60 Names Meaning Wolf From Around The World

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Picking a good name for their little one is one of the most challenging decisions the parents have to make.

Your child will carry the name for the rest of his or her life. Hence, their name should be well thought to ensure your child would not have any regrets about it.

Do you want your child to have a strong and powerful name? If so, you should consider wolven names.

A wolf is an intelligent and highly social animal that develops very close bonds with their family and natural leadership and management skills. Here is a list of boy names, girl names, and neutral names that mean wolf. Your search for wolf names ends here.

We hope this article helps you in your search but if you want more inspiration you could look at fantasy girl names or gothic boy names, right here on Kidadl.

Boy Names That Mean Wolf

Brown wolf standing on green grass

Boys can be named just 'Wolf.' There are few famous people like Wolf Kahn, an artist, Wolf Blitzer, a reporter in CNN and Wolf Vishniac, a microbiologist, etc.

People who are named Wolfgang, Wolfworth, and Wolfford are called Wolf in short. Pick a wolven name for your son that you think will suit him the best, and make sure the name you choose matches your family name.

1.  Adolphus (German origin) with the meaning "noble wolf."

2.  Acwulf (Old German origin) name, and it means "wolf from the oak meadows."

3.  Ardolph (English origin) wolf name and refers to a "home-loving wolf."

4.  Bardulf (Old English origin) baby name with the meaning "bright wolf" and "ax-wielding wolf."

5.  Bardolph (English origin) name with the meaning "bright wolf."

6.  Boris (Turkic word) is the name of famous people like Boris Becker, Boris Johnson, and Boris Yeltsin, etc.

7.  Chann (Irish origin) name with the meaning "little wolf" or "young wolf."

8.  Dolph (Swedish origin) name with the meaning "noble wolf."

9.  Eadwulf (Anglo Saxon origin) name Ead, meaning "wealth," is combined with Wulf.

10.  Faolan (Irish origin) meaning "little wolf."

11.  Gonzalo (Spanish origin) meaning "noble wolf."

12.  Honiahaka (American origin) is a beautiful that means "wolf".

13.  Ivailo (Bulgarian origin) name meaning "wolf."

14.  Lowell (Old French origin) name and means "young wolf."

15.  Lycus (Greek mythology) name of "son of Aegyptus".

16.  Lyall (Old Norse origin) that means "shield wolf."

17.  Hemming (Old Norse origin) meaning "werewolf."

18.  Mingan (American origin) name with the meaning "grey wolf."

19.  Odwolf (German origin) name meaning "wealthy wolf."

20.  Phelan (Indian name) for "joyful little wolf."

21.  Radolph (Old English origin) name meaning "red wolf."

22.  Randolph (Anglo Saxon origin) name meaning "shield" and "wolf".

23.  Ralph (Scandinavian form of Old Norse) meaning "wise wolf."

24.  Rudi (Spanish origin) name meaning "famous wolf."

25.  Velvel (Yiddish origin) name for the "wolf".

26.  Zeeb: (Hebrew origin) name used to denote "male wolf."

Girl Baby Names Meaning Wolf

A wolf couple and moon in the background

Wolfess is the medieval term for female wolves that represents their powerful nature. Your little girl should be strong and fierce like a wolf to rule the world. Wolf names emit power and let your princess be powerful. We have listed some unique and meaningful names 'wolf'.

27.  Adalwulfa (German origin) name that means "noble she wolf."

28.  Adolfina (English origin) name with the meaning "noble wolf."

29.  Adolpha (German origin) meaning "noble wolf."

30.   Arnulfa (Spanish origin) means "eagle wolf" and is perfect for a person with a strong personality.

31.  Ashina (Indian origin) for "female wolf."

32.  Bighana (Indian origin) meaning "wolf."

33.  Cathwulf (England origin) meaning "pure like a wolf."

34.  Due (Danish origin) meaning "wolf power."

35.  Faoiltiama (Irish origin) for the "wolf lady."

36.  Guadalupe (Arabic origin) meaning "wolf valley."

37.  Larentia (Latin origin) is a female wolf is called a she-wolf. Larentia is the Latin word for "she-wolf."

38.  Lycaconia (Israel origin) meaning "she-wolf."

39.  Lupa (Latin origin) name that means "wolf."

40.  Minsi is a short and sweet name meaning "wolf leader."

41.  Randelle (German origin) name meaning "wolf shield."

42.  Rollin (English origin) is the female version of 'Rollo,' meaning "famous wolf."

43.  Rudee (German origin) and it means "famous wolf."

44.  Tala (Native American origin) word for "red wolf."

45.  Ulva (German origin) name that means "wolf."

46.  Warg (English origin) name from fiction with the meaning "wolf."

Unisex Names Meaning Wolf

Unisex names are on the rise because lots of todays millennial parents want to get rid of sexism and embrace gender fluidity. Many also feel that gender neutral names are cool and hope their kids will be happy with them when they grow up.

Are you one of them looking for a good unisex name for your child? Here are a few suggestions for you.

47.  Agwang (African origin) name with the meaning "wolf".

48.  Arnou (French origin) is an unisex name meaning "eagle wolf."

49.  Bardou (English origin) name suitable for both sexes, and it means "bright wolf."

50.  Beorhtwul name means "a bright wolf."

51.  Beowulf (Anglo axon origin) name means "an intelligent wolf."

52.  Blevin (Welsh origin) and means "wolf cub."

53.  Daciana (Roman origin) name derived from Dacia, a region in Rome. It means "wolf."

54.  Guadalupe (Spanish origin) name meaning "wolf valley" and a Saint's name.

55.  Lupus (Latin origin) name for wolf, is not a gender-specific name, and reminiscent of "wolf's bite".

56.  Lyall (Scottish origin) surname meaning "wolf", and is now used as a unisex forename.

57.  Maiyun (Cheyenne origin) and means "wolf."

58.  Randi is one of the names for wolves that means "wolf shield."

59.  Tikaani (Persian origin) name means "wolf warrior".

60.  Ull (German origin) name that refers to "wolf ruler."

61.  Vrika (Sanskrit origin) name for a "male and female wolf".

Kidadl has loads of great name articles to inspire you, if you liked our article about wolf names why not look at wizard names or, for something different, our ultimate list of direwolf names from 'Game Of Thrones.'

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