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Cute chicken names for roosters are popular with family coop owners.
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If a little chick or chicken is your new family member, then make it your family member rather than using it for egg.

You can give them a cute chicken name depending on their unique personalities. Think of a suitable fun name for your chick that aligns with its features and traits.

Chickens usually have greater memory than humans. If you call them by names, they will soon start to recognize it, running to you instantly in once call for food.

Some of the popular chicken name options that you can consider are Meryl Cheep, Cookies and Cream, Oprah Henfrey, Princess Layer, Egg Nog, Mary Pepper, Sugar and Spice, Lady Ruby, and Princess Lay.

Read on for some more funny names for your pet breed. Also check 69 chicken coop names and 79 egg names that are simply eggcellent.

Cute Baby Chicken Names

Baby chicks are the cutest things on the planet. They come in different colors and types, and it is hard to define their cuteness in words. But csome cute names like Meryl Cheep, Lady Chirpy, and Lady Ruby can describe their liveliness precisely. Want to know some more cute names for your chicks? Some are listed here below.

Betty Hennifer sounds slightly different from the name Jennifer.

Daffodil (Latin origin), meaning ‘new beginning’, is a great option to name chicken after a flower.

Daisy (English origin), meaning ‘day’s eye’, is one of the commonly-used chicken names.

Dixie (Latin origin), meaning ‘tenth’, is one of the popular hen names for your female chicks.

Ginger (English origin), meaning ‘pure’, is a cute name for your big bird pet and can be used as a gender-neutral name too.

Goldie (English origin), meaning ‘the precious metal gold’, can be used for your female chick if it is yellow in color.

Henrietta (Germanic origin), meaning ‘home ruler’, can be used for your Rhode Island red. It is derived from a male name Henry.

Laya (Hebrew origin), meaning ‘Musical rhythm’, is one of the cutest female names that will suit your pet.

Lucy Hen Solo will best suit your rooster if it is a solo performer.

Nala (African origin), meaning ‘queen’, is used to refer to a family girl.

Paprika Girl (English origin), meaning ‘spice,’ can be used if you want a spicy name for your chick.

Peep (Estonian origin), meaning ‘stone’, may be one of the fun chicken names to call your pet.

Salsa (Latin origin), meaning ‘spring in paradise,’ is a cute female chick name if you love your pet’s salsa dance.

Sparkles (American origin), meaning ‘the one who sparkles’, is the best name for your pet if you think of it as a sparkling star.

Sugar Marshmallow is named after the plant species mallow, and can be used to name your female chick.

Sweet Pea (Greek origin), meaning ‘fragrant’, is a cute and fun name for your chick that may represent its natural fragrance.

Cute Chicken Names For Girls

There are five chicken breeds that are most popular throughout the world. Among them Silkies is one of the most popular chicken breeds of all. They are famous for their fluffy, super-friendly appearance and are referred to as great mothers. Some of the funny name ideas are Mary Poopins, Amelia Egghart, Laverne and Shirley, Thelma and Louise, Mother Clucker, and Miss Daisy. The following list has cute chicken names for girls that you can make use of to name your pets.

Abigail (Hebrew origin), meaning ‘cause of joy’, is a suitable name if you wish your pet to enjoy.

Amy (Latin origin), meaning ‘to love’, is a short and sweet name that is going to perfectly suit your adorable pet.

Annabelle (Hebrew origin), meaning ‘grace’, sounds similar to a doll in a ghost movie.

Anne (Hebrew origin), meaning ‘grace’ or 'favor', is a short and cute female name that you can choose for your female chicken.

Bella (Italian origin), meaning ‘beautiful’, can be used for your beautiful pet.

Beth (Hebrew origin), meaning ‘consecrated to god’, is the shortest name to call your sweet pet.

Betty (English origin), meaning ‘oath of a god’, is usually used to name a pet who likes to enjoy a chicken run.

Blossom (English origin), meaning ‘to bloom’, is a wonderful name for your female chicken.

Candy is a cute form of sugar candy that best suits the sweet nature of your pet.

Caroline (French origin), meaning ‘strong’, best suits your pet if your chicken is strong.

Clara (Latin origin), meaning ‘clear’, is a stylish name that can be used for your pet.

Cupcake is a perfect name if you want your pet’s name to be sweet.

Diana (Latin origin), meaning ‘divine’, is a cute female chicken name to call your pet.

Diva (Italian origin), meaning ‘goddess’, is a perfect match for your sweet pet.

Dolly (English origin), meaning ‘gift of god’, perfectly suits your pet if you imagine it as a doll.

Dorothy (Greek origin), meaning ‘gift of god,’ is also a perfect match.

Edna (Hebrew origin), meaning ‘pleasure’, is a cute female name that can be used for your pet.

Florence (French origin), meaning ‘blossoming in faith’, will be a funny name for your loveable pet.

Hennifer Lopez is an alternative version of Jennifer Lopez. A chicken named Lopez is bound to be famous.

Pompom (French origin) sounds different if you want your pet to have a unique name.

Princess (English origin), meaning ‘royal daughter’, will be a perfect match for your chicken if you consider her like a princess.

Food names serve as one of the best ideas for naming roosters.

Cute Plymouth Rock Chicken Names

Plymouth rock breed chicken is also known as barred rock. It is considered one of the easy-going breeds. Some of the Plymouth rock chicken breed names are-

Amita (Hebrew origin), meaning ‘truth’, can be used to name your female chicken friend.

Coco is one of the shortest and sweetest names for your pet.

Constance (Latin origin), meaning ‘faithful’, perfectly matches your loyal chicken friend.

Dillion (Gaelic origin), meaning ‘faithful’, can be used to name your chicken friend as an alternative version for billion.

Dixie Chick will be the cutest name for your pet.

Enid (Welsh origin), meaning ‘faithful’, can be used to name your pet if you are not just satisfied with an ordinary name.

Fluffy Butt means 'lightweight', and you can use this for your light-weighted chicken.

Helga (Scandinavian origin), meaning ‘faithful’, is a stylish female name to call your lovely pet.

Oreo is a type of cookie that can be used to name your pet, especially if you are a cookie lover.

Vanilla is one of the most popular and tastiest ice cream flavors and can be used to name your pet.

Cute Chicken Names For Boys

Choosing a perfect name for your chicken will be more fun because there is a variety of options to choose from. Not only hens but also roosters are quite popular when one decides to buy an adorable pet. The below list shows some of the cute chicken names that you should know about.

Albert Eggstein is one of the interesting names for roosters.

Attila the Hen is a cute, funny name that can be used for your male chicken.

Bailey (Norman origin), meaning ‘to deliver’, is an adorable name to call your pet.

Billy (German name), meaning ‘desire’, sounds stylish. Better use it for your male pet.

Buck Beak is a famous name that can be used for your male rooster

Chicken Little is a perfect English name for your male rooster.

Chicken Nugget for your male chicken that is not ready to leave their ladies alone. Chicken Nugget can be called a great coop bird name.

Cluck Garret can be used as an alternative for Buck Garret, who acted as a Gunfighter and Lawman.

Cluck Norris is a name after Chuck Norris.

Foghorn Leghorn, no one would need his introduction.

Heihei is a cute option that can be used to name your pet. It is inspired from 'Moana'.

Henny Penny is the perfect name for your male chicken.

His Eggselency is for your rooster if he thinks of himself as a royal pet.

Mort the Chicken is somewhat a lengthy name, and it is from a famous game.

Pearl Buff, your male bird can certainly be named this.

Pepito Chickeeto is a cute and funny name from 1944 release ‘The Three Caballeros’.

Red Ryder is a magnificent name to call your pet.

Russel Crow, best suits your handsome boy.

Waylon (English origin), meaning ‘land beside the road,’ is a stylish name and is a variant of Wayland.

Yolko Ono is a perfect name because it suits your fabulous pet. Yolko Ono is a great name for a baby chick.

Cute Spanish Names For A Chicken

Naming your chicken is not an easy task. Are you looking for some Spanish chicken names for your new pet? If you are someone who is looking for some cute chicken names and particularly in Spanish, then the below list is for you.

Amigo (Spanish origin), meaning ‘friend’, is a friendly name for your pet.

Angry Bird, no explanation is needed here. It is one of the best mobile games name.

Bestia (Spanish origin), meaning ‘beast’. Use it if you think your pet chicken is a beast.

Big Red can be used to name your big red chicken.

Cluck a Doodle Do perfectly suits if your pet is somewhat noisy.

Cluck Norris best suits your pet if it is under the worst category of chicken in the flock.

Gordo (Spanish origin), meaning ‘fat’, will be perfect for your fatty chicken.

Loco (Spanish origin), meaning ‘crazy’, is a cute and short Spanish name for your chicken.

Loco (Spanish origin), meaning ‘crazy’, suits your chicken if you think of it as a crazy one.

Rojo (Spanish origin), meaning ‘red’. You can make use of this name if it defines the feature of your chicken.

Ruidosa (Spanish origin), meaning ‘noisy’, suits your pet if it’s so noisy.

Russell Crow is one of the classic names for your chicken friend.

Santiago (Spanish origin), meaning ‘Saint James’. can be used to name your pet.

Tapas (Spanish origin), meaning ‘a dish name’, is a popular name in Spanish to refer to a famous small dish.

Toro (Spanish origin), meaning ‘bull’, is a  sweet name for your chicken.

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