35 Chicken Names That Will Make You Chuckle

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Originally Published on Oct 27, 2020
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chicken names that will make you laugh

Naming chickens with a unique word can be really difficult.

Chickens remember their names and respond to it. You would probably want to give your chicken a name that's cute and easy to remember.

There are many kinds of chicken. Rhode Island Red is the name of the state bird of Rhode Island, a red chicken. Kadaknath is the name of a rare black chicken. We present a list of hilarious chicken names for you. These names for chickens carry a chicken-y twist.

Check out these chickens names and see which you like, or peruse Duck Names and Lizard Names for other pets.

Funny Chicken Names For Girls

Give a funny name to your little chicken with this list of hilarious chicken names for girls:

1.Amelia (English origin) meaning "work".

2.Dolly (English origin) referring to an instrument used for churning water in a tub.

3.Emilia (English origin) meaning "industrious".

4.Gertrude (Germanic origin) meaning "spear".

5.Gladys (Welsh origin) meaning "royalty".

6.Grace (Latin origin) meaning "blessing".

7.Marshmallow (English origin) meaning "a sweet treat".

8.Pom Pom (French origin) referring to a "roundish tuft", used by cheerleaders.

9.Thumbelina (English origin) meaning "small like a human thumb".

10.Tinkerbell (English origin) from the novel Peter Pan by J. M. Barrie.

11.Tootsie (English origin) meaning "young lady".

12.Wendy Darling (English origin) is the name of one of the characters in Peter Pan.

Hilarious Chicken Names For Boys

If you want to give a funny name to your chicken, you can try out these names:

13.Alfredo (Italian origin) meaning "the counsel of elf".

14.Benjamin (Hebrew origin) meaning "son of my closest associate or right hand".

15.Bob (English origin) is the abbreviation of the name Robert.

16.Buck Beak (English origin) refers to a magical creature in Harry Potter.

17.Cash (Anglo-Saxon origin) meaning "money".

18.Earl (English origin) meaning "warrior".

19.Colonel Sanders (English origin) after the businessman and founder of the KFC franchise.

20.Gregory Peck (Latin origin) is the name of the iconic American actor, Gregory Peck.

21.Peter (Greek origin) meaning "rock".

22.Rancho (American Spanish origin) meaning "small farm".

23.Sunshine (German origin) meaning "shining rays"

24.Tex (English origin) derived from Texas.

Chicken Names Inspired By Celebrities

Chickens have been a favorite in media. Here are some playful names of chickens:

25.Amelia Egghart is a play on Amelia Earhart.

26. Dolly Parton a favored name after the famous singer.

27.Foghorn Leghorn from Looney Tunes series.

28.Hen Clucker a unique name for chicken which is serious and funny.

29.Henny Penny is a famous children's book character, also known as Chicken Little.

30.Hen Solo can be a great name for a red chicken. A play on Han Solo, the Star Wars character.

31.Mary Poopins from Mary Poppins.

32.Princess Layer from Star Wars', Princess Leia.

33.Rocky is the protagonist of the movie, Chicken Run.

34.Snow White from the fairy tale.

35.Yolko Ono could be a great chicken name. A funny twist to Yoko Ono.

Kidadl has lots of great names articles to inspire you. If you like our suggestions for Chicken Names, then why not check out Russian Pet Names, or for something different, take a look at Slavic Names.

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