81 Electrifying Names Meaning Lightning, Storm, And Air

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Originally Published on Oct 09, 2020
names that are lightning and powerful

Lightning sparks a sense of excitement that you may want to encourage in your new baby's life.

Baby names that mean lightning, thunder, storm, wind, or anything related to the weather can drastically heighten their sense of adventure and love for the elements. So why not give a name meaning lightning to your new baby boy or girl?

Start your search now for the best elemental boy and girl names that you will love. And, if you are looking for more weather inspired names take a look at our lists of the best names that mean sun and the best names meaning night.

Girl Names That Mean Lightning

Plenty of weather names exist for your baby girl representing lightning, which will you choose?

1.Aashni (Hindi Origin) one of the female names that mean "lightning"

2.Adhira (Sanskrit Origin) meaning "divine white lightning"

3.Damini (Hindi Origin) meaning "lightning"

4.Elektra (Greek Origin) means "amber" or "incandescent". If you're looking for electric names, or names that mean lightning, this one should strike your fancy.

5.Kaminari (Japanese Origin) word for "thunder"

6.Levina (Latin Origin) one of the female names that mean "lightning thunderbolt"

7.Lyn (Norwegian Origin) means "lightning" in Norwegian

8.Thora (Scandinavian Origin) name meaning "thunder". Thora was the Goddess of Thunder.

Boy Names Meaning Thunder Or Lightning

A range of baby names that means thunder or lightning.

Baby names that mean thunder names that mean lightning are great for a boy.

9.Barak (Hebrew Origin) meaning "flash of lightning"

10.Donar (Scandinavian Origin) the name of the God of Thunder

11.Donner (German Origin) means "thunder" in the German language

12.Foudre (French Origin) name meaning "lightning"

13.Perun (Slavic Origin) this name means "thunder", but Slavic mythology saw him as the God of lightning

14.Petir (Indonesian Origin) word for "lightning"

15.Rai (Japanese Origin) means "lightning" and "thunder"

16.Raiden (Japanese Origin) means "God spirit", but is also one of the names that mean lightning or thunder

17.Ramiel (Hebrew Origin) name meaning the "thunder of God"

18.Thor (Scandinavian Origin) meaning "thunder". Thor was the old Norse God of Thunder.

19.Torben (Danish Origin) name meaning "thunder bear"

20.Trueno (Spanish Origin) means "thunder" in Spanish

Non-Binary Names Meaning Lightning

Find unisex lightning names for your child to give them a unique moniker.

21.Asterope (Greek Origin) meaning "lightning". This originally female-based name can be used for a male also.

22.Bronte (Greek Origin) meaning "thunder". It's often used as a girls' name but can also be used as a unisex option.

23.Capala (Hindi Origin) one of the many names that mean "lightning", but can also translate to "swift"

24.Kutsa (Indian Origin) another of the names that mean "lightning". It's typically a boys' name but the ending 'a' makes it sound feminine if you wish to use it for a little girl.

25.Mellan (Irish Origin) "little lightning". This boys' name sounds good for a female as well.

26.Munja (Croatian Origin) means "lightning bolt" in Croatian

27.Raicho (Japanese Origin) meaning "thunderbird"

28.Toril (Norse Origin) represents "Thor's battle" or "thunder"

Girls' Names That Mean Storm

Storms have a greater purpose -- just as your daughter with a strong name will.

29.Aella (Greek Origin) name meaning "storm wind" or "whirlwind"

30.Alizeh (Persian Origin) this name means "wind", strong winds can be part of a storm

31.Arashi (Japanese Origin) meaning "storm"

32.Asifah (Arabic Origin) a female Arabic name meaning "storm" or "hurricane"

33.Audra (Lithuanian Origin) represents a "storm" or "noble strength"

34.Stormie (English Origin) name meaning "tempest". This weather name refers to a "violent and windy storm".

35.Tempest (English Origin) represents a windy and violent storm

36.Tormenta (Spanish Origin) translates to "thunderstorm"

37.Tufani (African Origin) means "stormy"

Boy Names Meaning Storm

Search for a stormy name that represents the beauty of your son.

38.Corentin (French Origin) name meaning"tempest" or "hurricane"

39.Fujin (Japanese Origin) the name of the God of wind

40.Guthrie (Gaelic Origin) name meaning "windy place"

41.Hadad (Arabic Origin) the name of a storm God

42.Hanish (Hindu Origin)  meaning "forewarner of storms"

43.Styrmir (Old Norse Origin) meaning "to storm"

44.Wyndham (English Origin) meaning "from the windy village"

45.Zeus (Greek Origin) doesn't quite mean storm, but "sky" and "thunder." In Greek mythology he is the highest God.

46.Zryan (Islamic Origin) is one of many boys' names that mean "storm"

Non-Binary Storm Names

The strength of a stormy unisex name can give your child the toughness they need to succeed in life.

47.Dorrin (Irish Origin) meaning "tempest" or "sullen weather"

48.Ermir (Albania Origin) name meaning "good wind". It's traditionally a boys' name but the sound works for a female as well.

49.Freyr (Old Norse Origin) the name of the "God of weather"

50.Gale (English Origin) representing the strong force of winds

51.Jupiter (Latin Origin) this is the name of the Roman God of weather, sky, and lightning

52.Saar (Hebrew Origin) name meaning "storm"

Girl Names That Mean Rain

Girls with names that mean rain are sweet-natured.

A gentle rain can bring a peaceful calm, just as a name with the meaning can represent your serene sweetie.

53.Amaya (Hindu Origin) one of the female names that mean "light rain"

54.Ame (Japanese Origin) word for "rain"

55.Jora (Hebrew Origin) name meaning "autumn rain"

56.Kisa (Croatia Origin) means "rain" in Croatian

57.Lluvia (Spanish Origin) translates to "rain"

58.Noelani (Hawaiian Origin) meaning "heavenly mist"

59.Shaoni (Indian Origin) a baby name meaning "monsoon"

60.Talia (Hebrew Origin) a name meaning "dew of Heaven"

61.Varsha (Sanskrit Origin) name meaning "rainy season"

62.Varisha (Hindu Origin) representing "rain"

Boy Names Meaning Rain

A name that means rain could be perfect for your new son.

63.Bengy (English Origin) meaning "threatening rain"

64.Dalfon (Hebrew Origin) meaning "raindrop"

65.Iravat (Hindu Origin) a name meaning "rain clouds"

66.Zenebe (African Origin) a beautiful name meaning "raining"

Non-Binary Names Representing Rain

Why don't you shower your child with a unisex name representing rain?

67.Indra (Indian Origin) meaning "possessor of rain drops". Indra is the God of sky and rain.

68.Rain (American Origin) meaning "blessings from above"

69.Reeham (Arabic Origin) means "light rain". This Arabic name is intended for a girl but could be used as a boys' name as well.

70.Regen (German Origin) means "rain" in German

71.Sade (Finnish Origin) means "rain" - (Pronounced Sah-day)

72.Tal (Hebrew Origin) meaning "dew"

73.Ulan (Philippine Origin) means "rain" in Tagalog

74.Uteki (Japanese Origin) a beautiful name meaning "raindrops"

Other Unique Names Inspired By Weather

If you still haven't found what you're looking for, get inspired by some other weather words that make unique names for your little boy or girl.

75.Breeze (English Origin) the name for "a light wind" isn't fully representative of a storm, but it's still a cute option

76.Cirrus (Latin Origin) meaning "a wispy cloud"

77.Cumulus (English Origin) meaning "a puffy cloud"

78.Haze (English Origin) describes when dust or smoke obscure the sky

79.Misty (American Origin) "covered in mist"

80.Snow (English Origin) meaning "frozen ice crystals"

81.Stratus (English Origin) the word for "low-level clouds"

Kidadl has lots of great baby names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for baby names that mean lightning, storm and rain then why not take a look at these baby names that mean wind, sky and air, or for something different take a look at these one syllable names for boys.

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