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51 Funny Elf Names For Festive Activities Or Fantasy Stories

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Every Christmas, Santa’s Elves enter our homes through movies, books and TV shows.

These crafty little elves help Santa and Mrs. Claus fulfill the dreams of thousands of children. They are highly skilled, intelligent and emotional little people who have helped Santa design and make the toys that children ask for each Christmas.

Without the elves, Santa Claus will not be able to make Christmas so magical for everybody! For hundreds of years, elves have worked for Santa at Santa's village in the North Pole keeping the magic and spirit of Christmas alive for children all around the world!

Whether you want to find out more about the names of Santa's elves, or you are looking for name ideas for your own elf toys or characters, this article can help (we even have some funny Elf On The Shelf names). We have put together 50 of the best elf names just for you!

For more elf names, check out these (slightly less festive!) Night Elf names and Blood Elf names.

Festive Funny Elf Names Of Santa's Elves

Christmas names for elves are inspired by the Christmas spirit of these magical creatures

If you are looking for Christmas elf names, then we have a perfect list just for you. Each Santa's elf name on this list is explained so you can find out a little more about the magical elves who work so hard to make Christmas special! Their names might also give so some ideas for naming your elf toys or characters.

1. Alabaster Snowball, a highly intelligent elf from the North Pole. This elf has a university degree and is very friendly, jolly and kind hearted.

2. Bushy Evergreen, a skilled engineer and inventor from the North Pole. He is skilled at wood carving and is therefore able to make beautiful toys for children.

3. Shinny Upatree, this elf belongs to one of the oldest families from the North Pole Village. He is knowledgeable, kind and down to earth, not to mention extremely well behaved.

4. Sugarplum Mary, this elf comes from a faraway province. This Christmas elf name is the name of a small elf with dark hair.

5. Wunorse Openslae, a native Nordic elf family name, these elves have strong ties to their Viking ancestors.

Funny Elf Names For Fantasy Stories

Funny elf name should be able to keep the Christmas spirit up

We have compiled this list of funny elven names, which are ideal for a girl elf or boy elf. Check out these cool elf names that will perfect for your character if you are wondering what to call your elf!

6. Bonkers, the best elf name for a Christmas elf.

7. Boots, perfect name for a Christmas elf.

8. Chewy, for an elf who is always eating.

9. Dizzy, one of the funny Elf On The Shelf names.

10. Doody, a perfect Elf On The Shelf name.

11. Dopey, such cute elves' name are funny and hilarious.

12. Dottie, one of the best names of girl elves, this is cute and simple.

13. Argent Dawn, one of the funny void elf names.

14. Loopy, elven female names like this one are very popular.

15. McDoodles, a perfect Elf On The Shelf name for a Scottish elf.

16. Mr and Mrs Jingles, these Christmas elf names are funny and adorable.

17. Ninja, a perfect Elf On The Shelf name for a strong elf.

18. Puddin, one of the funny Christmas elf names that reminds you of food and desserts.

19. Razzle, a perfect Elf On The Shelf name for an elf who dresses in lots of glitter.

20. Silly, a cute girl elf name.

21. Snickers, a perfect Elf On The Shelf name for a happy elf.

22. Socks, a perfect Elf On The Shelf name.

23. Sprinkles, a perfect Elf On The Shelf name for an elf who loves baking.

24. Spunky, the best elf name for an active elf.

25. Sweetie, a perfect Christmas elf name for an elf always eating sweets.

26. Tootsie, one of the cutest girl elf names.

27. Tooty, for an elf that is always smiling.

28. Trouble, for an elf who always runs into trouble.

29. Yapper, for an elf who is always talking.

The All Time Funniest Elf Names

You should always choose a name that fits the personality of your elf. Be it a Christmas elf or an Elf On The Shelf character, you can find the best name ideas here! Here are some of our favorite cool and funny elves' names.  Some of these are fantasy themed too, for fans of 'Dungeons And Dragons' and other games with elven characters.

30. Aragorn, a perfect 'Dungeons And Dragons' elf name for your character.

31. Claire, another of the cute girl elf names.

32. Dee Dee Ramone, a good name for an elf who is a little fighter.

33. Frodo, the name for someone who is half elf and half human.

34. Galanadel, the perfect elf name for an elven mystic theurge.

35. Gimli

36. Hugo

37. Joey, one of the good names for an elf.

38. Johnny, a cool new elf name for a half-elf character.

39. Kiernan

40. Legola

41. Menthos

42. Rodric

43. Rethgif

44. Sam

45. Siracha

46. Tehas

47. Thandain

48. Tommy

49. Wasabi

50. Wolfgang

51. Xana

Kidadl has lots of great name articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for good elf names for festive activities or fantasy stories and are looking for more magical name ideas, then why not take a look at something different like our list of the best Elf On The Shelf names? Or you might also like these funny wizard names for your characters.

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