77 Beautiful Country Girl Names For Your Southern Belles

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Originally Published on Jun 17, 2020
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Trying to pick the perfect baby name can seem daunting but hopefully it can also be an exciting and rewarding task to find one you’ll love. 

Southern inspired names have an old-fashioned charm that is rooted in music, family bonds and wholesome food. So whether you’re a country music fan or embracing your Southern roots, we’ve curated list of beautiful girls’ names to choose from. 

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The Best of America

From Brooklyn Beckham to Reese Witherspoon’s son Tennessee, celebrities have often chosen American places as inspiration for their children. Here are our top picks of US destinations that make perfect country girls’ names.

1) Abilene (Hebrew Origin) meaning ‘Land of meadows’, this beautiful name is a Sheryl Crow song and a city in Texas!

2) Arizona (Native American Origin) meaning ‘little springs’ and also a southwestern American State.

3) Austin (English Origin) meaning ‘great or magnificent’ and the capital of Texas.

4) Dallas (Scottish Origin) meaning ‘From the meadow dwelling’, most commonly associated with the city in Texas or the popular TV series. 

5) Dakota (Native American Origin) meaning ‘friendly one’. Despite becoming popular due to actresses Dakota Fanning and Dakota Johnson, Dallas is a unisex name and equally popular for boys.

6) Georgia (English Origin) from the feminine variation of George meaning ‘farmer’ this name is also a southeastern US State (most known for their delicious peaches!).

7) Indiana (Latin Origin) meaning ‘from India’, is also the name of a midwestern State and is a unisex name, although became a household name with a certain Harrison Ford.

8) Iowa (Native American Origin) means ‘beautiful land’ and was derived from the Ioway people who were one of many Native American tribes that lived in the state at the time of European colonisation.

9) Montana  (Latin Origin) meaning ‘mountain’ is a northwestern state and can be considered a unisex name.

10) Nevada (Spanish Origin) meaning ‘covered in snow’ and is another state name that could be used for any gender.

11)Peyton (English Origin) is a city in Colorado but was once more commonly an English surname. Originating from the town of Paignton in Devon, it is thought to be derived from the Anglo-Saxon Pægan and the Old English work tūn meaning town.

12) Virginia - (Latin Origin) meaning ‘virginal, pure’. The state of Virginia was named by Sir Walter Raleigh to honour Elizabeth 1, known as the Virgin Queen.

The Wonders of Southern Nature

If you’re looking for a nature-inspired name, girls name lists are always full to the brim with them. Here’s our favourites that are a mix of popular and more unusual names.

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1) Amber (English Origin) popular girl’s name referring to the fossilised tree resin or the colour orange.

2) Briar (English Origin) despite its ‘thorny’ associations, many have been inspired by it’s Sleeping Beauty connotations with Briar Rose being favoured by Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen.

3) Ember (Old English Origin) i derived from the Old English “æmerge” which has roots in the Germanic “aima” which means “ashes”. This name is more popular in American and parts of Canada.

4) Ivy (Old English Origin) from the word ‘ifig’ to describe the ivy plant. Traditionally a name that is more popular around Christmas time, it was also a name chosen by parents Beyonce and Jay-Z for their daughter. 

5) Oakley (English Origin) referring to an ‘oak clearing’, this name is climbing in popularity for girls and can be considered a unisex name. 

6) June (Latin Origin) not surprisingly referring to the month but deriving from the Roman goddess Juno (Iunius) who carried many titles but was first the goddess of marriage but also of vital force and energy. 

7) Rose (Latin Origin) another name which has no hidden meaning. In Old English, it was translated as Roese or Rohese and is gainly popularity, particularly as a middle name although its high point as a first name was between 1896 and 1921.

8) Pearl (Latin Origin) is the birthstone for the month of June and, like Rose, is gaining popularity as a beautiful middle name. In the novel The Scarlet Letter, Pearl is the name given to Hester Prynne’s daughter because she is ‘her mother’s only treasure’. 

9) Perry (English Origin) meaning ‘pear tree’, this name is rising in popularity for girls (perhaps due to Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards) and so is now considered a unisex name. 

10) Sage (Latin Origin) meaning ‘wise’ and associated with the fragrant herb. It gained popularity in the early 1990s for both genders but is now slightly more popular for girls. Actress Toni Collette used the name for her daughter Sage Florence. 

11) Savannah (Native American Origin) perhaps unsurprisingly means ‘open plain’ and is derived from the Taino tribe word of ‘zabana’. 

12) Sunny (English Origin) is a sweet nickname that can be used for either gender. 

13) West (English Origin) refers to of course ‘from the West’ but is a high-rising unisex name that is becoming incredibly popular, especially as a middle name. 

14) Willow (English Origin) derived from the Old English ‘welig’, these tress are often associated with elegance and grace. It’s beautiful connotations is part of the reason for its steadily growing popularity along with Willa.


Charming Country Stars

A country girls’ name list would not be complete without a subcategory reserved for the country music greats. So if you’re more than a little bit country, we’ve got the names for you!


1) Carrie (Originally from Carol or Caroline) means ‘free man’, and is a great country girls name due to Carrie Underwood who went from winning American Idol in 2005 to becoming a huge music star. 

2) Delilah (Hebrew Origin) meaning ‘delicate’, this beautiful name has been a firm staple in songs with Tom Jones, Chuck Berry, Kiss, Queen, Plain White T’s (remember that one) and Azealia Banks all using it for musical inspiration. 

3) Dolly (English Origin) meaning ‘gift of God’, the Queen of Country and songwriting powerhouse Dolly Parton has perhaps inspired this name to remain popular as a cute girls name.

4) Emmylou is a sweet combination name of Emmy (diminutive of Emma/Emily meaning “work, universal”) and Lou (shortened from Louise meaning ‘renowned warrior’) is the perfect name if you’re looking for something more unusual. Becoming more popular due to Emmylou Harris, who was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2008.

5) Faith (English Origin) meaning ‘belief’, aside from religious connotations, is on our list due to the fabulous singer Faith Hill. It was also a name chosen for Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman’s daughter.

6) Jolene (American Origin) is a mix of Jo and Eileen, becoming a household name thanks to Dolly’s catchy 1973 hit. It’s now been steadily gainly popularity since 2010.

7) Kitty (Originally an English diminutive of Katherine) was popular before other variants of Katie (or Katy) came on the scene. Referring to Ellen Deason’s stage name of Kitty Wells, whether you like it for the cutesy nickname feel or as a nod to a Country music great, it’s a short, sweet choice. 

8) Miley (American Origin) soared in popularity due to the Hannah Montana actress and singer Miley Cyrus, who’s real name is Destiny but was nicknames Miley because “she was so smiley”. 

9) Loretta meaning ‘bay laurel’ is the English equivalent of the Italian Lauretta, is a firm Nashville favourite due to country singer Loretta Lynn who is the most-awarded female country music artist.

10) Reba (Hebrew Origin) meaning ‘fourth born’ is on our list due to the Country Music Hall of Fame star Reba McEntire. Short, sweet and reasonably rare, it’s a great choice for a more unusual girls name.

11) Shania (North American Origin) is from the Ojibwa (also spelled Ojibwe or Ojibway) people meaning ‘I’m on my way’. Country/pop music star Shania Twain must have loved the name as she dropped her original name, which was Eileen, to favour it instead!

American Beauty‍Here are our favourite picks of popular girls’ names in the United States.

1) Betsy (English Origin) an adorable name meaning 'oath'.

2) Blake (English Origin) meaning 'blonde one', perfect for fair-haired beauties.

3) Caroline (French Origin) meaning 'free man'.

4) Cassidy (Irish Origin) translating to 'clever', also gives cute nicknames of Cass and Cassie.

5) Charlene (English Origin) a beautiful girl name meaning 'free-spirited', which is a lovely meaning to give to a little girl.

6) Clarabelle (Latin Origin) translates to 'bright and beautiful', while being one of the longer names on our list, this makes it perfect to shorten to Clara or Belle.

7) Claire (French Origin) meaning 'bright or clear' and has a beautiful country name feel.

8) Daisy (English Origin) this is a popular flower-inspired name, meaning 'day's eye'.

9) Darla (Latin Origin) one of our favourite names means 'darling'.

10) Dixie (English Origin) meaning 'tenth' this is a classic country name which sounds adorable.

11) Dottie (English Origin) is the perfect name if you love Dolly but want something more unique.

12) Ellie (French Origin) meaning 'God is my light'.

13) Evie (English Origin) meaning 'lively'.

14) Gertie (English Origin) meaning 'strong spear' it's a powerful girls name.

15) Harper (Germanic Origin) connoting 'harp player', is a great example of a name that was a surname, then more popular for boys and now soaring high for girls. Famous Harpers include the author of 'To Kill a Mockingbird' Harper Lee and also the Beckham's daughter Harper Seven.

16) Henrietta (Latin Origin) meaning 'estate ruler'.

17) Jessie (Germanic Origin) has moved from being a nickname of Jessica to a popular name in its own right!

18) Josie (English Origin) meaning 'Jehovah increases'

19) Kinsey (Germanic Origin) translating to 'King's victory' gives this name a regal feel.

20) Laney (English Origin) a name meaning 'ray of sunshine'.

21) Mae (Latin Origin) a pearl, and also one of the Roman origin baby names that mean goddess of growth. Great to use as a middle name or in combination with another.

22) Piper (English Origin) an all-time favourite meaning 'flute player'.

23) Tammy (French Origin) a religious name deriving from Tamara.

24) Waldina (Latin Origin) meaning 'god's power', with Wiladeene being a variation.

Old Fashioned And Vintage Names

Last but not least, the growing trend for wanting a more classic and chic name that was popular in the past, here's our top picks for a wonderfully charming "old lady" names.

1) Adabelle (English Origin) one of the more unique classic names that mean 'lovely'.

2) Amaryllis (Latin Origin) meaning 'sparkling'

3) Barbara (Greek Origin) meaning 'stranger'.

4) Beau (French Origin) meaning 'beauty'.

5) Belle (French Origin) meaning 'beautiful', with a French origin.

6) Emmy (French Origin) meaning 'universal', a classic.

7) Esther (Persian Origin) meaning 'star'.

8) Eleanor (French Origin) a name which means 'light' or 'giver of light', and famously given to Eleanor of Acquitane.

9) Faye (Latin Origin) this is one of the names that have a mystical connotation, meaning 'fairy'.

10) Iona (Latin Origin) means 'purple jewel' for the jewel in your crown.

11) Josette (Latin Origin) one of the more spiritual baby names meaning 'God will increase'.

12) Prudence (Latin Origin) meaning 'wisdom'.

13) Priscilla (Latin Origin) a charming name meaning 'classical'.

14) Tabitha (English Origin) shortened to Tabby (or Tabbie) and means 'gazelle'.

15) Tanya (Germanic Origin)  meaning fairy queen or princess.

16) Thea (Greek Origin) meaning 'goddess'.

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