85 Eberron Names That Are In Demand For Game Enthusiasts

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The list of Eberron names features Eberron gnome names, Eberron city names, and Eberron drow names.
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Eberron is a magical airship with floating cities and a campaign setting of the Dungeons and Dragons role-playing game that provides a lot of fun with its fantasy tone and steampunk elements.

This famous role-playing game has been a source of entertainment for many years. The game is fun, modern, and cinematic, and has beautifully captured players' imaginations from across the world.

The stories that take place in the world of Eberron are essentially focused on the war-torn continent of Khorvaire. The amazing characters punctuate the whole game with the film noir theme of deception and deceit in the modern age.

Eberron is one of the most popular campaign settings for the highly revered Dungeons and Dragons fantasy game. Dungeons and Dragons is one of the most popular role-playing games, which has a great fan following worldwide. The setting of the Eberron is based mainly on a fictional continent, Khorvaire, followed by a highly destructive war. This popular campaign setting has been developed to take care of the conventional elements of Dungeons and Dragons and the same races but in a distinctly different premise.

Eberron takes care of the fantasy tone with dark elements of adventure and pulp fiction. There are several unconventional fantasy technologies that have also been used in the game to bring the magic. These technologies include skyships, trains, and mechanical beings.

Read on for some of the best Eberron dwarf names and Eberron cyre names. Afterward, check ark tribe names and Changeling names.

Eberron Human Names

Are you looking for some fantastic Eberron human names? Have a look at Eberron human names.

Ari (Hebrew origin), meaning ‘lion’, is a masculine name for Eberron. One of the most impactful Eberron noble house names.

Bellamy (French origin), meaning 'beautiful friend', is a perfect dragon name.

Cruz (Spanish origin), meaning 'cross', is another family-based name followed by a family-based surname (male).

Cyprus (English origin), meaning 'fair', is a good name for fair Dragonborn, dungeons, and dragons.

Devin (Latin origin), meaning 'perfect', is an excellent name for a brass Dragonborn who believes in divine excellence.

Duran (English origin), meaning 'firm' or 'enduring', is another male name for Eberron.

Elro (Hebrew origin) is another stylish name for the dragon who believes God is the true king.

Hagro (African origin), meaning 'not judgemental', is a unique name for Eberron.

Haldron (Scandinavian origin), meaning 'rock or stone', is a perfect name for a strong Eberron.

Jovi (Hebrew and Latin origin) means 'god is gracious father’ and is a cool dragon name.

Norn (Swedish origin), meaning 'fate', is a masculine Eberron name.

Riaan (Indian origin), meaning 'little king', is a powerful and in-demand name among game lovers.

Saal (Arabic origin), meaning 'good and virtuous one', is another perfect name that is not so common.

Sarelo, meaning 'full of life energy' and 'creativity', is a unique name.

Selman (English origin), meaning 'happy and fortunate man', is an ideal name for male Eberron. It is a unique Eberron name that will be followed by a family-based surname male.

Stend (Scottish origin) means 'jump' or 'bound'.

Syro (Lebanese origin) is for those who don’t only have a clever mind but are also creative, versatile, and independent.

Tyman (Greek origin), meaning 'honoring god', is a good Eberron name that will be followed by a family-based surname (male).

Verden (English origin), meaning 'from the green hills', is another unique Eberron name.

Yelfis, meaning 'realism', is a slang name that originated in Australia.

Elf Eberron Names

There is a variety of Eberron's whose names are categorized accordingly. Here are some of the most amazing Elf Eberrons names that you may like.

Alinda (German origin), meaning 'noble shield', is a good name for feminine Eberron.

Alyea (German origin), meaning 'rising', is another good choice for a female dragon.

Asta (Latin origin), meaning 'as bright as star', is a fantastic name for a beautiful Eberron.

Carmilla (Hebrew origin), meaning 'garden' or 'orchard', is a clan name for a dragon who believes in vampires.

Corleone (Latin origin), meaning 'lion heart', is the perfect Dragonborn clan name.

Ebba (German origin), meaning 'strong', is another good choice.

Fidentia (English origin), which means 'confidence', is a nice choice for the dragon who is powerful and brave.

Harika (Arabic origin) implies 'excellent', 'wonderful', and 'beautiful', and is a pleasant name for a female Eberron.

Keket (Egyptian origin), meaning 'mythical goddess of darkness', is a beautiful name.

Laren (Latin origin), meaning 'sweet bat tree', is a symbol of honor and victory, and also a perfect pick for the dragon who never gets defeated.

Lorelea (German origin) means 'the enchantress', and is a perfect female Eberron name.

Maril (Latin origin), meaning 'aggressive', is the perfect name for a female angry dragon.

Maril (Latin origin) means 'shrewd', and it is an amazing name choice.

Narcy (Islamic name), which is the name of a flower, is a fabulous Eberron name choice.

Penti (Latin origin), meaning 'dynamic' and 'restless', is a beautiful Eberron name.

Riki (Japanese origin), meaning 'powerful', is a unique pick for a strong Eberron.

Sanne (German origin) means 'lily', and has Dutch and Hebrew roots.

Sein (Spanish origin), meaning 'innocent', is a perfect pick for an Eberron name.

Syele (German origin) is a good name for dragons having pleasing nature. The name is not commonly used. It is a unique Eberron name that will be followed by a family-based surname (male).

Thiaruc (Sanskrit origin), meaning 'youth', is the perfect choice for young Dragonborn.

Vilina (Indian origin), meaning ‘dedicated’, is a good female name for Eberron.

Wroenna (English origin) is a good choice if you want a unique name. This Eberron name will be followed by a family-based surname male

Eberron names are extremely popular with Dungeons and Dragons players.

Eberron Warforged Names

Are you looking for Eberron warforged names? Some exciting warforged names of D&D Eberrons are suggested below.

Aarakocra is a good name for warforged dragons.

Deva (Hindi origin), meaning 'divine' or 'shining one', is another excellent warforged Eberron name.

Dirk (German origin), meaning 'famous ruler', is an ideal name for a huge dragon.

Eladrin (Latin origin) is a suitable name for warforged dragon who loves freedom.

Fir Bolg (Irish origin), meaning 'bag', is a unique pick for warforged Eberron.

Githyanki (Greek origin) is a tall and thin humanoid in this amazing game with harsh, rugged yellow skin and dark eyes.

Goliath (Hebrew origin), meaning 'exile', is a good name for gentle dragons.

Hobgoblin (Swedish origin), meaning 'to live' or 'a source of fear', is another fantastic warforged dragon name.

Jester (English origin) means 'happy and cheerful', and is a unique pick for warforged Eberron.

Kenku (Japanese origin) is the perfect name for a fictional race of bird-like creatures in the Eberron games.

Kobold (German origin), meaning 'evil spirit', is a good warforged Eberron name.

Leonin (Latin origin) is a name that can be given to a female dragon who is as brave as a lion.

Lizardfolk, meaning ‘silent’, is a different name for a reptile humanoid character in this fantastic Dungeons and Dragons role-playing game.

Loxodon (Greek origin) is the elephantine character in D&D games. The character has a kind, loyal and strong traits.

Orc (English origin), meaning 'Lord', is a suitable name for warforged dragon who believes in god.

Satyr (Greek origin), meaning 'a fertility god', is a unique name for warforged Eberron.

Tabaxi (Nahuatl origin) means 'star'.

Tiefling (German origin) is the name of the humanoid race in the Dungeons and Dragons role-playing game.

Triton (Greek origin), meaning 'god of the sea', is the coolest Eberron name.

Vedalken, meaning 'powerful' and 'calmness', is a famous character in D&D games.

Verdan (American origin), meaning 'rose', is a feminine name for warforged Eberron.

Changeling Names Eberron

The Changeling Eberron names given below can surely blow your mind. The game lovers must have a look at these fantastic name choices.

Arx (Latin origin), meaning 'hidden stronghold', is a good name for Eberron.

Bug (American origin), meaning 'beetle', is the name of an insect. Also, the name suits well on fun-loving and expressive Changeling Eberron.

Buzz (American origin), meaning 'village in the wood' or 'a humming sound', is perfectly fine for a dragon who is always full of energy.

Cipher (English origin), meaning 'a peaceful message', is again a good name for Eberron.

Deaks (Hungarian origin) means 'student', and is a decent name choice for Changeling Eberron.

Enigma (Greek origin) is the name of a dragon that is always mysterious.

Facade (Italian origin) is a name for those dragons who always portray something else.

Jin (Chinese origin), meaning 'bright' and 'beautiful', is a gender-neutral name for Changeling dragons.

Lam (Vietnamese origin), meaning 'forest', is a wonderful name for a Changeling Eberron.

Leatx is a distinctive dragon name that is not frequently used.

Maks (Latin origin), meaning 'great', is another unique name for Eberron.

Meac is a unique name for a female dragon in D&D games.

Naz (Arabic origin), meaning 'proud', is a sweet name for female Changeling Eberron.

Niez, the surname found in the Philippines, is also a twin name of the Changeling Eberron character in this amazing game.

Noors (Arabic origin), meaning 'the divine light', is a blissful name for Changeling Eberron in Dungeons and Dragons games.

Norx is a unique word to choose as a name for Changeling Eberron.

Silhouette (French origin), meaning 'shadow outline', is a fancy and unique pick for warforged Eberron.

Sim (Scottish origin), meaning 'the listener', is an ideal name that suits well on humble Eberron.

Toox, is an unusual Changeling of the famous role-playing game.

Urx is a good male Changeling name of Eberron.

Veneer (German origin), meaning 'providing', is an ideal Changeling Eberron name.

Yug (Hindi origin) is the name of timeless changeling Eberron.

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