145 Good Witch Names That Go Beyond Sabrina

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Witches were regarded as mysterious beings having supernatural powers. Witches are generally females, having immense knowledge of magic. The origin of witches is from different European folklore. Several communities of self-proclaimed witches still exist today who practice witchcraft. They are now considered artists, healers, occultists, and knowledgeable practitioners. Witches are also popular characters portrayed in different multimedia publications. The article presents a collection of names of good witches from various works of fiction. You will also learn about witch-like figures mentioned in different mythologies and folklore. Parents who wish to give magic-relate

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d names to their children will find a variety of options to choose from. On the other hand, children can use their favorite name for any witch-like character in games, such as ‘Hogwarts Legacy’, or for a toy. 

What Parents Should Know

  • Witches are a part of contemporary Western culture. Today, witches are essentially modern pagans and others who follow the belief systems of the New Age.
  • Modern witches define witchcraft as a practice of conducting self-help, divination, and healing rituals. 
  • Practicing witchcraft is also considered a crime in some countries.
  • People believed witches to be real, existing beings of evil nature. Several women worldwide were punished and executed due to speculations or for claiming to be witches. The identity of witches has mostly transformed since then. 
  • ‘The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina’ is a Netflix show adapted from ‘Sabrina The Teenage Witch’ that follows the life story of Sabrina Spellman, a half-witch, half-mortal.

What To Discuss With Kids

  • There are several good witches in pop culture. The Harry Potter franchise introduces many good witches loved by the fans. 
  • Undignified treatment of women due to some association with witchcraft is based on fear, superstition, and wrong human conduct. 
  • Most modern witches are followers of the Wicca religion that originated in the '50s. 
  • While a witch is a female sorcerer, a male sorcerer is called a wicca. 
  • Witches are often seen having animal companions called ‘familiars’ like cats and toads, that were said to be their link to the spiritual world.

Good Fictional Witch Names

1. Alexa - A character leading the witches of Kensington in 'Switch'. 

2. Alwina - A witch character from a Belgian comic strip published in America as 'Willy And Wanda'. The comic is also popularly known as ‘Suske En Wiske’.

3. Antanneke - Another witch character from 'Willy And Wanda'.

4. Arba - A witch in the comedy comic book series 'Groo The Wanderer'. 

5. Aurora Sinistra - A witch from the Harry Potter franchise who taught astronomy at Hogwarts.

6. Bathilda Bagshot - A witch and historian appearing in the Harry Potter franchise. 

7. Bonnie Bennett - A powerful witch from the TV series 'The Vampire Diaries'.

8. Charity Burbage - A witch from the Harry Potter franchise who taught Muggle Studies at Hogwarts.

9. Circe - A goddess and enchantress in Greek mythology. She was also considered a witch in Christian beliefs. 

10. Cleo  - A witch from the 'Legacies' TV series.

11. Dakarba - A witch in 'Groo The Woanderer'. 

12. Davina Claire - Aa young witch from 'The Originals'. 

13. Della - A short-tempered witch from the 'Sabrina The Teenage Witch' comics series. 

14. Emma Tig - A witch from 'Legacies'.

15. Enchantra - Depicted as the queen of witches in the comic book series, 'Sabrina The Teenage Witch'.  

16. Endora (Hebrew origin) - Meaning 'spring' or 'fountain', she is a witch from 'Bewitched'.

17. Erichtho (Greek origin) - A witch mentioned in Thelassian legends and literary works. 

18. Esmeralda - Esmeralda Weatherwax is the name of a good witch portrayed in the comic book series 'Discworld'. 

19. Fiona Goode - A witch from 'American Horror Story'.

20. Freya Mikaelson - A powerful witch appearing in 'The Originals' and 'Legacies'.  

21. Glinda (English origin) - A powerful sorceress mentioned in Frank Baum's novel, 'The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz'. She is referred to as the 'good witch of the South'. 

22. Gullveig (Norse origin) - Having a meaning closest to 'related to gold' or 'strength', she is a witch-like female figure in Norse mythology. 

23. Hermione Granger - A witch of Gryffindor House from the Harry Potter franchise. 

24. Josie Saltzman - A witch appearing in TV series 'The Vampire Diaries', 'The Originals', and 'Legacies'. 

25. Kinetix - A witch superheroine from the DC Comics universe. 

26. Louise Miller - A witch from the comedy film 'Teen Witch'.

27. Madame Xanadu - A mystic regarded as one of the many witch characters in the DC Comics universe. 

28. Magik - The character name of a witch in Marvel Comics. 

29. Mary Sanderson - A witch from 'Hocus Pocus', a 1993 dark fantasy, horror comedy movie.

30. Minerva McGonagall - Professor of Transfiguration and Head of House Gryffindor in the Harry Potter franchise.

31. Morgan Le Fay - A witch and enchantress mentioned in Arthurian legends, also mentioned in the legend of King Arthur.  

32. Penelope Clearwater - A witch studying at Hogwarts and prefect of Ravenclaw house, appearing in the Harry Potter franchise. 

33. Perimede (Greek origin) - Meaning 'cunning' or 'fair-haired', she is mentioned as a witch among several other references in Greek mythology. 

34. Rowena Ravenclaw - Co-founded the Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry, shown in the Harry Potter franchise. 

35. Sally - A witch princess appearing in the Japanese manga and anime 'Sally The Witch'.

36. Samantha Stephens - The character name of a witch in the 60's sitcom 'Bewitched'.

37. Sarah Sanderson - She is the sister-witch in 'Hocus Pocus'.

38. Sheila - A witch appearing in 'The Vampire Diaries'. 

39. Sophie Deveraux - The character name of a witch from 'The Originals'. 

40. Sukie Ridgemont - A popular character from 'The Witches Of Eastwick' known for witchcraft.

41. Susan Bones - A witch from the Harry Potter franchise and member of Hufflepuff.

42. Suzanne - A fictional character of a healer and ancestor of the Mayfair witch family, appearing in the 'Mayfair Witches' TV series. 

43. Topaz - The name of a witch and sorceress appearing in Marvel Comics. 

44. Traci Thirteen - A superhero witch and enchantress from the DC Comics universe. 

45. Ursula (Latin origin) - Means 'bear'. Ursula is a sea witch who appears in 'The Little Mermaid'.

46. Wendy - A child witch from the comic book, 'Wendy, The Good Little Witch'. 

47. Willow Rosenbrook - A witch from 'Buffy, The Vampire Slayer'.

48. Winifred Sanderson (Welsh origin) - Meaning 'holy' or 'blessed', she is the main antagonist in the 1993 Disney film 'Hocus Pocus'.

49. Winnie - A witch depicted in the picture book series 'Winnie The Witch'.

50. Ysanne - A witch from the fantasy novels of Guy Gavriel Kay: 'The Fionavar Tapestry'. 

Good Witch Last Names

51. Abbott - Hannah Abbott was a fictional character from the Harry Potter franchise and a Hufflepuff member. 

52. Anoukian - Mélusine Anoukian is depicted as a kind witch in the Belgian comic strip, 'Mélusine'.

53. Bell - Katie Bell was a witch and Gryffindor member from the Harry Potter franchise.  

54. Black - Andromeda Black was a pure-blood witch in the Harry Potter franchise and a member of the Black family. 

55. Brown - Lavender Brown was a witch in the Gryffindor house from the Harry Potter franchise.  

56. Chang - Cho Chang was a witch studying at Hogwarts, sorted into group Ravenclaw. 

57. Cloven

58. Darkheart 

59. Delacour - Fleur Delacour was a witch from the Harry Potter franchise and a student at Beauxbatons. 

60. Dumbledore - Ariana Dumbledore was a witch from the Harry Potter franchise. 

61. Fairfax - Mrs. Annabel Fairfax was a witch appearing in the novel 'Howl's Moving Castle'. 

62. Farrar - Janet Farrar is a modern-day witch and author. 

63. Feldt - Lena Feldt was a witch appearing in 'His Dark Materials'.

64. Fielding - Rowan Fielding is the main character and a witch in the TV series 'Mayfair Witches'. 

65. Garlick - Margrat Garlick was a witch in Terry Pratchett's comic book series, 'Discworld'. 

66. Goldstein - Queenie Goldstein was one of the popular supporting characters of the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them franchise.

67. Graystone

68. Grimm 

69. Grubbly-Plank - Wilhelmina Grubbly-Plank was a witch working as a substitute professor at Hogwarts from the Harry Potter franchise. 

70. Halliwell - Phoebe, Piper, and Prue Halliwell are powerful witches in the TV series 'Charmed'. 

71. Harkness - Agatha Harkness is a fictional character depicted as a powerful witch in Marvel Comics. 

72. Hooch - Rolanda Hooch was a witch and Quidditch flying instructor at Hogwarts, appearing in the Harry Potter franchise. 

73. Hufflepuff - Helga Hufflepuff was a witch from the Harry Potter franchise who co-founded Hogwarts school. 

74. Kamainen - Juta Kamainen was the former queen of a clan of witches near Lake Visha in 'His Dark Materials'.

75. Kasku - Ieva Kasku was a witch appearing in 'His Dark Materials'.

76. LeFleur - Marie LeFleur is a voodoo priestess and recurring character in the Netflix show ‘The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina’.

77. Leiro - Sara Leiro was a witch from 'His Dark Materials'. She was the queen of Keitele clan of witches. 

78. Lentana - Tanja Lentana was a queen witch of the Lake Umolese clan from 'His Dark Materials'.

79. Longbottom - This is the surname of a family of wizards and witches from the Harry Potter franchise. 

80. Lovegood - Luna Lovegood was a witch of Ravenclaw House, a character from the Harry Potter franchise. 

81. Meade - This is the last name of several characters, such as Diana Meade, the protagonist herself, from the TV series ‘The Secret Circle’.

82. Marchbanks - Griselda Marchbanks was a witch from the Harry Potter franchise. She was the Governor of the Wizarding Examinations Authority.  

83. Maxime - Olympe Maxime was a half-giantess witch and headmistress of Beauxbatons, appearing in the Harry Potter franchise. 

84. Maximoff - Wanda Django Maximoff is popularly known as the 'Scarlet Witch', a superhero witch in Marvel Comics.

85. Meilleure - It is the family name of some witch characters in the Japanese manga and anime series 'Sugar Sugar Rune'. 

86. Mieux - Another family of witches from 'Sugar Sugar Rune'.

87. Minoru - Nico Minoru is a superhero witch from the Marvel Comics universe. 

88. Miti - Reina Miti was the queen witch of clan Tikshozero from 'His Dark Materials'.

89. Nal - Mysa Nal, also known as 'The White Witch', is a character from the DC Comics universe.

90. Nightingale - Cassie Nightingale is the Enchantress Of Middleton and the lead character of ‘The Good Witch’ TV franchise.

91. Patil - Parvati and Padma Patil were identical witch sisters from the Harry Potter franchise. 

92. Pazhets - Yelena Pazhets is a witch in 'His Dark Materials'.

93. Pekkala - Serafina Pekkala is a witch queen of a clan appearing in the TV series 'His Dark Materials'. 

94. Pelt - Maddie Van Pelt was a popular witch appearing in the teen sitcom 'Every Witch Way'. 

95. Pince - Irma Pince was a witch working as a librarian at Hogwarts from the Harry Potter franchise. 

96. Potter - The Harry Potter franchise primarily revolves around the Potter family.  

97. Robins - Demelza Robins was a Gryffindor House witch from the Harry Potter franchise.

98. Sirkka - Katya Sirkka was the queen witch of the Mickojarvi clan in 'His Dark Materials'.

99. Skadi - Ruta Skadi was a witch from the TV series 'His Dark Materials'. She was the queen of the Lake Lubana clan.  

100. Spellman - Sabrina, Hilda, and Zelda Spellman are three fictional characters portrayed as witches in the series from Archies Comics, 'Sabrina The Teenage Witch'. 

101. Spinnet - Alicia Spinnet was a witch appearing in the Harry Potter franchise and member of Gryffindor House. 

102. Sprout - Pomona Sprout appears in the Harry Potter franchise as the Herbology professor at Hogwarts.

103. Skeeter - Rita Skeeter is the notorious journalist witch of The Daily Prophet in the Harry Potter series.

104. Szardos - Jimaine Szardos was a witch under the alias Amanda Sefton, appearing in the Marvel Comics universe. 

105. Trelawney - Sybil Trelawney is the professor of Divination at Hogwarts in Harry Potter.

106. Tonks - Nymphadora Tonks was a witch from the Harry Potter franchise.

107. Victus (middle English and Anglo-French origin) - Means 'nourishment'.

108. Weasley - The Weasley family of wizards and witches appears in the Harry Potter franchise. 

109. Zatara - Zatanna Zatara is a superheroine witch from the DC Comics universe. 

110. Zixi - A witch queen depicted in Lyman Frank Baum's children's book 'Queen Zixi Of Ix'.

Good Modern Witch Names For Girls

111. Adelaide (German origin) - Meaning 'noble character', based on the character Adelaide Oakes, a witch from the video game 'Hogwarts Legacy'. 

112. Amethyst (Greek origin) - Meaning 'intoxicate'.

113. Allegra (Italian origin) - Meaning 'joyful' or 'lively'.

114. Astoria - Refers to Astoria Crickett, a witch appearing in the 'Hogwarts Legacy' video game. 

115. Beatrix (Latin origin) - Meaning 'traveler'.

116. Cassandra (Greek origin) - Meaning 'to shine' or 'to excel'. 

117. Clara (Latin origin) - Meaning 'bright' or 'shining'.

118. Cordelia (Latin origin) - Meaning 'heart".

119. Corinne (Greek origin) - Meaning ‘maiden' or 'daughter'.

120. Dinah - Refers to Dinah Hecat, portrayed as a Hogwarts professor in the game 'Hogwarts Legacy'.

121. Evanora (Greek, Latin origin) - Meaning ‘a gift of God’.

122. Fiona (Irish origin) - Meaning 'white' or 'fair'.

123. Helena (Latin origin) - Meaning 'shining light'.

124. Emmanuelle (Hebrew origin) - Meaning 'God with us'.

125. Lenora (Germanic origin) - Meaning 'other' or 'fame', based on the character of Lenora Everleigh from 'Hogwarts Legacy'.  

126. Maren (Latin origin) - Meaning 'of the sea'.

127. Margery (Greek origin) - Meaning 'pearl'.

128. Natsai - A suitable name for a witch, based on the character of Natsai Onai from 'Hogwarts Legacy'. 

129. Niamh - Niamh Fitzgerald is depicted as a former Headmistress of Hogwarts and one of the Keepers in 'Hogwarts Legacy'. 

130. Ophelia (Greek origin) - Meaning 'to help'. 

131. Rhiannon (Celtic origin) - Meaning 'divine queen', is a deity in Welsh traditions.

132. Theodora (Greek origin) - Meaning 'gift of God'.

133. Zenobia - Refers to Zenobia Noke, a witch of house Ravenclaw appearing in 'Hogwarts Legacy'. 

Good Japanese Witch Names

134. Atori Kuramine - A soft-spoken witch appearing in 'Witchcraft Works'.

135. Ayaka Kagari - A witch from 'Witchcraft Works'.

136. Kasumi Takamiya - A fictional witch character from the manga and anime series 'Witchcraft Works'.

137. Kazane Kagari - A mother and a witch from 'Witchcraft Works'.

138. Kitsune (Japanese origin) - Kitsune-mochi and Kitsune-tsukai are said to be two types of fox witches in Japanese legends.

139. Momiji (Japanese origin) - Meaning 'maple leaf', is sometimes described as a powerful mountain witch in Japanese folklore.

140. Rinon Otometachibana - A witch from 'Witchcraft Works'.

141. Takayama - The name of the witch Kiki in 'Kiki's Delivery Service'. 

142. Takiyasha-hime - A witch sorceress mentioned in Japanese folklore who wished to conquer Japan. 

143. Touko Hio - A fictional witch character from 'Witchcraft Works'. 

144. Yama-uba (Japanese origin) - A supernatural female spirit mentioned in Japanese folklore, similar to witches. 

145. Yuki-onna (Japanese origin) - Meaning 'snow woman', is also a supernatural entity similar to a witch mentioned in Japanese folklore.  


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