100 Funny Elf Names For Festive Activities Or Fantasy Stories

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Why Elf Names?

A Christmas elf is a little elf that helps Santa Claus at the North Pole. In popular culture, elves associated with Christmas are pictured wearing green or red clothing and sporting pointed hats and ears.

Most depictions of them have humanoid features, although sometimes they are shown as fuzzy creatures with tails. The common belief is that Santa's elves are responsible for various chores, including creating presents and maintaining Santa's reindeer.

Some believe that the álfar of Norse mythology, also known as the huldufólk, the 'hidden people', are the progenitors of the elf. Louisa May Alcott initially mentioned them in her 1856 novel Little Women.

Festive Funny Elf Names Of Santa's Elves

1. Alabaster Snowball, a brilliant elf from the North Pole. This elf has a university degree and is very friendly, jolly, and kind-hearted.

2. Bushy Evergreen, a skilled engineer and inventor from the North Pole. He is skilled at wood carving and is, therefore, able to make beautiful toys for children.

3. Shinny Upatree, this elf, belongs to one of the oldest families from the North Pole Village. He is knowledgeable, kind, and down to earth, not to mention well-behaved.

4. Sugarplum Mary, this elf, comes from a faraway province. This Christmas elf is the name of a small elf with dark hair.

5. Wunorse Openslae, a native Nordic elf family name, these elves have strong ties to their Viking ancestors.

Funny Elf Names For Fantasy Stories

A girl with a sword in hand

6. Bonkers isthe best elf name for a Christmas elf.

7. Boots are theperfect name for a Christmas elf.

8. Chewy, for an elf who is always eating.

9. Dizzy isone of the funny Elf On The Shelf names.

10. Doody isa perfect Elf On The Shelf name.

11. Dopey is a funny name.

12. Dottie, one of the best names for girl elves, is cute and straightforward.

13. Argent Dawn is one of the funny void elf names.

14. Loopy, elven female names like this one are trendy.

15. McDoodles, a perfect Elf On The Shelf name for a Scottish elf.

16. Mr. and Mrs. Jingles, these Christmas elf names are funny and adorable.

17. Ninja is a perfect Elf On The Shelf name for a strong elf.

18. Puddin is one of the funny Christmas elf names that remind you of food and desserts.

19. Razzle is a perfect Elf On The Shelf name for an elf who dresses in lots of glitters.

20. Silly, a cute girl elf name.

21. Snickers is a perfect Elf On The Shelf name for a happy elf.

22. Socks, a perfect Elf On The Shelf name.

23. Sprinkles, a perfect Elf On The Shelf name for an elf who loves baking.

24. Spunky is the best elf name for a busy elf.

25. Sweetie is a perfect Christmas elf name for an elf always eating candy.

26. Tootsie, one of the cutest girl elf names.

27. Tooty, for an elf that is always smiling.

28. Trouble for an elf who always runs into trouble.

29. Yapper, for an elf who is always talking.

The All-Time Funniest Elf Names

Female elf with a bow in the forest

30. Aragorn

31. Claire

32. Dee Dee Ramone

33. Frodo

34. Galanadel

35. Gimli

36. Hugo

37. Joey

38. Johnny

39. Kiernan

40. Sprinkles

41. Menthos

42. Rodric

43. Rethgif

44. Sam

45. Siracha

46. Tehas

47. Thandain

48. Tommy

49. Wasabi

50. Wolfgang 

51. Xana

Famous Elf Names From TV Shows and Movies.

52. Kreacher - Kreacher was an old house-elf who had worked for the House of Black for most of his life.

53. Dobby - A character from Harry Potter

54. Bing - is a character from 'The Great Santa Claus Switch'.

55. Tinsel - Something that is flashy and dazzling.

56. Bernard - In 'Santa Clause' (1994) and its first sequel (1995), Bernard the elf plays a pivotal role.

57. Hermey - 'Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer' includes a character named Hermey.

58. Gimbel - This is the department store where the protagonist of the movie 'Elf' worked.

59. Winky - Worked at the renowned Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the Harry Potter universe.

60. Arondir - Is a Silvan elf from Rings of Power.

61. Zippity - A person who is full of life and excitement.

62. Hoppity - The identifier form of a hop is often used to denote a sequence of short hops

63. Arwen - This is a fictional character from J. R. R. Tolkien's Middle-earth canon, 'The Lord of the Rings'.

64. Thranduil - This is an invented character from the works of J. R. R. Tolkien, 'The Hobbit'.

65. Elrond - Is a fictional character who is half-elf and Lord of Rivendell.

66. Legolas - He is one of the nine members of the Fellowship that set out to destroy the One Ring, and he is a Woodland Elf from the Sindar race.

67. Aegnor - He was the ruler of the Noldor in Dorthonion during the First Age.

68. Celebrimbor - In Tolkien's made-up language Sindarin, this name means 'silver fist' or 'hand of silver'.

69. Galadriel - She had royal status among the Noldor and the Teleri, making her an Elf.

70. Celeborn - At the end of the Third Age, he was considered among the most enlightened Elves in Middle-earth.

Christmas-Inspired Elf Names

71. Melchior - It is believed that Saint Melchior was one of the biblical Magi who paid a visit to the newborn Jesus together with Caspar and Balthazar.

72. Sugarplum - This name is used as a term for endearment.

73.Hope - From the Old English word hopian, meaning 'hope' or 'confidence', the Middle English name Hope was formed.

74. Mistletoe - Mistletoe has been a symbol of love, fertility, and long life for quite some time.

75. Noel - The Old French origin of the name Noel means 'born on Christmas'.

76. Sleigh - a sled pulled by reindeer, often one carrying Santa Claus.

77. Clara - In Late Latin, the name Clarus meant 'clear, dazzling, renowned', and the feminine version Clara is used today.

78. Bell -The gender-neutral name has the connotation of attractiveness.

79. Frosty - With a name like Frosty, people will always look to you as the rock around which they may build their lives.

80. Wonder - This name means to dream and wonder in awe.

81. Claus - The Germanic given name Klaus means 'victory of the people'.

82. Ivy - In addition to its contemporary significance, the symbolism of ivy as an indication of loyalty dates back to ancient Greek civilization.

83. Poinsettia - It's a flower called 'Flor de Pascua', which translates to 'Easter flower'.

84. Jolly - The term for someone with a positive and pleasant demeanor.

85. Grace - Grace is a Latin name that means charm, benevolence, and charity.

86. Snowy - The English name Snowy is often used without regard to gender, and its meaning is 'Filled with Frozen Rain'.

87. Mary - Mary is an ancient Hebrew name for girls that translates to Of The Sea, Bitter, or Beloved.

88. Eve - Because of its phonetic similarity to the Semitic root, which means 'to live', the Hebrew word for Eve is sometimes taken to imply 'living one' or 'spring of life'.

89. Balsam - has its origins in the biblical Balm of Gilead.

90. Snowball - a name that exhibits extremes regarding material success.

91. Joy - A name of Latin origin that means happiness.

92. Flurry - Flurry's mythical Roman flower goddess origin gives this name its meaning in Latin names.

93. Joseph - Joseph is a biblically significant name.

94. Faith - The English word faith means 'trust' or 'devotion.'

95. Rockefeller

96. Starry - A name of English origin that means a celestial body.

97. Falala - Falala is an African girl's name that means 'born in plenty'.

98. Carol - Carol an English name with a gender-neutral meaning of 'happy song'.

99. Holly - The meaning of the name is 'resilience' and 'everlasting life', both of which are associated with the holly plant.

100. Loppy


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