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If you need the perfect names that will inspire your name creation for your starship, this is the right handy list for you. All the ship names are original names from three Halo games. The UNSC Navy had capital ships and single-ship crafts used in fighting the war, amongst others. Now, let's find out the elites from Halo below.

Ship Names In Halo 1

In this list, you will have most of the UNSC ship names from Halo 1 at your fingertips. Ships like Pillar of Autumn were used by the master chief and are one of the most popular ships. Protocols were put in place to prevent the Covenant from finding any more colonies to destroy, and this required superior technology and better vessels to help defeat them.

A ship on victoria harbor.

1. UNSC Basra: Refers to the city of Basra, where during WWI, the Battle of Basra occurred between the British and Ottoman troops.

2. Battle of the Great Bear: Refers to the strength of the bear and the great victories of the UNSC fleet.

3. Beatrice: Refers to UNSC Beatrice, one of the first ships in the UNSC fleet.

4. Behemoth-Class Tug: A small fleet designed by humans.

5. UNSC Belfast: A battleship that fought in the Great War of Arcadia.

6. UNSC Brasidas: Named after a Spartan General who was killed in the Battle of Amphipolis.

7. UNSC Clearidas: Named after a Spartan General killed in the Peloponnesian War.

8. UNSC Commonwealth: Named after the commonwealth nations.

9. UNSC Constantinople: Named after the ancient capital of the Ottoman Empire, which is now Istanbul.

10. Construction Platform 966A: Or Station Delphi is a deep UNSC shipyard.

11. Contents Under Pressure: An unarmed interstellar vessel in the UNSC commercial fleet.

12. UNSC Coral Sea: Referring to WWII about the Battle of the Coral Sea, the battle between Imperial Japan and the US and Australia.

13. UNSC Cradle: Refers to the refit station for the UNSC Navy.

14. Distancia: Refers to a commercial interstellar vessel.

15. UNSC Euphrates: Refers to the frigate in service with the UNSC Navy.

16. UNSC Everest: Refers to the Battle of Psi Serpentes, where the battleship was destroyed.

17. UNSC Excellence: A warship destroyed in the Second Battle of Harvest.

18. UNSC Fair Weather: Was in orbit of the Sigma Octanus IV.

19. UNSC Final Summit: Was in the UNSC fleet before the Human-Covenant War.

20. Finnegan's Wake: Was an interstellar battleship named after the famous novel by James Joyce.

21. UNSC Forward Unto Dawn: An interstellar warship that is used as a defense shield.

22. Freighter: An interstellar warship or commercial ship.

23. GA-TL1 Longsword-Class Interceptor: Is the main defense ship for the UNSC.

24. UNSC Gettysburg: Refers to a town in Gettysburg where the American Civil War was fought between the Confederates and Union forces.

25. UNSC Glasgow Kiss: Refers to a UNSC Destroyer.

26. Halcyon-Class Light Cruiser: Is a classification of a UNSC cruiser starship.

27. Han: She is a Halo Sangheili, she is better known as "Han'Chavam". It is also known as a small diplomatic ship that has crypto-chambers.

28. UNSC Hannibal: A heavy-duty cruiser.

29. UNSC The Heart of Midlothian: Named after the novel by Sir Walter Scott.

30. CMA Heracles: Named after the Greek God Hercules and was a Hillsborough class destroyer.

31. UNSC In Amber Clad: A light freighter.

32. Laden: A Parabola-class freighter.

33. Laden-class freighter: Alight weight human-designed freighter.

Ship Names In Halo 2

Halo 2 was just as good as the first one, if not better. The ships were upgraded, and the master chief had better plans in defeating the covenant. Every vessel had its unique qualities and capabilities, and all vessels were made to achieve a specific goal. These are the names of the vessels from the second installment of Halo.

34. 6 Echo 2: Civilian transport craft.

35. UNSC Kronstadt: A diligence-class destroyer.

36. UNSC Brilliant Shores: An interstellar ship that was in service before the Human-Covenant war.

37. Bulk Discount: A freighter that is part of the commercial fleet.

38. UNSC Buenos Aires: UNSC Destroyer was destroyed and all the crew members were presumed dead.

39. UNSC Campo Grande: Named after a city in Brazil, this was a UNSC Navy vessel that was used in the Second Battle of Harvest.

40. Calypso-Class Exfiltration Craft: A notable battleship used in the Battle of K7-49.

41. UNSC Chalons: A UNSC corvette that was used as a distinction in the Battle of Earth.

42. UNSC Chares: Named after Chares of Athens, this UNSC cruiser was used as a battleship.

43. UNSC Circumference: Was used as a Naval-Intelligence Prowler.

44. UNSC Do You Feel Lucky?: A destroyer named after the quote from the 1971 crime-thriller, Dirty Harry.

45. UNSC Dusk: A UNSC Navy Prowler that was part of the UNSC Home Fleet.

46. UNSC Edge Of Umbra: A UNSC Command Prowler used during the Insurrection.

47. Emergency Thruster: Standard equipment for the UNSC vessels.

48. UNSC Trafalgar: A Punic-class supercarrier named after the Battle of Trafalgar, the war fought between the English, French, and Spanish forces.

49. UNSC Gorgon (frigate): Was used in the Human-Covenant war.

50. UNSC Gorgon (destroyer): An updated version of the previous to use for the war.

51. UNSC Herald: Accompanied the UNSC Pompadour and the UNSC Spirit of fire to investigate covenant activity in Arcadia.

52. UNSC Hermes II: Is supposedly a Halcyon-class light cruiser or a station.

53. UNSC Herodotus: One of the first human vessels to be destroyed by a Covenant Energy projector.

54. UNSC Infinity: One of the most advanced multi-vessels to date, it was an experimental infinity-class supercarrier.

55. UNSC Iroquois: Is a Halberd-class destroyer. One of the few surviving ships from the Battle of Sigma.

56. UNSC Jericho: UNSC destroyer that was involved in the Castillo Incident.

57. AV-30 Kestrel: Is a combat vehicle made by Misriah Armory.

58. UNSC Lance Held High: One of the first ships to be destroyed along with UNSC Sacramento in the Second Battle of Harvest.

59. UNSC Lancelot: Named after the knight present in King Arthur's Round Table. This was a destroyer ship.

60. UNSC Lark: Is a UNSC prowler that was used by the UNSC Naval Office of Intelligence

61. UNSC Las Vegas: A destroyer that was involved in the Castillo Incident.

62. UNSC Last Gleaming: Presumed to be a Prowler, it has Professor Andes on board.

63. UNSC Leviathan: Is a Marathon-class heavy cruiser.

64. UNSC Maelstrom: Named after a powerful and violent whirlpool, this vessel was present in the Battle of Harvest.

65. UNSC Magellan: Named after the famous explorer Ferdinand Magellan, a carrier that had Jacob Keyes present on board.

66. UNSC Majestic: A destroyer that was able to make a creator on the ground after destroying three Covenant vessels.

67. Mako-Class Corvette: Light capital warship classification.

68. Odyssey: The lead ship used in interstellar human colony vessels.

Ship Names In Halo 3

The Covenant is yet fully defeated, and the ships only get better. Halo 3 saw more action and firepower, which can be seen through the caliber of the ships. These vessels continued the battle against the Covenant to restore order and balance back to the human race left. For more thrills from this gaming series, find out the best ships used to carry on the battle against the covenant in this list below.

3d illustration of Titanic ship in the sea.

69. UNSC Bum Rush: As this vessel was getting rid of something that's not wanted hence the namesake. A tactical operations center to fight the Insurrectionists on the Tribute.

70. UNSC Bunker Hill: Was a destroyer that was named after the Battle of Bunker Hill.

71. CMA Season of Plenty: A ship that was operated by the Colonial Military Administration that was before the Insurrection.

72. UNSC Calcutta: A destroyer that was named after the Indian city of "Calcutta".

73. UNSC Callisto: This was a vessel that was seized by Insurrectionists during the Castillo incident

74. UNSC Dawn Under Heaven: A Halcyon-class light cruiser that is the sister ship to the UNSC Pillar of Autumn.

75. Echo 419: Is a UNSC Pelican Dropship given to the 23rd Naval Squadron.

76. UNSC Grafton: Is a Paris-class heavy frigate part of the Epsilon Eridani Fleet.

77. UNSC Hilbert: Was a science vessel that was used in the Human-Covenant war

78. UNSC Hopeful: Is a research facility and mobile hospital.

79. Horn of Plenty: Is an interstellar freighter that is unmanned.

80. UNSC Iwo Jima: A naval destroyer that was destroyed in the Battle of Onyx.

81. Kelvin Research Station: A research station that orbits Pluto.

82. Long Time Coming: A vessel that is used by the Office of Naval Intelligence.

83. UNSC Lowrentz: A naval vessel that was present in the Battle of Harvest.

84. UNSC Matador: Named after the main performer in Bullfighting, this is a heavy cruiser.

85. UNSC Meriwether Lewis: A Stalwart- class light frigate named after the famous explorer with the same name.

86. UNSC Midsummer Night: A Stalwart- class light frigate that served in the Human-Covenant War.

87. National Holiday: Was a Human luxury liner starship.

88. ONI PRO-49776: Is a prowler's Hull-classification symbol that is with the Naval Intelligence Office.

89. UNSC Pillar of Autumn: One of the most famous Halcyon-class light freighters considered to be named after autumn. It is the sister ship of UNSC Dawn under summer.

90. UNSC Pioneer: Is a Halbert-class destroyer.

91. UNSC Point of No Return: Considered to be a stealth cruiser and a secret ship.

92. UNSC Redoubtable: A freighter that served during the Human-Covenant War.

93. UNSC Resolute: A UNSC destroyer used during the Human-Covenant War.

94. UNSC Saratoga: A Paris-class heavy frigate that is part of the Epsilon Eridani Fleet.

95. UNSC Savannah: A Paris-class heavy frigate used during the Human-Covenant War.

96. UNSC Say My Name: A Marathon-class heavy cruiser that is part of the fifth fleet.

97. UNSC Tannenberg: Was a frigate that become non-functional because of Covenant activity.

98. UNSC Texas: Named after the US state, this ship was in service during the Human-Covenant War.

99. CMA Vostok: Means East in Russian, this is a Colonial Military Administration Charon-class light frigate.

100. UNSC Waterloo: Present in the Second Battle of Harvest that was destroyed by a single Covenant vessel. It was named after the Battle of Waterloo.

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