100 Halfling Names For Your Dungeons & Dragons Character

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Why Halflings Names?

Halflings are a fictional race of small humanoids in the fantasy role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons. They are typically portrayed as about 3 ft tall, with curly hair, a love of good food, and comfortable living.

They are known for their agility and stealth and are often portrayed as skilled thieves or rogues. They are also known for their outgoing and friendly personalities and are typically depicted as loyal friends and allies.

In D&D 5th edition, halflings are described as a small and agile race with a natural inclination for thievery and trickery.

They are also known for their strong sense of community and their love of hearth and home. Halflings in Dungeons & Dragons are often given specific names to reflect their small size, friendly personalities, and close-knit communities.

Halfling names are often chosen to reflect their culture, often depicted as rural, agricultural, and based on small family units. The names are often inspired by nature and usually have a friendly, folksy, or rustic sound.

Female Halfling Names

Dungeons and Dragons game characters

1. Adaldrida

2. Alora

3. Amaryllis

4. Andry

5. Berylla

6. Bree

7. Callie

8. Charmaine

9. Cora

10. Eglantine

11. Euphemia

12. Gelvira

13. Hilda

14. Jillian

15. Kithri

16. Lavinia

17. Lidda

18. Linzy

19. Mazzy

20. Merla

21. Merry

22. Mirabella

23. Nedda

24. Paela

25. Pansy

26. Portia

27. Sebille

28. Seraphina

29. Shaena

30. Trym

31. Vani

32. Verna

33. Yana

Male Halfling Names

Hand over board game.

34. Adalgrim

35. Adelard

36. Adric

37. Bilbo

38. Bill

39. Cotman

40. Drogo

41. Dudo

42. Eder

43. Eldon

44. Fassbinder

45. Frodo

46. Largo

47. Montaron

48. Peregrin

49. Regis

50. Rorimac

51. Rufus

52. Alton

53. Ander

54. Cade

55. Corrin

56. Eldon

57. Errich

58. Finnan

59. Garret

60. Lindal

61. Lyle

62. Merric

63. Milo

64. Osborn

65. Perrin

66. Reed

67. Roscoe

68. Wellby

Gender Neutral Halfling Names

69. Belwyse

70. Drew

71. Fay

72. Idrees

73. Jordyn

74. Kelsys

75. Kerry

76. Noah

77. Pat

78. Rael

79. Serafen

80. Teagan

Halfling Family Names

81. Brushgather

82. Burrowfoot

83. Goodbarrel

84. Greenbottle

85. Halfpenny

86. High-hill

87. Hilltopple

88. Leagallow

89. Lightfoot

90. Longbeard

91. Redbeard

92. Shorbeard

93. Tealeaf

94. Thorngage

95. Tosscobble

96. Tumblefoot

97. Underbough

98. Whistlefoot

99. Willowbreeze

100. Windwhistle


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