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The aasimar are the plane-touched descendants of angelic, human, or good outsider parents from 'Dungeons and Dragons,' a fantasy tabletop role-playing game and 'Pathfinder: Kingmaker'.

The aasimar race is born from the union of a mortal and a half-celestial being. Hence, they look very similar to humans but have minor traits of their unusual ancestry and can be recognized by their unearthly beauty, shining hair, glowing golden halos, and strange eye color.

They are headstrong with confident personalities, are insightful, and are highly perceptive. They have increased power over light and dark and possess the ability to see everything in complete darkness. They also have the power to generate daylight spontaneously. Furthermore, they have a strong resistance to extreme temperatures and corrosive effects.

The name of an aasimar is unique and since they are born half-human, they also have last names. It is also because of their half-human status, a wide number of aasimars are also given human names which are equally beautiful and magical as the beings themselves.

If you are looking for the names of these celestial miraculous beings, look no further. This list has the best Dungeons and Dragons aasimar names.

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Aasimar Names For Girls

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Here's a list of the most beautiful aasimar female names.

1. Ariah (Hebrew origin) meaning "lion of God."

2. Arken (Swedish origin) meaning "holy" or "speed"; the name of a 'Pathfinder' aasimar.

3. Arsinoe (Greek origin) meaning "a woman with an uplifted mind."

4. Davina (Scottish origin) meaning "beloved" or "favorite." It is the name of an aasimar, 'Pathfinder' has.

5. Druscilla (English origin) meaning "fruitful" or "dewy-eyed." It is a human name for a female aasimar.

6. Eretria (Greek origin) meaning "life-giver" or "bringer of love."

7. Flaminia (Latin origin) meaning "a roman priestess." It is a great name for an aasimar warlock.

8. Imogene (English origin) meaning "maiden" or "girl."

9. Ira (Hebrew origin) meaning "watchful warrior."

10. Masozi (Tumbuka origin) meaning "tears."

11. Meredith (Welsh origin) meaning "great lord."

12. Nijena (Old English origin) meaning "blessed with riches" or "war." A great name for an aasimar barbarian.

13. Nira (Hebrew origin) meaning "loom."

14. Ondrea (Slavic origin) meaning "womanly."

15. Rhialla (Fictional origin) meaning "strongest survivor."

16. Saia (Unknown origin) meaning "merciful,  peaceful, kind and, fortunate."

17. Terim (Unknown origin) meaning "harvester."

18. Valeria (Latin origin) meaning  "to be strong."

Aasimar Names For Boys

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Here's a list of the choicest male names for an Aasimar.

19. Cernan (Gaelic origin) meaning "lord"; an unusual aasimar name with a noble meaning.

20. Cronan (Irish origin) meaning "dark." It is a great-sounding name for a fallen aasimar.

21. Eran (Hebrew origin) meaning "roused" or "awakened."

22. Exelsior (Latin origin) meaning “higher” or “more elevated.” it is one of the greatest-sounding aasimar names.

23. Heinrich (German origin) meaning "ruler of the home."

24. Idris (origin) meaning "studious", "smart" or, "to learn."

25. Maël (Celtic origin) meaning "chief" or, "prince." It is a fitting name for an aasimar borne to royalty.

26. Mortimer (English origin) meaning "from the still pond."

27. Tural (Azerbaijani origin) meaning "to be alive." It is a beautiful name with a great meaning.

28. Udolfo (German origin) meaning "noble wolf." A great name for an aasimar ranger.

29. Valerianus (Slavic origin) meaning "strength."

30. Zaigan (Arabic origin) meaning "rich."

Mythological Aasimar Names

Since Aasimars are celestial beings, naming them after mythological character seems fitting. Here's a list of the top names for an Aasimar derived from mythology.

31. Athena (Greek origin) meaning "goddess of wisdom and war."

32. Ares (Greek origin) meaning "the god of war."

33. Apollo (Greek origin) meaning "destroyer" and "god of the sun."

34. Cerebrus (Greek origin) meaning "flesh-devouring."

35. Helios (Greek origin) meaning "sun."

36. Morpheus (Greek origin) meaning "fashioned" and "the god of dreams".

37. Selene (Greek origin) meaning "moon."

38. Tethys (Greek origin) meaning  "grandmother" and "the wife of Oceanus."

39. Terpsechore (Greek origin) meaning "delight in dancing" and "goddess of dance and chorus."

40. Zeus (Greek origin) meaning "god" and "to shine."

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