastic name to be given to a baby.  

168. Lawrence, this US city place name is great for boys.

169. Lincoln, another good name loved by new parents for their boys.

170. Lisbon, word names don’t get better than this one!

171. Logan, this name is usually given to boys.

172. London, this English city is another good name for girls.

173. Lourdes, an amazing name that can be given to any baby, boy or girl.

174. Madison, another modern name for girls.

175. Milan, new parents love this Italian city as a name for both boys and girls.

176. Mitchel, this South Dakota city is a good place name for boys and girls.

177. Nairobi, another excellent name for baby girls.

178. Orlando, parents can use this name for their boys.

179. Paris, the French city that is known for love is a very modern name for girls.

180. Rio, an amazing name that can be given to baby boys.

181. Sahara, another fantastic place name for a baby.

182. Savannah, another US city which is a good name for boys and girls.

183. Shannon, a popular name for girls and boys derived from the place in Ireland.

184. Siena, this name is usually given to girls.

185. Sydney, another popular name from an Australian city.

186. Tokyo, an excellent name for baby girls.

187. Troy, an excellent name given to baby boys.

188. Valencia, another beautiful name given to babies, after a place in Spain.

189. Vegas, a cool name for both boys and girls.

190. Virginia, this name is amazing for female babies.

Word Names Inspired By Nature

Nature by virtue has so many beautiful elements that make for amazing word names. Parents can use these names inspired by nature to give their kids an excellent and unique name. There are so many elements in nature to take inspiration from, such as the weather, trees, plants and fruits. If you are a nature lover or wish for your child to love nature, here are some nature word names for you to use.

191. Afternoon, meaning “after morning”.

192. Air, meaning “invisible gas”.

193. Almond, meaning “edible nuts”.

194. April, meaning “fourth month of the year”.

195. Arrow, meaning “weapon”.

196. Bamboo, meaning “woody grass”.

197. Bird, meaning “aerial animals”.

198. Bliss, meaning “perfect joy”.

199. Blues, meaning “melancholic music”.

200. Brick, meaning “solid block of clay”.

201. Bronze, meaning “alloy of copper”.

202. Brook, meaning “a small river”.

203. Butterfly, meaning “an insect”.

204. Canyon, meaning “deep gorge”.

205. Cedar, meaning “tree”.

206. Cherry, meaning “red fruit”.

207. Cinnamon, meaning “hot spice”.

208. Clay, meaning “fine grained earth”.

209. Copper, meaning “metal”.

210. Creek, meaning “stream”.

211. Crystal, meaning “precious stone”.

212. Daisy, meaning “flower”.

213. February, meaning “second month of the year”.

214. Fisher, meaning “related to fishes”.

215. Hunter, meaning “one who hunts”.

216. Hurricane, meaning “natural disaster”.

217. Isle, meaning “land”.

218. Ivory, meaning “elephant tusk”.

219. Jewel, meaning “precious stone”.

220. Lily, meaning “flower”.

221. March, meaning “third month of the year”.

222. May, meaning “fifth month of the year”.

223. Moon, meaning “celestial body”.

224. Morning, meaning “after dawn”.

225. Noon, meaning “afternoon”.

226. Oak, meaning “wood”.

227. Onyx, meaning “black precious stone”.

228. Peak, meaning “mountain”.

229. Pebble, meaning “smooth stone”.

230. Phoenix, meaning “falcon”.

231. Pine, meaning “tree”.

232. Rain, meaning “water”.

233. Rainbow, meaning “colors”.

234. Reed, meaning “grass”.

235. Rhythm, meaning “music”.

236. Ridge, meaning “narrow hilltop”.

237. Rye, meaning “cereal”.

238. Sage, meaning “herb”.

239. Silk, meaning “soft fabric”.

240. Silver, meaning “metal”.

241. Snow, meaning “icy water”.

242. Spring, meaning “warm season”.

243. Steel, meaning “alloy”.

244. Talon, meaning “bird’s claws”.

245. Tiger, meaning “wild animal”.

246. Timber, meaning “wood”.

247. Tornado, meaning “natural disaster”.

248. Tulip, meaning “flower”.

249. Valley, meaning “land between two mountains”.

250. Violet, meaning “flower”.

251. Willow, meaning “tree”.

Kidadl has lots of great baby articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for cool words for names for your baby, then why not take a look at these beautiful names that mean different, unique or rare, or something different like these unusual middle names?

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