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(US) 50 Donkey Names That Are Funny, Cute, And Cool

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Donkeys have been used as a trusted worker for years in farming work but, like any other animal, donkeys are silly and adorable too.

Giving them suitable names is the first thing that pops into our head when we adopt a donkey. Picking a great name for your donkey is important to help you to bond with them.

If you own a cute donkey, names like Colt and Yukio might be appropriate. If your donkey is playful and funny, Burrito or Shrek would make great donkey names. Check out the list of donkey names below for more cute, funny and cool donkey name ideas!

If you are interested to look for more animal names, you would also like to check out this list of the best female horse names or this list of the best white horse names.

Donkey Names For Boys

Jack is another word for a male donkey. Here is a list of boys' names that would sound cool or funny for your new donkey.

1. Achilles (Greek origin), a figure from the Greek mythology who was the hero of the Trojan war.

2. Akker (English origin), meaning “from the oak tree”. Astrology shows that the name Akker shows qualities of inner strength and bravery.

3. Archie (German origin), meaning “truly brave”. Archie is everywhere! Including the hit series ‘Riverdale’.

4. Baker (English origin), meaning “a person who makes bread and cakes”. Come on, it sounds funny and fresh for hip donkeys.

5. Bay (English origin), meaning “a small body of water set off from the main body”.

6. Björn  (Swedish origin), meaning “bear”.

7. Bowie (Irish origin), a nice donkey name meaning “yellow haired”.

8. Cairo (Arabic origin), meaning “victorious one”. Cairo is unique choice for those looking for baby donkey names.

9. Colt (English origin), meaning “young male horse”. This donkey name would be perfect for a burro.

10. Dominic (Latin origin), meaning "of the lord".

11. Eeyore, he is a famous character in the ‘Winnie The Pooh’ books written by A.A. Milne. Eeyore is an old, gloomy donkey who is a friend of Pooh.

12. Gus (Latin origin), meaning “great or magnificent”.

13. Hikaru (Japanese origin), meaning “light or radiance”.

14. Jack (English origin), a nice donkey name meaning “God is gracious”.

15. Kaiser (German origin), meaning “emperor”.

16. Kenzo (Japanese origin), meaning “strong and healthy”.

17. Yukio (Japanese origin), meaning “snow boy”. Yukio sounds like a lovely name for a burro.

18. Ziggy (German origin), meaning “victorious protector”.

Donkey Names For Girls

A female donkey is called a jenny or jennet and a baby donkey is a foul. A young donkey is also known as a burro in Spanish, here is a list of elegant names for your female burro.

Your donkey deserves the best name

19. Amaya (Arabic origin), meaning “night rain”.

20. Candice (Latin origin), meaning “white, pure, sincere".

21. Cierra (Spanish origin), meaning, "little dark one".

22. Daisy (English origin), meaning “day’s eye”.

23. Emerald (Persian origin), meaning “green”.

24. Eva (Hebrew origin), meaning “life”.

25. Felia (Spanish origin), meaning “happy, lucky”.

26. Fiona (Scottish origin), meaning “fair”. Princess Fiona is a famous fictional character from the animated film ‘Shrek’.

27. Hana (Japanese origin), meaning “bud, blossom”. It sounds adorable for baby donkeys.

28. Hanni (Finnish origin), meaning “grace”.

29. Kayla (Hebrew, Arabic origin), meaning “laurel, crown”.

30. Lizzie (Hebrew origin), meaning “God is my oath”.

31. Maya (Sanskrit origin), meaning “illusion or magic”.

32. Nikki (Greek origin), meaning “victory of the people”.

33. Pixie (Swedish origin), meaning “fairy”. This would sound cute for little baby donkeys.

34. Rezi (English origin), meaning “to harvest”.

35. Silvie (Latin origin), meaning “from the woods or forest”.

36. Valri (French origin), meaning “strength, health”.

37. Vina (Spanish origin), meaning “vineyard”.

38. Yasmine (Persian origin), meaning “jasmine flower”.

39. Yui (Japanese origin), meaning “elegant clothing”.

40. Zayna (Arabic origin), meaning “beauty, grace”.

Gender Neutral Names For Donkeys

A female horse and a male donkey breed to produce a mule and a male horse is crossed with a female donkey to produce a hinny. Here is a list of gender neutral names to call your silly and funny donkeys, mules and hinnys.

Pick funny donkey names for your pet

41. Burrito (Spanish origin), meaning, “little donkeys”, the perfect name for a baby donkey.

42. Case (English origin), meaning “bringer of peace”.

43. Chunky (English origin), meaning “bulky and thick”.

44. Dumbo (English origin), meaning “a stupid person”.

45. Jude (Hebrew origin), meaning “praised”.

46. Pedro (Spanish origin), meaning “stone or rock”.

47. Rory (Irish origin), meaning “red haired king”.

48. Scout (American origin) meaning “first explorer”, this would be a cute name for a mule.

49. Skye (Scottish origin), meaning “from the Isle of Skye”.

50. Tai (Vietnamese origin), meaning “talented one”.

Kidadl has lots of great names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for donkey names then why not take a look at these Western horse names, or for something different take a look at these cartoon dog names?

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