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40 Mage Names for Your Characters

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The magicians have always attracted the audience. And you all might have your favorites.

There is an equal share of good mages and bad mages. But before jumping directly to the topic, you must know the meaning of mage. Mage stands for a magician or a person who practices magic. So, here have listed some of our favorite mage characters. It's a mixed list which contains some famous wizards for good deeds whereas some of them are known for their not so good deeds.

If you're looking for more magical inspiration why not look at funny mage names or famous wizard names, right here on Kidadl. 

Mage Names for Girls

A female magician in dark clothes is standing with her golden moon magic wand

A female mage is called a witch. They are known for different roles, and it isn't easy to trace their origin. Some of the mage names are inspired by nature, whereas some are inspired by their deeds or contribution to the character. Let's have a look at some of the best female mage names below.

1 . Agnes  is one of the Greek Mage names, which means "pure".

2 . Agate is one of the female wizard names, which means "a good woman".

3 . Alice is another female fantasy name, which means "noble".

4 . Allegra is one of the most popular wizard names, which means "happy or cheerful".

5 . Alison is one of the funny wizard names, which means "daughter or granddaughter of Alice".

6 . Andromeda is one of the most popular mages. Her name means "daughter of Cassiopeia", who was turned into a constellation by Zeus.

7 . Angela is one of the good wizard names, which means "the messenger of God".

8 . Ariadne is one of the mage names, which means "someone who is the holiest or pure".

9 . Astra means "someone who is closely related to stars".

10 . Aurelia meaning "the golden one".

Mage Names for Boys

Boys are also quite popular in the world of wizards and witchcraft. Male mages and wizards are some of the most iconic fantasy characters out there. Let's have a look at some of the most popular male mage names.

11 . Abraham means "father of many".

12 . Alatar is a male name meaning "after comer". This sorcerer name is one of the most popular male mages in Lord of the Rings.

13 . Albus is one of the great wizarding names that means "white or bright".

14 . Ambrose means "someone who cannot die or someone immortal".

15 . Barron is a male name means "a brave and young warrior".

16 . Bertram means "a bright or famous raven".

17 . Draco is one of the sorcerer names, which means "dragon".

18 . Elvin means "an angelic friend".

19 . Gwydion means "God of magic".

20 . Harry is a character name means "home ruler".

Gender Neutral Mage Names

There are many gender neutral characters in the fantasy world. They have gained immense popularity with time. You can use these names with any gender. Let's have a look at some of the most popular gender-neutral names -

21 . Ashton is one of the most popular unisex names, which means "an ash tree".

22 . Angel is a quite popular gender-neutral name, which means "a messenger of God".

23 . Alex is a Greek gender-neutral name, which means "the protector of humanity".

24 . Arrow is a very positive name for both boys and girls, which means "hitting the target".

25 . Billie is a cute unisex name, which means "a resolute protector".

26 . Brooke is an uncommon but good gender-neutral name, which means "a small stream".

27 . Cameron is a Scottish name, which means" someone with a broken or crooked nose".

28 . Denver means "a valley".

29 . Evan is one of the most popular unisex names, which means "God is gracious or youth".

30 . Flynn is one of the popular unisex names of wizards, which means "a child of a red-haired man".

Mage Names Inspired by Fiction

Maybe you will be inspired by an existing magical character for your story. We all have fictional characters that we care about deeply, what better to inspire your new world? Given below are some of the most popular mage names inspired by fictional characters.

31 . Anakin means "unknown". This is the name of the character in Star Wars.

32 . Bran  is the most popular characters in Games of Thrones, which means "raven", which was considered a bad omen.

33 . Elanor means "Star Sun". This name was used in The Lord of the Rings.

34 . Fleur means "flower". It was used for the first time in The Forsyte Saga. This is one of the funny mage names.

35 . Galadriel means "a maiden crowned with a radiant garland". It was first used in J R R Tolkien's novels.

36 . Katniss Everdeen means "archer", which is a popular character in The Hunger Games.

37 . Miles Matheson means "solider or son of heroes", popularly used in the Revolution series.

38 . Prince Zuko means "of this is reclaimed honor" and is used in Avatar: The Last Airbender.

39 . The Wizard means "magician". This character is used in The Wizard of Oz.

40 . Xander Harris is a type of fish. This character's name is inspired by Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

We hope this article helped in your search, but if you need more inspiration why not look at druid names or famous wizard names, right here on Kidadl.

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