100 Designer Baby Names Inspired By Brands, Fashion Houses, and Designers

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In today's trendy world, fashionable baby names are definitely in style.  

Parents are open to the idea of giving their baby the name of their favorite fashion brand. However, there are many fashionista names of designers that we may not know.  

There are many designers coming from different countries and cultures, and their languages become the trademark of their fashionable names. Most of them are extremely popular and become widely-used global brands. There is a plethora of brand names, like Ralph Lauren and Ted Baker. Then, there are fancier names Jimmy Choo and Emporio Armani. We have collected the names of the top designer brand names for both boys and girls. These unique names for kids can really add a special touch to your kid's name.

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Boy Baby Names Inspired By Fashion Designers, Brands And Fashion Houses

A baby boy wearing stylish clothes

If you want a classy and trendy name for your boy, then you can look at certain fashion houses and designers. Here is a spectacular list of a few designer baby names for boys that you might want to consider:

1.Aldo (Latin origin) from Aldo, best known for their affordable and eye-pleasing shoes and accessories for both men and women.

2.Alexander (Greek origin) from Alexander McQueen, a British couture company with groundbreaking clothes and accessories.

3.Calvin (Latin origin) from Calvin Klein. Calvin Klein is a famous American fashion house that specializes in leather clothing for men and women.

4.Christian (Greek origin) from Christian Dior. Christian Dior is one of the largest luxury French goods company.

5.Christian (Greek origin) from Christian Louboutin, a brand that has iconized red soles for women's shoes.

6.Giorgio (Italian origin) from Giorgio Armani, an iconic clothing designer known for his men's suits.

7.Hermes (Greek origin) from Hermès, the Parisian fashion house famous for the Birkin bag which is popular among celebrities now.

8.Hugo (German origin) from Hugo Boss. Hugo Boss is a German clothing company known for menswear.

9.Jimmy (Hebrew origin) from Jimmy Choo, best known for their shoes and candy bags.

10.Louis (French origin) from Louis Vuitton, a French fashion house that ranks very high in the fashion industry today.

11.Marc (Roman origin) from Marc Jacobs, an American brand best known for fragrant perfumes.

12.Maurtiz (Swedish origin) from H&M, a multinational retail company. The full form of H&M is Hennes & Mauritz.

13.Max (English origin) from TJ Maxx, a brand that is known for its affordable and modern classics.

14.Michael (Hebrew origin) from Michael Kors, an award-winning designer of luxury accessories and ready-to-wears.

15.Ralph (German origin) from Ralph Lauren, a popular clothing and accessories fashion house with the logo of a polo player on a horse.

16.Ray (English origin) from Rayban, a brand that revolutionized the sunglasses industry across the globe.

17. Roberto (Spanish origin) from Roberto Cavalli. This fashion giant is known to be the one who introduced exotic prints and sandblasted looks for men's jeans.

18.Roger (Old French origin) from Roger Vivier, a French fashion designer known for making premium shoes.

19.Steve (Greek origin) from Steve Madden, manufacturer of moderately priced quality shoes.

20.Tag (German origin) from Tag Heuer, the world's leading luxury watch brand.

21.Ted (English origin) from Ted Baker, a global lifestyle brand with quirky fashion.

22.Tod (Scottish origin) from TOD'S, an Italian company that produces world-class leather products.

23.Tom (Greek origin) from Tom Ford, the man that transformed Gucci into a fashion powerhouse.

24.Tommy (Greek origin) from Tommy Hilfiger. Tommy Hilfiger is a premium clothing brand, popular for its polo shirts.

25.Tory (Irish origin) from Tory Burch,  an American fashion designer known for her classic apparel and accessories styles.

Baby Names For Girls Inspired By Top Designers, Fashion Houses And Brands

When it comes to girl names, who wouldn't want a fashionable name for their baby? Here is a list of fancy girl names that you can give to your fashionable girl:

26.Anne (Hebrew origin) from Anne Fontaine, known for perfumes.

27.Annoushka (Persian origin) from Annoushka, a fine jewelry brand.

28.Betty (English origin) from Sweaty Betty, best known for athletic wear.

29.Carolina (Spanish origin) from Carolia Herrera, known for fragrances.

30.Cath (Greek origin) from Cath Kidston, a colorful kids brand.

31.Celine (French origin) from Celine, known best for its ready to wear collection.

32.Charlotte (French origin) from Charlotte Tilbury, a classic makeup brand.

33.Chloe (Greek origin) from Chloe, a French couture brand.

34.Claire (French origin) from Claire's, a quirky jewelry store.

35.Claudie (Latin origin) from Claudie Pierlot, best known for its jackets collection.

36.Dolce (Italian origin) from Dolce and Gabbana, known for its quirky bags.

37.Elizabeth (English origin) from Elizabeth Arden, renowned for its perfume lines.

38.Emma (German origin) from Emma Bridgewater, popular for home decor.

39.Gina (Italian origin) from Gina, a luxury footwear designer.

40.Jo (Latin origin) from Jo Malone, best known for fragrances.

41.Karen (English origin) from Donna Karen New York, renowned for their affordable line.

42.Kate (Latin origin) from Kate Spade, a well-known brand line for women.

43.Linda (German origin) from Linda Farrow, world-renowned for sunglasses.

44.Monica (African origin) from Monica Vinader, a fine jewelry designer.

45.Olivia (Latin origin) from Olivia Burton, a unique watch designer.

46. Pandora (Greek Origin) from Pandora, a  jewelry brand.

47.Stella (Latin origin) from Stella McCartney, best known for socially conscious fashion designs. Stella McCartney is the daughter of Beatles member, Paul McCartney.

48.Tiffany (Green origin) from Tiffany & Co, a high-end jewelry brand.

49.Vera (Russian origin) from Vera Wang. Vera Wang is an iconic designer brand.

50.Victoria (Latin origin) from Victoria's Secret, best known for women's lingerie.

Unisex Baby Names Inspired By Fashion Houses

A boy and a girl wearing stylish clothes

There are some designer names that go well for both boys and girls. Here is a list that is suitable both if you are looking for boy names or girl names:

51.Bally (Irish origin) from Bally, a timeless leather products manufacturer.

52.Bobbi (French origin) from Bobbi Brown, a classic makeup brand.

53.Kenzo (Japanese origin) from Kenzo, a Japanese luxury fashion house.

54.Navy (French origin) from Navy London. It is a famous women's clothing brand, based in London.

55.Quinn (Irish origin) from Quinn, a contemporary menswear label.

56.River (Norman origin) from River Island, an affordable women's brand.

57.Taylor (British origin) from Lisa Taylor, known for its resortwear.

58.Tumi (African origin) from Tumi, a world-class travel products manufacturer.

59.Vivienne (Latin origin) from Vivienne Westwood, a global luxury brand.

60.Zara (Spanish origin) from Zara, an affordable clothes brand.

Unique Baby Names For Boys Inspired By The Fashion Industry

The fashion industry has some remarkable personalities who have carved out a name for themselves. Here is a list of such unique designer names suitable as boy names:

61.Balmain (American origin) from Balmain, a brand found by Pierre Balmain.

62.Bottega (Italian origin) from Bottega Veneta, best known for its knot bags.

63.Brunello (Italian origin) from Brunello Cucinelli, a classic socially conscious brand.

64.Cooper (English origin) from Holland Cooper, home of luxury British tweed clothing.

65.Girard (French origin) from Girard Perregaux, known for its watches.

66.Loro (Spanish origin) from Loro Piana, specializing in Cashmere products.

67.Manolo (Spanish origin) from Manolo Blahnik, a signature women's footwear brand.

68.Molton (Norman origin) from Molton Brown, a brand with a range of fragrant soaps.

69.Radley (English origin) from Radley London, a classic women's handbag manufacturer.

70.Roland (German origin) from Roland Mouret, popular for drapes and cuts.

Unique Baby Names For Girls Inspired By The Fashion Industry


Here are some beautiful names that are common in the fashion industry. These names can be an inspiration for giving your baby girl a unique name, special.

71.Anastasia (Greek origin) from Anastasia Beverly Hills, a luxury make up brand.

72.Becca (Hebrew origin) from Becca Cosmetics, a global make up brand.

73.Boch (Swedish origin) from Vileroy and Boch, with their elegant bathroom designs.

74.Escada (German origin) from Escada, a luxury women's designer.

75.Fendi (Italian origin) from Fendi, best known for fur accessories.

76.Lalique (French origin) from Lalique, with their beautiful show-pieces.

77.Levi (Hebrew origin) from Levi's, a brand that revolutionized the jeans industry.

78.Madame (French origin) from Madame Gres, a popular haute couture fashion house.

79.Sandro (Italian origin) from Sandro, known for their delicate dresses.

80.Ulysse (American origin) from Ulysse Nardin, a luxury watchmaking company.

Baby Names For Boys Inspired By Timeless Fashion Designers

Fashion designers tell their own stories through their designs. Here is a list of some classic designers without whom we cannot imagine the world of fashion. You can get inspired and opt for a boy baby name from this list:

81.Bill (American origin) from Bill Blass.

82.Jean (French origin) from Jean-Paul Gaultier, known for unconventional designer clothing.

83.Karl (German origin) from Karl Lagerfeld, known for his designer handbags.

84.Oscar (British origin) from Oscar De La Renta, a Dominique designer who dressed Jacqueline Kennedy.

85.Paul (American origin) from Paul Smith, known for designing men's clothing.

86.Pierre (French origin) from Pierre Cardin, famous for his avante-garde space style fashion.

87.Riccardo (Portuguese origin) from Riccardo Tischi.

88.Thomas (Greek origin) from Thomas Burberry, the inventor of the gabardine.

89.Valentino (Italian origin) from Valentino Garavani.

90.Zac (American origin) from Zac Posen.

Baby Names For Girls Inspired By Timeless Fashion Designers

Do you want your baby girl's name to be associated with a timeless fashion designer known for their contribution in the fashion world? Here is a list of some designers you can take inspiration from:

91.Anna (American origin)  from Anna Sui.

92.Betsey (American origin) from Betsey Johnson, known for her whimsical designs.

93.Coco (American origin) from Coco Chanel, who revolutionized women's fashion.

94.Donna (American origin) from Donna Karen.

95.Isabel (British origin) from Isabel Marant.

96.Mary (American origin) from Mary Quant, famous for bringing the mod fashion style onto British streets.

97.Phoebe (American origin) from Phoebe Philo.

98.Prada (Latin origin) from Miuccia Prada.

99.Sandy (English origin) from Sandy Powell.

100.Sonia (Russian origin) from Sonia Rykiel. She is called the Queen of Knits for her knitwear.

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