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101 Grrr-eat Names With Animal Meanings

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We share the world with our animal friends and naming our children after animal names keep them grounded to nature.

Names with animal meanings make for great names. If you are looking for names of animals for your little baby in English or other languages, we have found a way to bring your search to a close.

Here is a list of popular names that have animal meanings. A baby name can be made more meaningful if it has animal meanings. This is because the personality of the little one is shaped in a certain way. Each of the baby names included here is a word from different languages or even a common English name. These baby names might help you gift a cutting edge and sharp personality to your baby. If you are in search of unique names for boys and girls, here is a list for you.

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Popular Girls Names With Animal Meanings

Portrait of cute little baby lying on bed

Here is a list of girl names that have some animal meanings. These names are quite popular as a baby name and can really help your search for perfect baby or animal names.

1. Abitha (Indian origin) meaning "gazelle". Gazelles are mostly found in the grasslands and savannas of Africa, but they are also found in southwest Asia.

2. Ainara (Basque origin) meaning "swallow".

3. Alondra (Spanish origin) meaning "lark".

4. Ariel (Hebrew origin) meaning "God's lion". Ariel is also the name of a fictional mermaid in Walt Disney's movie 'The Little Mermaid'. Lion of God is a unique meaning for an animal name.

5. Aviana (Latin origin) meaning "bird".

6. Avis (Latin origin) meaning "bird".

7. Aya (Hebrew origin) meaning "bird".

8. Bee (English origin) meaning "honey bee". This is a short and sweet English name for your little one.

9. Betta (Latin origin) meaning "Siamese Fighting fish". Betta is a popular fish in the aquarium trade and is known to be highly territorial.

10. Beverley (English origin) meaning "beaver". Beverley is a market and minster town and civil parish in the East Riding of Yorkshire, England.

11. Bina (Polish origin) meaning "bee".

12. Birdey (German origin) meaning "little bird".

13. Blakesley (English origin) meaning "dark wolf".

14. Bunny (English origin) meaning "rabbit". Animal names like Bunny are commonly used by parents.

15. Calandra (Latin origin) meaning "skylark". A skylark is a bird found widely across Europe and Australia.

16. Canary (English origin) meaning "a bird". A canary is a well-known yellow songbird. The name is often linked to a popular area in London, Canary Wharf.

17. Capella (Latin origin) meaning "little goat".

18. Darva (Slavic origin) meaning "bee".

19. Davina (Hebrew origin) meaning "little deer". The name of an animal can be one of the great names for your baby girl too.

20. Deborah (Hebrew origin) meaning "bee".

21. Delphine (French origin) meaning "dolphin".  Dolphins are not only known for their playful behavior but also for being extremely intelligent.

22. Deryn (Welsh origin) meaning "bird".

23. Doe (English origin) meaning "female deer".

24. Dorcas (Greek origin) meaning "gazelle".

25. Eachna (Irish origin) meaning "horse".

26. Erlea (Basque origin) meaning "bee". This name of animal makes a unique girls' name.

27. Fauna (Latin origin) meaning "animals".

28. Garcia (Spanish and Portuguese origin) meaning "bear". A name that means bear can a great baby name.

29. Halcyon (Greek origin) meaning "kingfisher bird".

30. Heron (English origin) meaning "heron".

31. Leo (German origin) meaning "lion". Leo is a common baby name.

32. Leonie (Latin origin) meaning "lion". A baby name that means lion represents royalty and power.

33. Madigan (Irish origin) meaning "little dog". If you are in search of a baby name that means dog and might represent loyalty and honesty, this is a perfect choice.

34. Paloma (Spanish origin) meaning "dove". This is the name of the famous singer Paloma Faith.

35. Panya (African origin) meaning "mouse".

36. Pippa (English origin) meaning "horses".

37. Rachel (Hebrew origin) meaning "ewe". Rachel is a popular character in the famous TV series, 'Friends'.

38. Rudy (German origin) meaning "famous wolf".

39. Rae (Hebrew origin) meaning "ewe". A ewe is a female sheep.

40. Sable (English origin) meaning "sable". The sable is a small omnivorous mammal in Russia.

41. Tabitha (Aramaic origin) meaning "gazelle". Tabitha is the name of one of the twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ.

42. Tala (Native American origin) meaning "wolf".

43. Vega (Arabic origin) meaning "eagle swooping down".

44. Wren (English origin) meaning "bird".

45. Yaya (Arabic origin) meaning "small butterfly".

Popular Boys Names With Animal Meanings

Adorable toddler dressed in black on pumpkin background

If you are looking for names for boys that have animal meanings, here is a list of some baby names.

46. Abbas (Hebrew origin) meaning "lion or stern".

47. Aegis (Greek origin) meaning "young goat".

48. Agu (African origin) meaning "leopard". Leopards are known for their agility and strong swimming abilities.

49. Alioth (Arabic origin) meaning "sheep".

50. Altair (New Latin origin) meaning "eagle".

51. Arnold (English origin) meaning "a powerful eagle". Arnold Schwarzenegger is the name of one of the world's top bodybuilders.

52. Arthur (Celtic origin) meaning "bear". Baby names that mean bear are very common.  The name might very often be associated with King Arthur who was a medieval King of the kingdom named Camelot.

53. Auster (German origin) meaning "oyster".

54. Ayala (Hebrew origin) meaning "gazelle".

55. Baggio (Italian origin) meaning "toad".

56. Baran (Polish origin) meaning "ram". Rams are male bighorn sheep who live in the mountains.

57. Baz (Dutch origin) meaning "falcon". Falcons are known to possess exceptional powers of vision.

58. Benno (German origin) meaning "bear".

59. Berold (English origin) meaning "ruling bear".

60. Boyne (Irish origin) meaning "white cow".

61. Bronco (Spanish origin) meaning "horse". A baby name that means "horse" is very common because of a horse's dynamic personality.

62. Bruin (French origin) meaning "bear".

63. Buck (English origin) meaning "male deer". Bucks are the only deer that grow antlers, which they shed each winter and grow back again in the spring.

64. Calbert (English origin) meaning "calf".

65. Callum (Scottish origin) meaning "dove". Callum is one of the more popular names for boys.

66. Channing (English or Irish origin) meaning "wolf club". Channing is also the name of a popular new-age American actor, Channing Tatum.

67. Colin (Gaelic origin) meaning "young dog". Colin is a common name for dogs.

68. Colt (English origin) meaning "young foal". A foal is a very young horse.

69. Columbo (Latin origin) meaning "dove".

70. Conan (Irish origin) meaning "little wolf". Names meaning wolf represent sharpness and power.

71. Conroy (Irish origin) meaning "wolf of the plain".

72. Corbett (Normal origin) meaning "little crow". The oldest and most famous national in India is called Jim Corbett.

73. Cornell (English origin) meaning "crow". Cornell University is a popular Ivy League in New York.

74. Culver (English origin) meaning "dove".

75. Drake (German origin) meaning "a male duck". Drake is the name of a new age rapper from Canada.

76. Fox (English origin) meaning "fox". A red fox is known for its intelligence and for being cunning.

77. Gannet (German origin) meaning "goose".

78. Jaguar (English origin) meaning "jaguar" or "a wild cat". Jaguar is known to be one of the most popular and high-end automobile brands.

79. Jay (Latin origin) meaning "jaybird".

80. Jonah (Hebrew origin) meaning "dove". Doves are particularly known to be symbols of peace or love during Valentine's Day.

81. Lark (English origin) meaning "lark".

82. Lonan (Irish origin) meaning "blackbird".

83. Lowell (French origin) meaning "young wolf".

84. Lynx (English origin) meaning "lynx". Lynx is a cat species that has beautiful thick fur that keeps them warm during winters.

85. Orson (Latin and English origin) meaning "bear club".

86. Poe (English origin) meaning "peacock". Peacocks are large, colorful birds who are known for their iridescent tails.

87. Pike (English origin) meaning "fish". The northern pike is a species of fish particularly found in the Northern Hemisphere.

88. Tiger (English origin) meaning "a wild cat". The name might often be associated with the American golf player Tiger Woods.

89. Wolf (English origin) meaning "wild beast". The name wolf can be a great one for your boy.

Gender-Neutral Names With Animal Meanings

Baby names that are gender neutral can be difficult to find and select. If you are in search of a name that means bear or lion or wolf, here is a list for you. The English translation of some such names can be difficult to find, but this list includes the English meaning of each of the names.

90. Adler (German origin) meaning "eagle".

91. Adolfo (Anglo-Saxon origin) meaning "a noble wolf" Such girl names that mean wolf really brings out the hidden potential of your girl. This is commonly a great boy name but it's unique for girls.

92. Barrett (German origin) means "bear".

93. Brayden (Irish origin) meaning "salmon".

94. Eagle (English origin) meaning "eagle".

95. Jael (Hebrew origin) meaning "mountain goat". Mountain goats have distinctive beards and warm coats to protect them from cold temperatures in hilly mountain regions.

96. Lenny (English origin) meaning "brave lion". This is one of the more common baby names.

97. Lionel (Latin origin) means "lion that is young". A very popular Argentine professional footballer is named Lionel Andrés Messi.  

98.  Madden (Irish origin) meaning "little dog". Steve Madden is a popular shoe brand for both men and women.

99. Merle (French origin) meaning "blackbird". The song of the blackbird is said to be the most beautiful and best-loved of any British bird.

100. Robin (English origin) meaning "bird". The name Robin might be linked to Robin Hood, a legendary English hero.

101. Sequoia (Native American origin) meaning "sparrow". Sequoia Capital is the name of a technology focussed American venture capital firm, headquartered in California.

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