101 Fantastic Boys' Names Beginning With F

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Originally Published on Jul 21, 2020
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Whether you're on a search for traditional baby boy names like Frederick, or want to find a unique baby name that no-one else in the class will have, this list of boys' names beginning with F has plenty of choices.

There are so many fabulous baby boy names out there to find, even when you narrow it down to the ones that start with F, there are still hundreds to search through. We've pulled together a  baby name list with 101 of our favourites to help on your name search.

We won't lie, the first name we came up with in our search was the classic Freddie. Frederick, its nicknames and alternate language versions are so popular they've even made it to far-flung places like Hawaii, which spells it Peleke. But you can find far more baby boy names beginning with F than just Frederick and Francis. From old-fashioned Latin baby names like Fabius to popular contemporary boys' names like Finley, a quick search will show endless choices.

Every family will have its own ideas about what makes a good baby name, and for many parents, the search can take a while. After all, it's a big decision. We hope that this list will remind you of some classic boys' names you might have forgotten about, or even introduce you to a brand new baby name you hadn't heard before. Either way, it should help your family on the search.

Classic Boys' Names Beginning With F

No searching is needed to come up with these boys' names. These are the first names that come to mind when we think of baby names starting with F.

1. Fergal (Scottish): brave. A classic Scottish name.

2. Frank (Latin): French. One of many names derived from Francis, this version became popular its own. It was also the name of the singer, Frank Sinatra.

3. Franklin (English): freeman. This boys' name once belonged to US president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

4. Fraser (Scottish): strawberry. One of many names brought to Scotland from France, it's based on the French for strawberry.

5. Frederick (German): peaceful ruler. Probably the most well-known of all baby boy names beginning with F, except maybe Francis.

Contemporary Baby Boy Names Starting With F

Fabulous F names for a fashionable family. These boy names beginning with the letter F hit all the latest trends in baby names.

1. Finley (Celtic): fair soldier. This baby name was very popular in 2019 and shows no sign of slowing down.

2. Fletcher (English): arrow-maker. This is one of the many surnames that started to find popularity as a baby name lately.

3. Florian (Latin): flourishing. There's been a trend for Latin baby names in the wake of Game of Thrones, and this boy name beginning with F fits right in.

4. Freddie (German): peaceful ruler. Following the recent trend for giving short forms as baby names, Freddie's popularity has soared.

Vintage Baby Names For Boys

Plenty of parents have recently discovered an unexpected find in the goldmine of forgotten vintage names, and some of them are quickly becoming popular again as a result. These boys' names starting with F are no exception.

1. Fabius (Latin): bean. Like many baby names, this was also the name of a saint.

2. Ferdinand (Latin): courageous. This dignified boys' name belonged to a long line of Spanish kings.

3. Fidel (Latin): faith. Not only does this boys' name belong to Fidel Castro, this Latin origin baby name also appeared in Beethoven's opera Fidelio.

4. Finnbar (Irish): fair-haired.

5. Finian (Irish): fair.

6. Fulbert (German): very bright.

Celebrity Boys' Names Beginning With F

A newborn baby sleeping in a cradle with a crown on head

Find a perfect name among these baby boy names beginning with F, that belong to famous faces.

1. Farokh (Persian): Happy; lucky. The real name of singer Freddie Mercury.

2. Fleming (Scottish): from Flanders. Peter and Ian Fleming are both famous names in literature.

3. Floyd (Celtic): grey. This baby boy name beginning with F belongs to boxer Floyd Mayweather.

4. Flynn (Scottish): red-haired. The surname of film legend Errol Flynn.

5. Franz (German): French. Half the name of the band Franz Ferdinand, this baby name also belonged to an Archduke.

Boy Baby Names Beginning With F From Popular Culture

Boy, have we got a variety of famous baby names here. These boys' names all belong to characters in movies or books.

1. Feivel (Hebrew): bright one. This boys' name belongs to the mouse protagonist in An American Tail.

2. Fergus (Celtic): forceful. This is the name of Merida's dad in family film Brave.

3. Fernando (Spanish, Italian): courageous. This form of Ferdinand was made famous by the ABBA song and showed up in the movie Mamma Mia 2.

4. Ferris (Celtic): rock. The name of the main character in the film Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

5. Finnegan (Irish): fair. A boys' name which appears in the title of James Joyce's novel Finnegan's Wake.

6. Frodo (German): wise one. This baby name is given to the main character in J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings.

Biblical Boys' Names Beginning With F

These Biblical baby boys' names beginning with F either belong to saints, or tell the world about the relationship your family has with God.

1. Fabomi (African): gift from God.

2. Fiacre (Irish): eagle. This baby boy name belongs to the patron saint of gardeners.

3. Fishel (Hebrew): little fish. Another name for the Biblical character Ephraim.

4. Foluke (African): under God's protection.

5. Francis (Latin): French. Another of the classic baby boy names beginning with F. We've listed it under Biblical names because of its most famous bearer,  St. Francis of Assisi.

6. Fursey (Irish): virtue. The name of an Irish monk who helped spread Christianity through the UK and Ireland.

Mythical Baby Boy Names Starting With F

If you're on a search for a legendary name for your baby boy, look no further than these mythical baby names starting with the letter F.

1. Fachnan (Irish): hostile. This name belongs to a hero of Irish myth, the husband of Neasa.

2. Faunus (Latin): god of the forest. This is the name of a Roman god of the forests and fields.

3. Fenris (Norse): dweller in the fens. The name of a mythical wolf in Norse legend.

4. Fintan (Irish): white fire. A name of the Salmon of Wisdom in Irish myth.

5. Frey (Norse): lord. Another name for the fertility god Ing, husband of the goddess Freya.

6. Fujin (Japanese): wind god. The name of the Shinto god of the wind.

Nature Inspired Boy Names Starting With The Letter F

Two boys posing with half eaten watermelons

If your family likes to get out in the wild, these natural boy names beginning with F could be a great choice for your baby.

1. Falcon (English): bird.

2. Fannar (Old Norse): snow drift.

3. Filbert (Old English): hazelnut.

4. Fontaine (French): fountain, spring.

5. Forrest (English): woodland.

6. Fridolf (Scandinavian): peaceful wolf.

Personality Names Beginning With F

These boy names starting with F will tell the world all about the person you and your family hope your baby will grow up to be.

1. Faddei (Russian, Ukrainian): brave.

2. Fadil (Arabic, Egyptian): virtue, excellence.

3. Faine (English): good-natured.

4. Farhan (Arabic): happy.

5. Farquhar (Scottish): friendly.

6. Farren (Irish): adventurous.

7. Fortino (Latin): strong; lucky.

Family Names For Boys That Start With The Letter F

These boys' names beginning with F may have got their start as surnames, but they've become popular as given names in recent times.

1. Fahey (Old English): joyful.

2. Fallon (Irish): man in charge.

3. Faulkner (Greek): falcon.

4. Ferrell (Irish): man of valour.

5. Fuller (Old English): thickener of cloth.

Place Names Beginning With F For Boys

These boy names starting with F may have started off as places, but generations of parents' search for the perfect baby name has put them on the map as first names.

1. Farley (Old English): fair meadow.

2. Farnley (English): from the ferny meadow.

3. Felton (Old English): hill town. This place name is also the family name of actor Tom Felton.

4. Flint (English): stone. This name meaning stone is also a place in Scotland.

5. Fyfe (Scottish): from Fife.

Short Boy Names Beginning With F

Tiny baby names beginning with F.

1. Faas (Dutch): good fate. Form of Boniface

2. Faer (Old English): traveller.

3. Fitz (English): son of. This shortened form of surnames like Fitzroy and Fitzwilliam has become its own name.

4. Fox (English): fox.

5. Foy (Dutch): feast.

Baby Boy Names From Around The World

These popular boys' names beginning with F are gathered from all over the globe.

1. Fadeyka (Russian): courageous; brave.

2. Fabio (Italian): bean farmer.

3. Fabrice (French): craftsman.

4. Fakhir (Arabic): proud.

5. Falan (Indian): fruitful.

6. Faraji (Swahili): consolation.

7. Faraz (Persian): on top.

8. Farid (Arabic): unique.

9. Filomeno (Greek): loving.

10. Fiorello (Italian): little flower.

11. Fordel (Romani): forgiveness.

12. Fyodor (Russian): gift of God. Version of Theodore.

Baby Name Classics In Other Languages

These classic baby names may or may not start with the letter F in English, but they certainly do in other languages. Perfect if you want boy names that match a sibling's initial, or want to name your baby after someone else in the family without the confusion of having exactly the same name.

1. Federico (Italian): peaceful ruler. Form of Frederick.

2. Felip (Spanish): horseman. Variant of Philip.

3. Ferenc (Hungarian): French. Form of Francis.

4. Fineas (Hebrew): oracle. Variant of Phineas.

5. Fonzo (Spanish): noble. Form of Alphonso.

6. Francisco (Spanish): French. Form of Francis.

7. Francois (French): French. Form of Francis.

8. Fyrsil (Welsh): bears the staff. A form of Virgil.

Baby Boy Names Starting With F, With Double Meanings

These baby names starting with F may have different meanings in different languages or they might even have more than one meaning in their native tongue.

1. Fagan (Irish): villager; battle.

2. Faris (Arabic; English): knight; strong.

3. Felix (Latin): happy. This name may mean happy, but you can also find it in the formal name of many types of cat.

4. Feng (Chinese): maple, phoenix or peak. The meaning of this name depends on the Chinese character used to write it.

5. Ford (Old English): river crossing. This name might also bring the car brand to mind, or even the actor, Harrison Ford.

Unique Boy Names Starting With F

These baby names took quite a search to turn up. Few other baby boys are likely to have these unusual boys' names .

1. Fairfax (English): beautiful hair.

2. Falco (Latin): falconer.

3. Faramond (German): protected traveller.

4. Farold (English): powerful traveller.

5. Farrel (Celtic): valiant.

6. Fingal (Celtic): fair stranger. Ancient Scots used this baby name as a word to describe Norse travellers.

7. Fionnlagh (Celtic): white warrior.

8. Frewyn (English): noble friend.

9. Fulvio (Latin): yellow-haired.

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