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50 Gnome Names With Meanings For Dungeons & Dragons

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Looking for a perfect name for these secretive and psychic characters, from the popular role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons?

Don't let their small size fool you; trusting these small yet significant characters can help you defeat an invincible-looking adversary. You can play tricks, and be secretive with a gnome on your side or team.

This list contains names of 50 male or female gnome names you can use for your character in D&D or some other game. Strong gnomish names will bode well with your characters. Names that let your audience know precisely who they are before you even have a chance to say his or her's name. So to help you achieve that, you can use these best gnomes names from our list.

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Gnome Names For Girls

Gnomid or gnomess have become quite popular in the modern fiction world.

Irrespective of their small size, these girls can make or break your game, trust us. You can select one of the best gnome names and feel free to like and share these awesome monikers with your friends.

1. Adva (Hebrew origin) meaning "wave".

2 Aiko (Japanese origin) meaning "love".

3. Aithne (Celtic origin) meaning "fire," an ideal name for your forest gnome.

4. Belita (Spanish origin) meaning "beauty".

5. Carlin (Gaelic origin ) meaning "victor".

6. Demi (French Origin) meaning "half" or "little'.

7. Jenna (Arabic origin) meaning "baby".

8. Koemi (Japanese origin) meaning "little grin".

9. Maleah (Hawaiian origin) meaning "young lady'.

10. Miette (Spanish origin) meaning "sweet thing".

11. Posy (English origin) meaning "bloom".

12. Rowan (Gaelic origin) meaning "little redhead".

13. Tawnie (English origin) meaning "little one".

14. Tulla (Irish origin) meaning "a little slope".

15. Viveca (Scandinavian origin) meaning "lady'.

16. Yves (French origin) meaning "minimal toxophilite".

Male Names For Gnomes

Boy gnomes are funny, dangerous, and honest.

Next on our list is gnome names for boys. These names are perfect for your fantasy game characters, or even your for garden gnomes. So, check out our list:

17. Arno (French origin) meaning "falcon".

18. Babak (Persian origin) meaning "father".

19. Cerin (Gaelic origin) meaning "dark one".

20. Dell (Old English origin) meaning "little valley".

21. Egan (Gaelic origin) meaning "fire".

22. Fishel (Yiddish origin) meaning "little fish".

23. Gair (Irish origin)  meaning "spear-brave".

25. Gorman (Irish origin) meaning "blue-eyed boy".

26. Hackett (German origin) meaning "hacker".

28. Hewitt (Old French origin) meaning "intelligent one".

29. Iven (French origin) meaning "archer".

30. Kane (Gaelic origin) meaning "someone who likes battle".

31. Leib (Yiddish origin) meaning "lion".

32. Lorcan (Irish origin) meaning "the wild one".

33. Malin (Old English origin) meaning "warrior".

34. Tomlin (Old English origin) meaning "twins".

Gender Neutral Gnome Names

Sometimes a gender-neutral name can make things so interesting. These gender-neutral names can add more oomph to your gnome character:

35. Justice (English origin) meaning "doing right by the law".

36. Luca (Latin origin) meaning "sacred wood".

37. Misha (Hebrew origin) meaning "who is like God".

38. Nicola (Greek origin) meaning "victory".

39. Pat (Latin origin) meaning "noble".

40. Zhenya (Russian origin) meaning "well-born".

Gnome Names Inspired By Myths And Legends

Most gnomes character monikers are made-up. These names are made using two different names either of some legends or myths. So, check out these names for your mystical gnome characters:

41. Fudwick (Unknown origin) meaning "versatility and enthusiasm".

42. Garder (English origin) meaning "to keep".

43. Klemmut (German origin) meaning "newborn".

44. Wayrick (German origin) meaning "priest spreading incense".

Gnome Names Inspired By Popular Media

Games like World of Warcraft and D&D are very popular among multiplayer role-playing gamers, which are filled with unique and funny gnome names, some gnome first names and some last names too. So, if you have been looking for a gnome name for your gnome Warlock, then you are in the right place.

45. Aerin (Tolkien language origin) meaning "ocean".

46. Eowyn (Tolkien language origin) meaning "horse joy".

47. Nessa (Quenya origin) meaning "one who is youthful".

48. Aldon (Quenya language origin) meaning "tree".

49. Haga (Norwegian origin) meaning "enclosure". It is also the name of the Old Norse God Haga.

50. Samuel (Hebrew origin) meaning "name of God". This unique name comes from the Sindarin language.

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