109 Exotic Cat Names For Your Little Fur Ball

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Originally Published on May 11, 2022
List of exotic cat names is inspired by Indian, African, Spanish, Persian, Egyptian, and Arabic cultures.
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Are you one of the cat persons looking for stylish and unique exotic cat names for your little furry companion?

Whether you have a girl kitten or a boy kitten, the name of your feline friend should be the word that defines its character the best. Exotic big cat names, as well as exotic warrior cat names, are the most preferred options when it comes to bringing forth the beauty of your kitties.

Kitties do not show the wild character like their bigger cousins. So, you must select names that reflect its friendly nature. Whether you are a cool girl or a wild male, you got to make the choice that your feline friend will live with for your entire life.

Surfed the internet finding exotic cat names for your furry little cat and not find anything you like that much? Then don’t worry, we've got you covered. We have listed below some of the exotic cat names you can choose from for your little companion. 

Exotic Female Cat Names

Finding the perfect exotic cat name for your kitten that matches the personality of your furry companion can be a challenging task. Here are some of the most exotic female cat names you can consider when naming the hero of your home. 

Akira (Japanese origin), meaning ‘bright’ is a gender-neutral name, so you can keep it for both your male and female cat. 

Amorita (Latin origin), meaning ‘dearly loved’ is one of the most loved exotic cat names.

Artemis (Greek origin), meaning ‘butcher’ also happens to be a gender-neutral name. In Greek mythology, Artemis is the daughter of Leto and Zeus. 

Carina (Spanish origin), meaning ‘beloved’ is one of the traditional exotic cat names for female cat babies. In Italian, the name also means ‘dear’. 

Ekaterina (Russian origin), meaning ‘pure’ is a commonly used name in the US and Russia. 

Farfalle (Italian origin), meaning ‘bow tie paste’ is food-related. But the ‘e’ at the end of the word makes the name feminine, which means butterflies. 

Freya (Danish origin), meaning ‘noble women’ also happens to be the name of the female Norse goddess of love, beauty, and fertility. This name has roots in Norse mythology. A great name for a wild kitten.

Grizebella (American origin), meaning ‘cat’ actually comes from T.S Elliot's ‘Old Possum Book Of Practical Cats'.

Ivana (Slavic origin), meaning ‘gift from god’ also means very small, precious, and a gift from the heavens. 

Modella (Western origin), means a being who poses stylishly for photos and pictures. 

Moscato (Italian origin), meaning ‘musk’, you can keep this exotic cat name for your cat if you are fond of the way your wild kitten smells. 

Onyx (Greek origin), meaning ‘nail or claw’ has a history of about 1200 years. It represents immense power, loyalty, and protection, and goes perfect for your cat. 

Ora (Spanish origin), meaning ‘prayer’ also happens to be the short form of the name Oracion. 

Sabrina (Celtic origin), meaning ‘from the river of seven’ also has its roots in Arabic, the root ‘saber’ meaning patience. 

Tahini (Turkish origin), meaning ‘to grind’ is the word for the smooth paste of sesame seeds. It is an exotic Middle Eastern name. 

Thalia (Greek origin), meaning ‘to blossom or flourish’ has extensive significance in Greek mythology. 

Ursula (Latin origin), meaning ‘bear’ is one of the popular female names you can find anywhere. For your cat, it could be the nickname for the word little bear. 

Zuri (Swahili origin), meaning ‘beautiful and good’ is the most extensively used name among African-Americans. It also makes up for exotic cat names. 

Exotic Male Cat Names

Keeping a name for your animal means everything, it signifies their personality and your personality as well as the pet owner. Alas, finding the perfect name for your male four-legged furball is indeed not an easy job. So to make the job easier for you, here are some exotic male cat names listed below. 

Asher (Hebrew origin), meaning ‘happy or blessed’ is one of the important names in this language, and if you think your cat is a happy-go-lucky guy then it is the perfect name. 

Augustus (Greek origin), means ‘majestic’. We know that history features famous people who were named Augustus. But is that all there is? As you can see, the name also means something sublime and powerful.

Axel (Germanic origin), meaning ‘father of peace’ is a fancy name for someone who likes peace. It is also the simplified name for Axelsson and Axelsen. 

Balthazar (Akkadian origin), meaning ‘Bel protects the king’ is one of the most powerful names you can find for your precious cat. 

Hans (German origin), meaning ‘gracious’ simply means God is gracious. 

Hermes (Greek origin), meaning ‘speed’ in a simple sentence, suits a speedy pet cat best. 

Jett (English origin), means ‘black’. If your cat has black fur and bright eyes, consider this exotic name for your black cat. 

Juno (Latin origin), meaning ‘youth’ was also the name of a Roman goddess but it suits best as both male and female cat names. 

Lazarus (Hebrew origin), meaning ‘the undead’ signifies being raised from the dead. Sounds exotic and chilling at the same time. 

Legolas (Tolkienian origin), meaning ‘green leaves comes from the invented language of JRR Tolkien. It comes from the language of Sindarin. 

Mozart (Germanic origin), meaning ‘bog and march’, is the name of the famous composer. Mozart is well known in the world, and the name also sounds exotic, doesn’t it?

Rasputin (Russian origin), means ‘rebirth through sin’. You could name your exotic cat after the famous Russian prognosticator. 

Rocco (Italian origin), meaning ‘rest’, as you can hear the name sounds rough with the tongue, it is a simple word for rest and sleep. 

Sabre (French origin), meaning ‘sword’ is ferocious as it also represents a certain sense of sharpness which can be a suitable name for your blue-eyed cat. 

Samurai (Japanese origin), meaning ‘a military retainer’ is another awesome name for your cat. Owing to their sharp claws, this will be the perfect name for them. 

Simba (African origin), meaning ‘lion’ comes from the Swahili language and it is one of the most famous of the lot, mainly due to the lion in the movie 'Lion King'. 

Soren (Danish origin), meaning ‘thunder’ is a powerful name, so make sure your cat knows how ferocious and cute it is. 

Ulrich (Russian origin), means ‘wolf’. Cats, although not powerful as wolves, possess the same ferocity as them. 

Verdun (French origin), meaning ‘fortress’ is a good name for cats who have tortoise shells as the name also suggests green color. 

Zappa (Italian name), meaning ‘hoe, mattock’ is a common family name and it also happens to be gender-neutral.

Indian names will certainly sound good on your white cat.

Exoctic Warrior Cat Names

If you are a cat owner then you must have realized that your four-legged furry friend is a warrior. So, it only makes sense that you keep a fun and warrior-like name for your furry friend. If you are confused about what to call your warrior cat, then the list below is for you. Come on, let's dive in! 

Dita (Czech origin), meaning ‘happy fighting’ is the most unique name, cats have often been disguised as fighters, and what's better than calling your precious cute friend, Dita. 

Fang (High German origin), meaning ‘catch and enclosure’ is one of the most ferocious names you can call your cat. As fang also means venom, it has all the warrior name qualities. 

Hercules (Greek origin), meaning ‘stong’ was the symbol of immense strength, so this ancient name must be kept aside for the powerful cats. 

Jupiter (Greek origin), means ‘God of War’. Yes, you heard it right, Jupiter was the God of War in Greek mythology. Warrior and God it is a deadly combination!

Kali (Indian origin), meaning ‘black and divine’ in Hindu mythology. Kali who was a goddess was the goddess of immense anger and power. 

Kameko (Japanese origin), means ‘superior’. Believe it or not, most often than not, cats think they are superior to us in many ways. So, give them the validation and call them Kameko. 

Katana (Japanese origin), meaning ‘sword’ is a great name you could consider for your female cat. 

Lancelot (French origin), means ‘servant’. But did you know? Lancelot also happened to be the name of one of King Arthur's soldiers. 

Napoleon (French origin), as you know, Napoleon is one of the strongest people in ancient history. So, what are you waiting for? Keep this name for your wild cat!

Ninja (Japanese origin), meaning ‘warrior’. Yes, we too think it is a perfect name for your dark cat, those furry little beings are ninjas in a way if you think about it. 

Olympia (Greek origin), meaning ‘Mount Olympus’ sounds fancy just like every other Greek name, it also denotes a sense of warrior. 

Raptor (American origin), has no meaning. Raptor is a dinosaur, a very great name indeed, so good hunting cats can be named after them. 

Samurai (Japanese origin), means warrior or a fighter who fights for the Japanese military. They are powerfully trained soldiers and it only makes more sense that you consider this name for your cat. 

Ugo (Nigerian origin), means ‘eagles’. Eagles are badass creatures, they hunt, they provide and they always stay alert. Sounds similar to warrior qualities, right? Then go for it. 

Xander (Greek origin), is a short form for the name Alexander. Naming your cat after the world’s most successful conqueror makes sense, right?

Zeus (Greek origin), meaning ‘sky, shine’, but do not get fooled by the bright happy name. Zeus is one of the most powerful gods in Greek mythology. 

Exotic Shorthair Cat Names

Short hair cats are considered to be one of the cutest cat breeds in the world. They are much loved in the human community. Since they possess distinct personalities from one another, you must select a rather beautiful and exotic cat name. In the list below, we have provided some of the fun and exotic cat names for your short hair buddy. 

Ajax (Western origin), meaning ‘a white knight’ goes perfectly well for a white cat with bright white-haired fur, what say?

Donovan (Russian origin), means ‘dark’. If your short-haired buddy has jet black-colored fur, then it is the perfect name. 

Egon (German origin), meaning ‘strong with a sword’ is one of the most selected names for animals, do give it a try. 

Nemo (Western origin), has no specific meaning. The name derives its origin from a science fiction novel, known as ‘Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea’. 

Noah (Hebrew origin), meaning ‘comfort and rest’ is a beautiful name to keep for your short-haired cat. It is also considered to be a masculine name. 

Rai (Western origin), means ‘storm’. Do consider this exotic cat name.

Rudy (Western origin), meaning ‘Rudolf’ is the short form of Rudolph. 

Scooter (English origin), meaning ‘crazy cool cat’ is one of the most loved exotic cat names. 

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