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A giant monster and a warrior

Firbolgs are feys or semi giants that belong to the world of Dungeons and Dragons.

Firbolgs are as long as 10 feet with an average height consisting of 8 feet and more. While Firbolgs do belong to the category of the Giant, they still carry some unique names.

Firbolgs are derived from Irish myth. They belong to the strong family of Druids, Feys, and other Giants. They live harmoniously with nature in the Woods. They look like giants and strong humans with thick beards, however, Firbolgs generally mistrust humans and other non-giant population.

Firbolgs are honest creatures who believe in the virtue of charity. They do not believe in acknowledgment of the charitable act as it would cancel out its benefits. Firbolgs have a strong hatred of dishonesty.

They consider greed the worst form of vices; they stay aloof from materialism such as money and gold. These semi-giants are extremely confident and courageous.

Firbolgs consider themselves to be the caretakers of the forest. There are myths that firbolgs can vanish at night. It is also said that they can talk to plants and animals.

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Firbolg Male Names

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As a fan of Firbolgs, you might be looking for a name to give your Firbolg. Here is a long list of top male Firbolg names:

1. Aenon - (Greek origin), meaning  "spring" or "natural fountain."

2. Ailill - (Irish origin), meaning  "elf."

3. Artan - (Irish origin), meaning "small bear cub."

4. Brian - (Irish origin), meaning "noble king."

5. Bronagh -(Irish origin), meaning "sadness."

6. Calbhach -(Irish origin), meaning "bold."

7. Donovan - (Irish origin), meaning "child of the unlucky one." It is the name of a Firbolg fighter.

8. Donnacha - (Irish origin), meaning "brown hair warrior." It is the name of one of the famous rugby player.

9. Eoghan - (Gaelic origin), meaning "noble-born".

10. Eoin - (Scottish origin), meaning "God is gracious."

11. Fathach - (Irish origin) meaning "giant".

12. Fionn - (Irish origin), meaning "crystal clear". The name belongs to the central character of Irish mythology. It also means a brave and handsome man.

13. Fergal - (Irish origin), meaning "brave". The name also suggests Valor and courageous.

14. Herren - (German origin), meaning "man."

15. Iskrenost - (Bosnian origin) meaning "honesty".

16. Kilian - (Gaelic origin), meaning "with the faith". There are many saints named Kilian, like Saint Kilian from Ireland.

17. Liam - (Irish origin), meaning "Desired". Liam is also the name of a famous English singer.

18. Lorcan - (Irish origin), meaning "silently fierce".

19. Niall- (Gaelic origin), meaning  "passionate winner". The king of Tara was named after Niall.

20. Oisin - (Irish origin), meaning "great poet". The name belongs to one of the greatest singers of Firbolg mythology.

21. Sean- (Irish origin), meaning "Grace of God".

22. Tiernan - (Irish origin), meaning "small king". The name belonged to one of the famous Irish kings.

23. Wohltätig - (German origin) meaning "charitable".

Firbolg Female Names

Pink D20 dice and blue magic potion bottle from DUngeons and dragons

Firbolgs are respectful to their queen and other women in their group. So, they have come up with many beautiful names for the women:

24. Adara - (Arabic origin), meaning "Virgin". The name of the Firbolg queen is Adara.

25. Aoife -(Gaelic origin), meaning "Joyful". She is the mythological daughter of a Firbolg king. Her name also traces back to Irish origin.

26. Aine - (Irish origin), meaning "Brilliantly radiant". The name belongs to one of the fairy queens of Firbolg.

27. Aoibheann - (Gaelic Origin), meaning "small eve". The name suggests the most beautiful lady in the Firbolg world.

28. Cara - (Irish origin), meaning "best friend".

29. Catlee - (Gaelic origin), meaning "pure".

30. Clodagh - (Irish origin), meaning "female Goddess". There is an Irish river connected with the legendary name.

31. Eabha - (Gaelic origin), meaning "the first woman". The name belongs to the first mother of the Firbolgs.

32. Eilish - (Irish origin), meaning "God's gift". The surname of an American pop star Billie Eilish. The Firbolg name for eyelash.

33. Fiadh - (Irish origin), meaning "from the forest". The name suggests the forest Goddess.

34. Fia- (Spanish origin), meaning "Weaver". Firbolg name for the weaver of dreams.

35. Grainne- (Irish origin), meaning "grain".

36. Izzet- (French origin), meaning "fair woman". It is the Firbolg term for white or clear.

37. Kera- (Gaelic origin), meaning "dark hair".

38. Maeve- (Irish origin), meaning "one who intoxicates".

39. Moira- (Greek origin), meaning "fate". The three greek Goddesses of fate are named Moira.

40. Mona- (Italian origin), meaning "lady".

41. Niala- (Irish origin), meaning "beautiful". The name belongs to the Firbolg forest wife.

42. Saoirse- (Irish origin), meaning "freedom".

43. Slaine- (Gaelic origin), meaning "health".

44. Velika - (Croatian origin), meaning "big".

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