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100 Excellent Boys Names Beginning With E

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Expecting a blue bundle of joy?

From traditional names to something a bit more exotic, find our favourite baby boys names beginning with e listed here.  Whether you're expecting or haven't decided on your newborn boy's name starting with e, here's 100 names to consider.

From Edward and Edwin to Ethan, Eban and Ezekial and everything in between, you can find baby names from around the world, short names, strong names and lots more!

Strong names

Names that convey strength and power - even if your baby is just a tiny little newborn!

1 Egon (German origin) means "strong with a sword".

2 Emeric (Popular in France) means "power".

3 Ethan (Hebrew origin) means "strong and firm".

4 Evander (Scottish origin) means "bow warrior and strong man". Nice if you like Evan but need a different variation.

5 Everett (English and German origin) means "brave like a wild boar". 

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Biblical names

We've found some classic and some more unusual names that have their origins in the Bible.

6 Eder (Hebrew origin) means ''flock''. The biblical tower of Eder was where shepherds watcher their flocks.

7 Elam (Hebrew origin)  means ''forever''. Elam was one of the five sons of Noah's son Shem.

8 Eli (Hebrew origin) means “high.”  Eli was a high priest and he was the last judge of Israel.

9 Elijah (Hebrew origin) means ''Jehovah is God''. Elijah was a prophet who went to heaven.

10 Emmanuel (Hebrew origin) means ''God is with us''.

11 Enos/Enosh (Hebrew origin) means ''mortal man''.

12 Ephraim (Hebrew origin) means ''bring fruitful''.

13 Ephron (Hebrew origin) means ''doubly fruitful''.

14 Esau (Hebrew origin) means ''hairy'' or ''rough''.

15 Ethan (Hebrew origin) means ''firm, enduring, strong and long-lived.''.

16 Ezekiel (Hebrew origin) means“to strengthen''.

17 Ezra (Hebrew origin) means ''help''.

Names from around the world

Looking for a bit of charm?

18 Eduardo (Spanish origin) means ''wealthy guardian''.

19 Elroy (French origin) means ''the king''

20 Etienne (French origin) means ''the crown''. It's the French form of Stephen.

21 Elliotte (Hebrew origin) means ''God''

22 Eissa (Arabic origin) is the Arabic form of Jesus.

23 Elio (Spanish origin)means ''the sun''

24 Emilien (French origin) means "friendly".

Olde English

Classic names with a historic connection.

25 Earl (Old English origin)  comes from the aristocratic title.

26 Edmond (Old English origin) means ''prosperous protector''.

27  Edward (Anglo Saxon origin) means ''wealth, fortune, prosperous, guardian, protector".

28 Ed (Anglo Saxon origin) shortened nickname of Edward.

29 Eddie (Anglo Saxon origin) Pet form of Edward.

30 Eldon (Old English origin) comes from the place in Durham.

31 Elmer (Old English origin) means ''old and noble''.

32 Emerson (Old English origin) means ''son of Emery''.

33 Ellery (Old English origin) means ''alder tree''.

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Famous names

Great hopes for your baby boy? Name them after someone famous!

34 Elon (Hebrew origin) means "tree" or "oak tree". Most famous today for eccentric billionaire Elon Musk.

35 Emilio (Italian origin) means ''to strive or excel''. Emilio Estevez has excelled in his acting career.

36 Elton (Old English origin) is a common place name, probably from the Old English name Ella or Elli, and  'tun', which means 'enclosure', or 'settlement'. Made famous by the Rocket Man himself, Elton John.

37 Elvis (Scandinavian origin) means 'all wise''. Made famous by Elvis Presley and less so by Elvis Costello.

38 Eric/Erik (Scandinavian origin) means ''ever ruler''. Simon Cowell's young son is called Eric and comedician Eric Morecambe was one half of double at Morecambe and wise. And then there's football Eric Cantona...

39 Errol (English origin) means ''boarwolf''. Maybe your baby will be be in movies like swashbuckling actor Errol Flynn.

Short names

If you have a long or double-barrelled surname, teaming it with a shorter first name will ensure your son can always fit his name on forms!

40 Ean (Scottish origin) means ''God Is Gracious''. Another form of Ian, Manx form of John.

41 Eden (Hebrew origin) means ''delight''. Unisex name.

42 Elan (Native American origin) means ''friendly''.

42 Eli (Hebrew origin) means ''height''. Also diminutive form of Elijah

43 Emer (Irish origin) means ''swift''.

44 Emil (Latin origin) means ''rival''.

45 Enzo (Italian origin) means ''winner''. Italian form of Henry and nickname for Lorenzo

46 Eron (Hebrew origin) means ''peace and enlightened''.

47 Eros (Green origin) means ''god of love''.

48 Evan (Welsh origin) means ''youth, young warrior and right-handed''. Welsh form of John.

49 Ewan (Scottish origin) means ''born of the mountain''.

50 Edgar (Anglo Saxon origin) means ''prosperous, rich and spear''.

51 Edric (English origin) means ''prosperous ruler''.

52 Edwin (Old English origin) means ''rich friend''.

53 Ellis (English origin) means the lord if my god''.

54  Elvin (English origin) means ''elf friend or noble friend''.

Names to make you stand out

These names are either quite trendy, or so old that they are making a comeback!

55 Early (Anglo-Saxon origin) means ''manly''.

56 Easten (Scottish and English origin) comes from surname meaning ''from the east''.

57 Eastman (Anglo-Saxon) means ''of grace or favourable protection''.

58 Easton  (Scottish and English origin) means ''to the east of a settlement''.

59 Eban (Hebrew origin) means ''stone, rock''.

60 Ebenezer (Hebrew origin)  means ''stone ofthe help''.

61 Eberhard (German origin) means ''strength or courage of a wild boar''.

62 Ebo (Egyptian origin) means ''born on Tuesday''.

63 Echlin (Scottish origin) from Echline in West Lothian, a ''deep pool where horses drank''.

64 Echo (Green origin) means ''reverberating sound''.

65 Eddo (German origin) means ''guardian of wealth''.

66 Edmund (Old English origin) means ''rich protector''.

67 Edo (German origin) means ''rich guard''. German form of Edward.

68 Edison (Old English) means ''son of Edward''.

69 Edson (Old English) means ''son of Edward''.

70 Egerton (Old English) from the town in Cheshire.

71 Egbert (German origin) means ''bright edge of a sword''.

72  Ehab (Muslim origin) means ''gift''.

73 Ekbert (German origin) means ''bright edge of a sword''. Variant of Egbert.

74 Ekke (Finnish origin) means ''weapon's tip''.

75 Elangelo (Zulu origin) means ''angel''.

76 Elbert (English origin) means ''noble and bright''. variant of Albert.

77 Eldridge (German origin) mans ''godly, mature counsellor''.

78 Elf (German origin) means ''white being''.

79 Elian (Hebrew origin) means ''God's help''.

80 Elias (Hebrew origin) means ''strong and charismatic''.

81 Elmo (Greek origin) means ''beloved''.

82 Elvar (Scandinavian origin) means ''rivers''.

83 Emmett (English origin) means ''universal''.

84 Emmitt (English origin) means ''universal''. Older variant of Emmett.

85 Emperor (Latin origin) means ''commander''.

86 Enoch (Hebrew origin) means ''dedicated''.

87 Eoin (Gaelic origin) means ''God is gracious''. Variant of John.

88 Ephron (Hebrew origin) means ''dust''.

89 Erasmo (Greek origin) means ''to love''.

90 Erskine (Scottish origin) means ''high cliff''.

91 Erwin (Old English origin) means ''boar friend''.

92 Eshaan (Arabic origin) means ''worthy''

93 Esteban (Greek origin) means ''crown''.

94 Eteocles (Greek origin) means ''truly glorious''.

95 Ettienne (French origin) means ''the crown''.

96 Ernest (German origin) means ''sincere''.

97  Ernesto (Old German origin) means ''serious''

98 Eugene (Greek origin) means ''well born, noble''.

99 Everard (Old English origin) means ''strong boar''.

100 Exton (English origin) means ''on the River Exe''.

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