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Top 40 Aarakocra Names With Meanings

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Aarakocra is a fictional race from Dungeons and Dragons (D&D).

They are identified as humanoid birds who have their own form of communication. They are also known as bird-men.

Their faces combine features of parrots and eagles and sometimes vultures. Their wings and arms are merged, and they can fly 50 feet in the air at great speed. The Aarakocras usually use combat techniques that involve fighting from above whilst flying. They usually dwell in the mountains and can speak in Auran, Common, and Aarakocra. Their language is beyond human comprehension as it consists mostly of trills and bird calls.

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Aarakocra Names For Boys

Male Aarokocras usually have red, orange, and yellow plumage. Check out this list of male Aarakocra names below.

1. Aera - used for an Aarakocra who can fly high above the clouds.

2. Ak - used to describe a warrior from the Aarakocra race.

3. Allie - a name for someone who is loyal to their allies.

4. Clera - this could be a perfect name for a friendly and cheerful Aarakocra.

5. Duvel - a name for a ruthless warrior.

6. Erirk - this would make a cool name for a warrior boy.

7. Kluck - this would be a cool name for a rogue character.

8. Nevi - a name for someone in a monastery.

9. Olkka -  meaning "holy". It can be used to name the spiritual leader of a tribe.

10. Slash - a name for a godly character.

11. Somi - a great name for an Aarakocran master of flying.

12. Ucia - perfect for a leader or captain of a group.

Aarakocra Names For Girls

In some tribes, females are selected as leaders. They have brown and grey plumage. Check out this list of female Aarakocra names.

13. Alekra - Alekra is the leader of Donakkis, the largest family of Aarakocra.

14. Arc - a good name for a flight warrior.

15. Asharra - the leader of the Kir Sabai monastery.

16. Azra - a great name for your anti-hero.

17. Crus - a good name for someone with a large body.

18. Fury - a fitting name for a fierce female warrior.

19. Flutter - a shaman from Aarakocra city.

20. Kazra- an Aarakocran prisoner of the Feathergale Knights.

21. Peto - the word is derived from a Greek word meaning "fly". This is a cool name for a female flying Master.

22. Syran - this name can mean "a follower of Syranita". Syranita is the deity of the Aarakocra race.

23. Thoma -  a good name for someone with a twin.

24. Yele - a good name for a thief or an anti-hero.

25. Zeed - a name suitable for the eldest member of a tribe.

Top 10 Aarakocra Last Names

(Aarakocra surnames are often named after their characteristics and backgrounds.

Surnames tell us much about these humanoids. Here is a list of the top 10 Aarakocra last names.

26. Amethyst - a good last name of Aarakocra whose lucky gem is Amethyst.

27. Briar - this can be used as the last name for the druids that belong to a mountain of briars (wild rose).

28. Char - this can be used as a last name for warrior Aarakocra.

29. Fliege means "fly". A nice option for a surname.

30. Mist - this can be the last name for warriors hiding in the misty forests.

31. Nightshade - a good choice for someone who can fly in the night.

32. Pyro means "fire" or "heat". This can be a perfect surname for Aarakocras dealing with fire.

33. River - a good name for Aarakocra belonging to a city near the river.

34. Snow - this can be used for the avian humanoid born on a snowy mountain.

35. Swill - a good surname for a constantly hungry Aarakocra.

Top Five Aarakocra Tribe Names

(The Aarakocra tribe names often relate to the places they inhabit.

The Aarakocra live as tribes in high mountain ranges or other high altitude areas. Here is a list of Aarakocra tribe names.

36. Cloud Kins - the Aarakocra that fly high over the clouds.

37. Mage Tribe - the bird-men with magical powers.

38. Mistcliffs - the Aarakocra from the Misty Cliffs.

39. Star Mount Tribe -the Aarakocra from Star Mount Peaks.

40. Storm Clan - the Aarakocra from Storm Horns Mountain Range.

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