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45 Rare Cornish Boys' Names That Stand Out

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The Cornish language, despite being spoken by just 1% of the population now, is a big part of the county's identity. 

Cornwall is well-known for its beautiful beaches, wild coastline and summer staycations, but it's also the perfect place to draw inspiration for baby names! We've gathered a list of some of the best Cornish boys' names for you to choose from, with the meaning of each name and how to pronounce.

So whether it's the Cornish form of popular British names, such as James or George, or names derived from Cornish places, landmarks and saints, there are lots of brilliant names to choose from.

Inspired by the rugged, breathtaking scenery of Cornwall? We've also got the perfect list of nature related names for boys to inspire you.

1. Arthek

Pronunciation: Ardth-ek

This is an old Cornish name that comes from 'Arto', which means bear.

2. Arthyen

Pronunciation: Arth-yen

Similarly, this means 'bear born' and is the Cornish version of the Welsh 'Arthen'.

3. Austol

Pronunciation: Os-tal

Austol was a Breton saint who visited Cornwall and is where the town of Saint Austell was named in his honour.

4. Benesek

Pronunciation: Ben-eseck

Meaning 'blessed', this name is the Cornish equivalent of the Latin 'Benedict'. The etymology of 'Benedict' can be broken down as 'bene' - meaning 'good' - and 'dicte' - meaning 'speak', and as such, the name is thought to mean 'well-spoken'.

5. Boult

Pronunciation: Boo-lt

A Cornish mans name that was inspired by 'Pericles', the Shakespearian play.

6. Brae

Pronunciation: Bray

Cornish for 'hill' or 'borderland', Brae or Bray was popular in parts of France in addition to Cornwall.

7. Branok

Pronunciation: Bran-ok

Meaning 'crow' or 'raven' this name is the Cornish form of the Celtic word 'brano'.

8. Breock

Pronunciation: Bree-ohk

A prince known for his bravery and strength, St. Breock is also a civil parish and village located in the Cornish countryside. Breock is thought to be Cornish for 'Brioc', which is Celtic for 'mighty'.

9. Cadan

Pronunciation: Cade-en

Coming from the words 'Cadell' and 'Kaden', this is Cornish for battle or companion.

Two little boys dressed up as warriors carrying sword and shield

10. Cador

Pronunciation: Kahd-ohr

The meaning of this name is 'Cornish King', coming from the much-loved Duke of Cornwall - also a direct relative of King Arthur. The origin of the name is from the British word 'cad'  - meaning 'battle' - and 'wur' - meaning 'man'.

11. Carantok

Pronunciation: Ka-ran-tohk

Coming from the Celtic 'Karant', Carantok is Cornish for friend.

12. Carey

Pronunciation: Kare-y

Cornish for 'The Beloved One'.

13. Casworon

Pronunciation: Kas-wo-ren

This is an ancient Cornish word means 'battle hero'.

14. Clemo

Pronunciation: Clem-o

A shortening of Clement, this Cornish men's name translates as 'mild' or 'merciful'.

15. Conan

Pronunciation: Co-nan

Conan was a legendary King of Cornwall - and a Bishop of Truro - and the name comes from the Celtic for 'high' or 'great'.

16. Costentyn

Pronunciation: Cos-tent-in

The Cornish equivalent of the name Constantin, the names comes from the words for 'steady' or 'constant'.

17. Cumow or Curnow

Pronunciation: Cu-mow

Perhaps the ultimate Cornish boy's name, both variations mean 'from Cornwall'.

18. Denzil or Denzel

Pronunciation: Denz-il

A popular name derived from a place in Cornwall near Watergate Bay.

19. Diggory

Pronunciation: Digg-ory

An unusual Cornish boy's name meaning 'strayed' or 'lost'.

20. Edern

Pronunciation: Ed-ern

The Cornish version of the Latin for 'eternal', which was a popular name across Wales, Cornwall, and Breton.

21. Enyon

Pronunciation: En-yen

A respected Cornish ruler, Enyon derives from the Latin 'Annianus', which means belonging to - or decended from - Annius.

A little boy dressed as a superhero is posing in the meadow

22. Goron

Pronunciation: Gore-on

The Cornish form of the Celtic 'Kawaro', this name means 'hero' in the Cornish vocabulary.

23. Hedrek

Pronunciation: Hedr-eck

Comes from the Celtic word meaning 'bold'.

24. Jago

Pronunciation: Jay-goh

This is the Cornish equivalent of 'James', which means 'the supplanter'.

25. Jory

Pronunciation: Jor-y

The Cornish form of 'George'.

26. Jowan

Pronunciation: Joh-wann

A Cornish boy's name meaning 'God is gracious' or 'God has given'. This is the Cornish version of 'John' - a popular name with strong biblical connections. 

27. Kenver

Pronunciation: Ken-ver

This name translates as 'a great leader'.

28. Kenwyn

Pronunciation: Ken-win

In Cornish vocabulary, Kenwyn means 'splendid chief', and it is the name of a village near Truro.

29. Kitto

Pronunciation: Kit-to

Meaning 'bearer of Christ' this is the Cornish equivalent of Christopher. Saint Christopher is thought of as the patron saint of travellers.

30. Lanyon

Pronunciation: Lan-yen

A name meaning a 'lake' or 'cold pool', the name has been derived from a place in the Madron parish, located near Penzance. The etymology of this name is 'lyn' - meaning 'pool' - and 'yeyn' - meaning 'cold'.

31. Lowen

Pronunciation: Low-en

This Cornish boy's name derives from the word 'joyful'.


32. Maban

Pronunciation: Mah-bann

In the Cornish vocabulary, Maban means simply 'boy'.

33. Massen

Pronunciation: Mass-en

This name is the Cornish equivalent of Maximus, which means 'greatest'.

34. Merryn

Pronunciation: Mer-ryn

A Cornish Saint, St Merryn is also a Cornish place name, which is located on the north coast, near Padstow.

35. Opie

Pronunciation: O-pee

This name translates as  being similar to 'God Almighty'.

36. Penrose

Pronunciation:  Pen-rose

An old Cornish name meaning either 'the end' or 'the top'. Coming from the Celtic language, 'pen' means 'top' and 'ros' means either 'heath' or 'moorland'. This name can be shortened to 'Penn' for an unusual nickname

37. Pascoe or Pascow

Pronunciation: Pask-o

A Cornish name derived from 'Pascal', both variations relate to Easter or Passover, and it was a popular choice of first name until the mid-1700s.

38. Peran

Pronunciation: Pe-ran

Baby name meaning 'little dark one'.

39. Piran

Pronunciation: Pier-an

An old Cornish name inspired by St. Piran, the patron saint of Cornwall.

40. Rowse

Pronunciation: Row-se

Cornish name meaning 'from the heathland'


41. Ruan

Pronunciation: Roo-an

Meaning to come from Ruan Lanihorne - a Cornish village and civil parish. In Gaelic, Ruan means 'little red one', making it the perfect choice for a redhead.

42. Santo

Pronunciation: Sahn-tow

A lovely, Cornish diminutive of the ever-popular Alexander.

43. Tremaine or Tremayne

Pronunciation: Tri-may-ne

Cornish name for a 'rock settlement'.

44. Trystan

Pronunciation: Tri-stan

A Cornish name meaning 'the noisy one'.

45. Zennor

Pronunciation: Zen-or

A place name, named after a remote and wild Cornish village located in West Cornwall, and the place of origin for the legend of the Mermaid of Zennor. Zennor is one of the Cornish baby names that is unisex.

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