120 Magical Male Witch Names From History And Popular Culture

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Why Male Witch Names?

We just can't get enough of witches and the enchantment they provide, what with their spells, their boiling cauldrons, and even their broomsticks. Witchcraft and its associated culture are fascinating, even down to the names. There are many scenarios in which knowing a few witch names might be helpful. Like... Taking in a black cat, male or female? Either Merlin or Luna would be ideal. Spending Halloween with your pals while dressed as 'Harry Potter' characters? Then choose a character from the series, Hermione, Harry, Bellatrix, or anybody else. Just putting on a hat and choosing a timeless moniker honoring a legendary sorceress from the past will make your day.

Cool Witch Names from Male Harry Potter Characters

1. Albus (Latin origin), meaning 'white', is the most famous name in the 'Harry Potter' series, Albus Dumbledore, the headmaster of Hogwarts.

2. Anthony (Roman origin), meaning 'priceless', is among the most common Christian names.

3. Collin (Irish origin), meaning 'victory of people', a name that is often used for babies who would have fun and playful personality.

4. Dennis (Greek origin), meaning 'the god of wine', a widely used name, is a character in the series, a muggle-born wizard.

5. Dirk (German origin), meaning 'a famous ruler', people obsessed with king-like lives often name their babies dirk.

6. Draco (Greek origin), meaning 'serpent', is the villain of the harry potter series who is mean to every kid at Hogwarts.

7. Fred (English origin), meaning 'wise', is a short form of Alfred or Aelfraed.

8. Harry (German origin), meaning 'home ruler', is one of the most commonly used names from the 'Harry Potter' series.

9. John (English origin), meaning 'extremely common' but has a certain personality attached to it.

10. Kingsley (English origin), meaning 'king's wood', is a character titled in the 'Ministry Of Magic'.

11. Lucius (Roman origin), meaning 'light', has a religious and literary resemblance.

12. Neville (French origin), meaning 'new town', is a rarely used name, it was originally the surname given to people who were new to the town, but in the series, he is a Hogwarts student.

13. Peter (Greek origin), meaning 'rock', is a favorite name of many as it is cool and cute simultaneously.

14. Remus (Latin origin), meaning 'charming', is a character in harry potter; he also found Rome with his brother.

15. Ron (English origin), meaning 'counselor of the ruler', is the best friend of Harry Potter in the harry potter series.

16. Rubeus (Latin origin), meaning 'colored red', is a fictional character who is half wizard and half-giant in the series.

17. Seamus (Irish origin), meaning 'one who supplants', is a half-blood wizard in the series.

18. Severus (Latin origin), meaning 'serious', is one of the sternest Harry Potter teachers but a sweetheart.

19. Sirius (Greek origin), meaning 'brightest star', is Harry's godfather and his father's best friend.

20. Vincent (Latin origin), meaning 'to conquer,' is a name that was widely used in the 1800s but sounds classic.

Evil Witch Names From Throughout History

21. Alastair (Scottish origin), meaning 'defender', is a strong name for a baby that will undoubtedly reflect their personality.

22. Azriel (Hebrew origin), meaning 'God helps', is an uncommon yet beautiful name.

23. Cornelius (Irish origin), meaning 'strong wiled', is a personal name from the third century.

24. Darkus (French origin), meaning 'strong', is widely used by the people following Christianity.

25. Lucian (Latin origin), meaning 'light', is a common name in Rome and depicts strong willpower.

26. Magnus (Latin origin), meaning 'greatest', is the name many kings had and is still used in places like Roman, a classic and beautiful name.

27. Paxton (English origin), meaning 'peace town', is a rare name that has recently got publicity through a character in a Netflix show.

28. Quirinus (Roman origin), meaning 'assembly of men', is a roman god who is constituted to be the strongest.

29. Tristian (French origin), meaning 'loud', is a name that depicts power and a person with a voice.

30. Tybalt (English origin), meaning 'from bold people', is a unique biblical name.

31. Xander (Greek origin), meaning 'warrior', is a highly uncommon name; only one in 898 boys have that name.

32. Xenos (Greek origin), meaning 'stranger', is a strange yet intriguing name, just like its meaning.

33. Zeneith (Arabic origin), meaning 'the way over one's head', is the highest point.

Witch Male Cat Names

34. Blaise (French origin), meaning 'to stammer', is one of the widely used cat names for the character of a powerful warlock in the Arthurian legend.

35. Cauldron (English origin), meaning 'hot bath', is a unique option for a beautiful yet witchy cat.

36. Circe (Greek origin), meaning 'ring', is a character in Greek mythology.

37. Endora (Latin origin), meaning 'endure', is the cat in the bewitched television show, and it became famous instantly.

38. Licorice (Latin origin), meaning 'sweet root', is a candy flavor used widely in spells and potions.

39. Linden (English origin), meaning 'lime tree', is a tree that holds importance to the Pagan culture.

40. Merlin (Welsh origin), meaning 'sea fortress, is a male cat who lives a long and wise life.

41. Midnight (English origin), meaning 'middle of the night, is the perfect evil name for a cat.

42. Raven (English origin), meaning 'blackbird', is the name of a dark-haired person.

43. Salem (Hebrew origin), meaning 'peace', is a town in Massachusetts that is said to be spooky. It also came as a character in Sabrina.

44. Severus (Latin origin), meaning 'stern', is a name of a cat who has a heart of gold.

Subjects of the school of magic:Scarf, magic wand, book of spells and pumpkin.

Gender Neutral Witch Names And Meanings

45. Adonis (Greek origin), meaning 'extremely handsome', originated from Greek mythology about beauty and desire.

46. Alchem (Latin origin), meaning unknown, is a unique name that has originated from the word 'alchemy'.

47. Angus (Celtic origin), meaning 'special', is a beautiful yet uncommon wizard, male witch name.

48. Blade (English origin), meaning 'a leaf-like part', is used in naming a knife or sword, someone whose personality is sharp.

49. Brynn (Welsh origin), meaning 'hill', is a gender-neutral name for little witches and wizards.

50. Cernunnos (Gaelic origin), meaning 'horned', is found in the Celtic polities and is unique.

51. Corbin (English origin), meaning 'little crow', is a cute but powerful name.

52. Echo (Greek origin), meaning 'sound repeated by reflection', has been a part of Greek mythologies.

53. Evander (Greek origin), meaning 'good man', is a mighty name that gives off good vibes.

54. Herne (English origin), meaning 'god of the hunt, is a beautiful yet uncommon name.

55. Lysander (Roman origin), meaning 'liberator', is a unique name that is highly unpopular yet so powerful.

56. Roane (Irish origin), meaning 'red-haired', is a gender-neutral name for your baby boy.

57. Zolan (Fictional origin), meaning unknown, is a good yet unique name for a baby boy.

Witch Names Inspired By TV Shows And Movies

58. Abraham (Hebrew origin), meaning 'father of many', is considered a great name.

59. Alatar (Hebrew origin), meaning 'after comer', is an immortal witch from the 'Lord Of The Rings'.

60. Astrid (Greek origin), meaning 'divinely beautiful', is a gender-neutral name that is cute and still amazing.

61. Brynne (Welsh origin), meaning 'a little drop of water', is a titled character in the 'Vampire Diaries' and is gender-neutral.

62. Hades (Greek origin), meaning 'the god and the people', originated from Greek mythologies.

63. Joshua (Hebrew origin), meaning 'delivery by God', is a titled character in vampire diaries and a widely used name globally.

64. Kai (Fictional origin), meaning unknown, is the most powerful witch with superpowers of the entire coven resting in him.

65. Kaleb (Hebrew origin), meaning 'whole-hearted', is a witch in the vampire diaries series.

66. Lucifer (Latin origin), meaning 'the morning star', is a beloved character of the NetFlix show 'Lucifer'.

67. Ommin (Fictional origin), meaning 'everything and everyone, is a unique name to give to your baby.

68. Pallando (Fictional origin), the meaning remains unfound, is a wizard in 'Tolkien's World'.

69. Percy (French origin), meaning 'pierce valley', is a character in the Percy Jackson movies.

70. Robin (English origin), meaning 'shiny', is a fictional character in the warlock of the magus world.

71. Saruman (Fictional origin), meaning 'man of skill', is the center character of 'The Lord Of The Rings'.

72. Silas (Geek and Latin origin), meaning 'forest', is the most powerful witch after Kai in the 'Vampire Diaries'.

Male Witches Names

73. Achak (native American origin), meaning 'soul', is a unique name for a baby boy.

74. Aiden (Irish origin), meaning 'little fire', has originated from Irish mythology.

75. Ambrose (Latin origin), meaning 'immortal', is a widely liked name on the internet; it has made several appearances in novels, movies, and TV series.

76. Aspen (English origin), meaning 'shaking poplar tree', is a bold and cute baby name that would have a strong character.

77. Atlantes (English origin), meaning 'a tall tree with a flow representing leaves', is one of the coolest names of a wizard.

78. Bellamy (French origin), meaning 'good friend', portrays a cool tone to a person's personality.

79. Birch (English Origin), meaning 'a tall, hard tree', is supposed to hold a lot of importance.

80. Chatan (Native American origin), meaning 'hawk', is a unique name from witchcraft.

81. Christian (English origin), meaning 'keen follower of Christianity', is a modern-day name, and people are mesmerized by this name.

82. Desmond (Irish origin), meaning 'a knowledgeable man', is a beautiful and popular name.

83. Dune (English origin), meaning 'a mound of air', appeared in the novel of ancient Egypt.

84. Eliphas (African origin), meaning 'a gifted person', is a name for the artistic personality of people.

85. Fabian (Latin origin), meaning 'grower of bean', is a wizard well-liked in Harry potter.

86. Gandalf (Fictional origin), meaning 'elf wand', is a fictional character from Lord of the Rings.

87. Ganondorf (Irish origin), meaning 'fair-colored', is an influential person in the legend of Zelda.

88. George (Greek origin), meaning 'soil worker', is a common boy name that portrays a cute personality.

89. Gerald (English origin), meaning 'rule and spear', is one of the most used warlock names.

90. Gwydion (Welsh origin), meaning 'born of trees', is a male witch in a fictional movie called 'The Four Branches of the Mabinogi'.

91. Icarus (Greek origin), meaning 'follower', is a prominent figure from Greek mythologies.

92. James (English origin), meaning 'supplanter', is a widespread boy name but has also become a common girl name.

93. Lazarus (Hebrew origin), meaning 'gold is a helper', is a religious name that is unique and tasteful.

94. Leigh (English origin), meaning 'wood dweller', is a gender-neutral name that can be given to wizards (male witches) and witches.

95. Llyr (Greek origin), meaning 'god of the sea', is a beautiful name for strong willpower and thought process babies.

96. Mark (Latin origin), meaning 'god of war', is a very common male name, along with being popular.

97. Max (Latin origin), meaning 'largest', is the witch in the 'the princess bride'.

98. Merlin (Welsh origin), meaning 'sea hill,' is born in the Arthurian Legend.

99. Nicholas (Latin origin), meaning 'victory of the people', was a widely used name by rulers and kings and had a powerful tone.

100. Nikan (native American origin), meaning 'my friend', is a super cute name for your baby.

101. Omen (Latin origin), meaning 'indicating the future, is a strong name for the bright future.

102. Oscar (Irish origin), meaning 'spear of the gods', is the wizard's name in 'The Wizard Of Oz'.

103. Percival (French origin), meaning 'piercing the valley', is a beautiful pagan baby name.

104. Phoenix (Latin origin), meaning 'reincarnation', is a bird's name used in many books and movies.

105. Pollux (Greek origin), meaning 'very sweet', is a beautiful name and a star of the Gemini constellation.

106. Prospero (Spanish origin), meaning 'prosperous', is the main sorcerer in the Shakespeare play 'The Tempest'.

107. Puck (English origin), meaning 'mischievous', is a fairy in 'The Tempest' by Shakespeare.

108. Radagast (Fictional origin), meaning 'tender of beasts', is a fictional wizard in the Lords of the rings.

109. Raymond (German origin), meaning 'protector who is wise', is a famous suit brand used widely to name babies.

110. Rincewind (Fictional origin), the meaning remains unfounded, is a character from 'Discworld'.

111. Rowan (Celtic origin), meaning 'a a lush tree', is a fictional character with magical powers.

112. Sahale (native American origin), meaning 'falcon', is a unique name to give your baby boy.

113. Scott (Scottish origin), meaning 'Scotland originated', is a cute yet elegant name.

114. Takoda (Native American origin), meaning 'friends to all', is a cute and unique name.

115. Talon (French origin), meaning 'claw of a large bird', is one of the most intimidating wizard names.

116. Trevor (Irish origin), meaning 'ambitious', is a common name in the United States.

117. Zayden (Arabic origin), meaning 'growth or increase', functions as both a given name and a surname in Arabic-speaking nations.

118. Zayn (Arabic origin), meaning 'grace', this name can also be anglicized as Zain.

119. Zephaniah (Hebrew Origin), meaning 'God has hidden', is a given name and surname.

120. Zephyr (Greek origin), meaning 'winds in the west', is a common name for the warlock found in books written for children.


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