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Originally Published on Oct 21, 2020
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Naming your characters can be a difficult decision.

There are multiple things to consider when choosing the perfect name for your character. A fire elemental name could be the perfect choice!

Fire genasi names come from the ever-popular Dungeons and Dragons game. A symbol of immense strength and power, there are a variety of genasi names in the game: fire genasi, earth genasi, air genasi and water genasi names.

Fire genasi are red colored humans and made of elemental fire which emit light. As water genasi are not made of water, it is the same with fire genasi.

They do not have the last names as when they meet any other Genasi, they make them relatives and friends. Here we have put together a list of the best fire elemental names that fans will love and can use as their name generator.

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Trendy Fire Genasi Names For Boys

It is believed that dragons are a symbol of power and strength. Fire Genasi share traits with them and live for around 120 years. Giving Dragonborn names to your character is like blessing them with immense power in life. Thus, we have compiled a list of boy dragon names for your new character.

1.Anguis (Latin America Origin) has name variants like Angus, and it means "excellent strength".

2.Cadmus (Greek origin) means "dragon's teeth".

3.Doryu (is a Buddhism originated genasi name) that means "ways of a dragon".

4.Draco (Italian origin) has variants like Drago, and it means "dragon'".

5.George (is a Christian religion genasi name) that means a "fire-breathing dragon".

6.Irad (is an Israel origin) biblical genasi name that means "an empire dragon".

7.Nidhogg (is a Norwegian genasi name) that denotes dragon, and it means "showing powerful skills".

8.Ryu (is a Japanese origin name) that represents dragons, and it means "fascinating".

9.Tatsuya (is a Japanese origin name) and it means "possessing intelligence or longevity like dragons".

10.Suoh (Japanese origin) means "wealth and abundance, calm and stable or secretive".

Trendy Fire Genasi Names For Girls

Aasimar names are angelic names that you could give your new character. We have listed here fire elemental genasi names for you to choose for your girl character.

11.Arken (is a danish and Swedish origin name) that means "holy".

12.Arsinoe (is a Greek origin name) often used for females representing "women with uplifted minds".

13.Davina (Scottish origin) is a feminine form of David, and it means "to get love".

14.Georgina (name refers to medieval legend) and it means "fire breathing dragon".

15.Fume(Latin origin) and it means "to be very angry".

16.Masozi (is a South African origin name) that means "tears".

17.Rhaenys is a popular name to share from the series Game of Thrones, and it means "genuine and cheerful".

18.Scylla (originated from Greek mythology) and the name shares traits of the dragon monster.

19.Tarasque (is a French originated name) that refers to a "positive and generous girl".

20.Tiamat is an excellent name (originated from Babylonia mythology) and it means "dragons that gave birth to the first of the Gods".

Cool Fire Genasi Names

Fire is an enigmatic element. Fire has connotations of power and danger but also strength and  even cleansing.

The name with the meaning of fire is suitable for a person who is passionate, and could make a difference in the world. Here is the list of popular fire genasi 5e names which are suitable for both boy and girl characters.

21.Aidan (is a Gaelic origin genasi name) after the Celtic God of sun, and it mean "fire".

22.Anala (Indian origin) name means "fiery".

23.Barak (Hebrew origin) is a biblical name that means "something lightning".

24.Baskara (Indonesian origin) means "sun".

25.Calida (is a Latin origin name) for the baby girl that means "heated".

26.Conley is a unisexual (Gaelic origin name) that means "purifying fire".

27.Cyrus is a popularly used (Persian origin name) that means "sun".

28.Electra (Greek origin) refers to the sun, and the name means "charisma or appeal".

29.Ember (is an English origin name) that means "smouldering remains after are extinguishes".

30.Egan (is an Irish origin name) that means "little fire".

31.Garnet (Medieval Latin origin) that means "precious stone".

32.Ignatius (Latin origin name) that is a befitting name for your little one.

33.Kalama (Hawaiian origin) is even a beautiful name means "torch of flame".

34.Mishal (Arabic origin) means "torch bearer".

35.Nomalanga (African origin) means "sunny".

36.Phoenix (Popular Greek origin name) that represents a bird and means "immortal".

37.Seraphina (Hebrew origin name) that means "fiery".

38. Soleil (French origin) means "sun".

39.Titus (Latin origin) means "to burn".

40. Vesta Latin origin means "Roman Goddess of Hearth".

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