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36 Funny And Cute Orange Cat Names

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Ginger and Orange must've certainly crossed your mind, but there are other options to name your new pet.

Choosing names for an orange cat can be interesting, especially because of the broad spectrum of options available for these cats. Your little ball of feline fur will love the names mentioned in this article.

We hope you find the perfect name for your orange furball in this list, for more inspiration check out these literary cat names and these Japanese cat names.

Cute Names For Girls

Two cats chilling under a tree

Find out what female orange cats are called in this list:

1 . Alani is a cat name meaning “orange blossom tree”.

2 . Amber is cute and color-related name for female orange cats.

3 . Cheyenne is an American Indian word that means “the color red.”

4 . Chianti is derived from the name of a red wine.

5 . Oscar is a reference to the famous Academy Award, which is a golden color.

Cute Names For Boy Cats

Here are the best names for a male orange cat to help you find the right orange cat name for your pet.

6 . Butterbean is perfect for kittens that are chubby resembling a little butterbean.

7 . Caramello is derived from the name of Caramello Candy Bar.

8 . Puss In Boots is a famous yet cute name for a male cat.

9 . Cheeto resembles the popular chips.

10 . Colby is derived from the name of an orange cheese.

11 . Flynn is a unique name for ginger cats belonging to a red haired owner.

Famous Orange Cat Names Inspired By Celebrities

A cute little orange kitten

Naming your cat after your favorite celebrities will only make you love them more!

12 . Adele is an award winning singer who is universally loved.

13 . Alan Tudyk is an American actor, known for the film ‘Serenity.’

14 . Alyson Hannigan is an actress in ‘How I Met Your Mother.’

15 . Amber Rose is an American television personality and a model.

16 . Amy Adams is two time Golden Globes winning American actress.

17 . Annie is the title character of the much loved musical.

18 . Ann Margaret is the American Swedish actress in ‘Bye Bye Birdie.’

19 . Prince Harry is a red headed member of the British royal family.

Character Inspired Orange Cat Names

Wouldn't it be amazing to name your kitten after one of your favorite characters? Here are some names inspired by the world of film and books.

20 . Aslan is derived from the character in 'The Chronicles Of Narnia'.

21 . Brian is from 'Top Cat'.

22 . Chester is the mascot of Cheetos chips.

23 . Crookshanks is pet cat of Hermione Granger from 'Harry Potter'.

24 . Dinah is cute kitten from 'Alice In Wonderland'.

25 . Dana Scully is from the famous show 'X-Files'.

26 . Fiona is after Princess Fiona with red hair from the 'Shrek' series.

27 . Garfield is the famous ginger character from the comic book.

28 . Ginger Spice is inspired by Geri Halliwell.

29 . Hobbes is from the comic 'Calvin And Hobbes'.

30 . Loki is short for "Little Orange Kitty".

31 . Nala is the lioness from 'The Lion King'.

32 . Tigger is from 'Winnie The Pooh'.

Gender Neutral Names

Some amazing names for orange cats of any gender are listed below, including a few names inspired by orange foods!

33 . Mango Maple is the delicious syrup used in desserts.

34 . Sweet Potato is the starchy vegetable.

35 . Paprika Peaches is a recipe made with paprika sprinkled over peaches, two orange ingredients!

36 . Mochi is a famous dessert in Japan, known for its soft texture, the perfect name for light orange cats.

Kidadl has lots of great names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for orange cat names then why not take a look at these nerdy cat names, or for something different take a look at these Halloween cat names.

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