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40+ Names For Earth From Around The World

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This article will cover a list of other words for Earth in various languages from around the globe.

There are almost 7000 languages spoken in the world and that fact can sometimes be hard to believe. These languages tie in with rich history of the cultures of their respective regions.

Language is perhaps the most important invention of mankind, it is one of the reasons we have become so advanced. Without communication, there wouldn’t have been anything. Today, we have over 7000 languages all over the world. To marvel at the sheer number of languages we have today, let us take a look at just one word in different languages – Earth. This article will take a look at other names for Earth in various languages.

For instance, the oldest name for Earth is 'Tellus' which comes from ancient Rome. These languages from various times will include, for instance, Old English, Greek, French, Latin, Hebrew origin, etc. The most interesting of the names for earth come from mythologies. There’s always a story behind a word. Another interesting fact behind this amazing planet is that its scientific code name is simply "The Earth" as there's only one. Although, the name 'Terra' is sometimes used in scientific writing. The list will include some of the most popular earth synonyms used in languages other than English. Some of these words are so beautiful that you can even use them for baby names!

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Names For Earth In European Languages

Europe on the map

Here is a list of words for earth in European languages, including  Old English and French.

1. Aarde, this name for Earth comes from the Dutch language which is the official language of Netherlands. This can also be one of the best nature-related baby names.

2. Art, the word comes from the Maltese language and means “Earth”. This language is spoken in the country of Malta.

3. Eorþe, this is the word for Earth in Old English. From Old English, the word mutated and became ‘Erthe’ in Middle English.

4. Erde, this is the German name for Earth. Its origin can be traced to Old High German, in which the word used for Earth was ‘erda’. Can be a nature-related name. This is a really sweet earth synonym.

5. Gaea, in Greek mythology, Gaea was the Goddess of Earth. She was the daughter of chaos and also the mother and wife of both Uranus and Pontus.

6. Jord, this is a Norwegian word that is a synonym of earth. It is closely associated with the Danish word ‘Jorden’ as is evident.

7. Jorden, this name for Earth comes from the Danish language of Denmark. The word has Old English origins.

8. Maa, this short word for Earth comes from the Estonian language spoken in Estonia. Coincidentally, the word ‘Maa’ means “mother” in Hindi, a language spoken in the Indian subcontinent. And we often refer to earth as ‘Mother Earth’. It’s an apt synonym.

9. Terra, this name comes from the now-dead language of Latin. In ancient Roman mythology, Terra was the goddess of Earth. Originally, her name was ‘Tellus’.

10. Terre, this is the French word for Earth. The origin of this word can be traced back to Old French and from there, to the Latin word ‘Terre’. The French word also means “land”, “soil”, and “property”.

11. Tierra, this beautiful name meaning Mother Earth comes from the equally beautiful Latin language. The word is derived from the Latin word for Earth ‘Terra’.

12. Země, this beautiful word for Earth comes from Czech language. It is spoken in Czech Republic and is also the official language of the same.

13. Zemlja, this is the Bosnian name meaning Earth. Bosnian is a language spoken in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

14. Zemyata, this word for Earth in Bulgarian is a bit tricky to pronounce. The name can also be spelled as ‘Zamiata’ in English.

Names For Earth In Asian Languages

Globe with countries on it

Here is a list of synonyms for earth from Asian languages.

15. Aephndin olk, this long word for earth comes from the language, Lao.

16. Bhumi, this word for earth is used in the Malayalam language of India.

17. Chikyu, this cute little word for earth comes from Japanese, the official language of Japan.

18. Dedamits’a, this word for earth comes from the Georgian language.

19. Dharti, this is the Hindi word for Earth. 

20. Diqiu, this is the Chinese word for earth. Other words which denote earth in the Chinese language include ‘De’, ‘Tu’, ‘Nitu’, ‘Peitu’, ‘Qiu’, and ‘Chen’.

21. Jigu, with Korean culture taking over the universe by storm, one should know the Korean term for earth. Jigu not only means “earth” but also “plateau” in Korean.

22. Kambharmyay, this is the Burmese word for earth. Burmese is a language spoken in Mayanmar or as it was previously known, Burma.

23. Lok, this is the Thai word for Earth. Thai is the official language of Thailand.

24. Prithbi, the word is eerily close to the Hindi word ‘Prithvi’. Both mean “earth” and are part of two languages spoken in the same country, India.

25. Prithvi, this word for earth comes from the language of Hindi which is spoken in the northern parts of the Indian subcontinent. It is a dominant language in India, a country which is home to around 19,500 languages. This name is an aesthetic synonym for earth.

26. Pumi, this word for earth comes from the Tamil language. This language too is spoken by people in the southern part of India.

27. Toprak, Toprak is the Turkish word for planet earth. The language is spoken in the country of Turkey.

28. Trái đất, this is the Vietnamese word for earth. Vietnamese is the official language of Vietnam, a country located in South-East Asia.

29. Yer, this word for planet earth comes from the language Azerbaijani. The name has its origins in Old Turkic. The language of Azerbaijani is spoken in the newly-formed country of Azerbaijan.

30. Ýer, this is the Turkmen word for earth. The word closely resembles the Azerbaijani word ‘Yer’ for earth.

31. Yerkir, this word for earth can be found in any Armenian dictionary. The origin of this word can be traced to Old Armenian word ‘Erkir’.

32. Yerküre, in the Turkish language Earth is called Yerküre. The people there also refer to Earth as Acun or Yeryüzü.

Names For Earth In African Languages

There are some really interesting and fascinating linguistic history behind African languages. African cultures are very intricately tied to nature and their languages show that. Here are some popular words for earth in African languages.

33. Aarde, this name of the earth comes from the language Afrikaans. It is the same as the Dutch word ‘Aarde’ which also means earth. This is one of the cool earth names.

34. Dhulka, this name for earth comes from the Somali language of Somalia. Somalia is a country infamous for its pirates who terrorize the surrounding seas. If you’re writing a creative work, this is a good synonym for earth.

35. Duniya, in Swahili language, one refers to the earth as ‘dunia’. This Bantu language is also known as ‘Kiswahili’ and is spoken by the Swahili people of Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. The term ‘Dunia’ is also found in the Hindi language, where it means “the universe”.

36. Lapansi, one of the earth names that comes from the Chichewa language. Chichewa is a language spoken in Southern and East Africa.

37. Umhlaba, the name of the earth from the Zulu language. Zulu language is spoken in Southern Africa. It’s a good synonym for earth.

38. Uwa, this name for earth comes from the Igbo language. This is one of the best names of Earth.

Names For Earth In Middle-Eastern Languages

It is not possible to talk about beauty in languages and not speak of Middle-Eastern languages like Arabic and Persian. To get you going, here are a few synonyms for earth in Middle-Eastern languages.

39. Adamah, this is a Hebrew origin name which translates into “Earth”. One can easily see the word’s close relations with the commonly found English name ‘Adam’. Human beings have been described in various cultures as “dust of the earth” and the first man to have ever been created by God was Adam. Thus, one can clearly see the link in meanings of the two words.

40. ‘Ard, this is the Arabic word for earth. The word has its origins in Proto-Semitic. Arabic is a language spoken in Saudi Arabia.

41. Zamin, this word for earth comes from the Persian language. Remember Prince of Persia? The origin of the word can be traced to the Middle Persian word ‘Zmyk’. The language is spoken in Afghanistan, Iran and Tajikstan.


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