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40+ Eccentrically Electric Names For Your Baby

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Why Electric Names For Your Baby

The most troublesome task for any parent is ensuring everything is finalized before the arrival of their baby. Many friends and family members are eager to help you with name options for your child, but as a parent, it's your responsibility to name your baby, which means something to them and you. Integrity, concern for others, humor, kindness, and impartiality, are characteristics of an electric personality. Names associated with electricity can also be a great idea. For example, names meaning lighting have a unique symbolism. The bolt of lightning is a traditional symbol of sudden illumination and the destruction of ignorance; it also represents a punishment of humans by the gods from the skies, most commonly attributed to Zeus, king of the gods. Electric names stand out from the crowd and can give your children a confidence boost once they understand the meaning.

Electric Names For Girls

Giving your baby girl an electrifying name will help build her character.

When your girl was born she brought joy, happiness, and new energy to your life. Just like these electricity synonyms names that are meant to describe your little bundle of joy. We hope that you like our name ideas.

1. Aashini (Indian origin) meaning "lightning". This electric name is quite rarely heard.

2. Adhira (Indian origin) meaning "lighting". This electric name is simple and beautiful.

3. Anoushka (Indian origin) meaning "lightning". This electric name is unique and sweet for a baby girl.

4. Anubha (Indian origin) meaning "lightning". This electric name is one of the electrically inspired for baby girls.

5. Brisa (Spanish origin) meaning "breeze". This electric name can be taken as a synonym for electricity.

6. Bronte ( Greek origin) meaning "the sound of the thunder".

7. Damini (Indian origin) meaning "spark" or "lightning".

8. Ember (English origin) means "spark".

9. Gamma (Greek origin) meaning "electromagnetic radiation".

10. Helia (Greek origin) This electric name means "sun" or "shining light".

11. Levina (Latin origin) meaning "flash of lightning".

12. Lumi (Finnish origin) means "glowing".

13. Maizy (Native American origin) means "sparkling and shining".

14. Megan (Welsh origin) meaning "pearl" or "sparkling one". Famous name bearer: actress Meghan Markle.

15. Pazima (Zulu origin) meaning "thunder and lightening".

16. Raeden (Japanese origin) meaning "thunder" or "lightning".

17. Shaika (Arabic origin) means "sparkling".

18. Tien-Mu (Chinese origin) meaning "lightning".

19. Veton (Albanian origin) means "lightning".

20. Vidhyasri (Indian origin) meaning "electricity".

Electric Names For Boys

Electricity starts a feeling of fervour and charges that you might need to empower in your new child's life.

21. Adraksh (Indian origin ) an electric name meaning "lightning".

22. Adad (Arabic origin) an electric name meaning "thunder".

23. Airavat (Indian origin) this electric name means "the king of lighting". The name is also for the elephant of the Hindu deity Indra.

24. Aksaja ( Indian origin) an electric name meaning "flash of lightning".

25. Barak (Hebrew origin) this electric name means "lightning".

26. Bolt (American origin) this electric name means "a stroke of lightning".

27. Brontan (Greek origin) this electric name means "thunder".

28. Capala (Indian origin) meaning "swift" or "lightning"

29. Catequil (Incan origin) meaning "God of thunder and lightning".

30. Cerano (Greek origin) this electric name means "thunder".

31. Coal (English origin) this electric name means "strength" or "power".

32. Donaron (German origin) meaning "thunder".

33. Gale (English origin) meaning "sea storm". This is one of the best names in the list of names that refer to electric power.

34. Hadad (Hebrew origin) meaning "thunder". It is also the name of the Akkadian God of rain and storms.

35. Mellan (Irish origin) meaning "little lightning". The name is very popular in the cultures of Ireland.

36. Payleg (Armenian origin) is one of the names that mean "lightning".

37. Ramman (Indian origin) this electric name means "the thundering one".

38. Sulien ( Welsh origin) this electric name means "sun born" or "powered".

39. Vidhut (Indian origin) one of the best names meaning "electricity".

40. Vidyul (Indian origin) "lightning".

Gender Neutral Electric Names

41. Asterope (Greek Origin) means "lightning". 

42. Casey (Irish origin) meaning "lightning" or "vigilant".

43. Capala (Hindi Origin) means "lightning".

44. Chibi (Japanese origin" meaning "electrifying" or "tiny one". The name also refers to lightning in Japanese.

46. Kutsa (Indian Origin) means "lightning". Though it may sound like a boys' name it will also make a feminine name for your little girl.

47. Mellan (Irish Origin) "little lightning".

48. Munja (Croatian Origin) means "lightning bolt".

49. Raicho (Japanese Origin) meaning "thunderbird".

50. Toril (Norse Origin) represents "Thor's battle" or "thunder".

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