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150 Names Of Plants With Pictures So You Can Scout Out Your Next House Plant

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There are so many varieties of indoor plant types and outdoor plant species.

From medicinal plants such as Chamomile, Echinacea, Feverfew, Garlic, Ginger, Gingko, Ginseng, Goldenseal, Saw Palmetto, and Milk Thistle, to common houseplants such as Aconite, air plants and Balsam. Any list of names of plants is bound to be endless!

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Best House Plants For Beginners

Exotic houseplants with beautiful leaves

The plants with names listed here are suitable to keep in your home, some can also survive in the garden. Some of the most common house plants for beginners are Air Plants,  Balsam, Aloe Vera, and Boston Fern. Do you own any of these? Now, it's time to name that plant!

1. Aconite, is yellow in color.

2. Air Plants, beginners can easily choose this plant to begin with.

3. Aloe Vera, is one of the most popular and easy to care for plants.

4. Balsam, you can get every color of flowers in the plant and you can also grow it easily in the home.  

5. Baneberry, the plant will add coolness to your room and garden with its beautiful flowers.

6. Boston Fern, is a type of plant with bright green leaves and beautiful ferns, it is easy to grow indoors by beginners.

7. Cactus, identifying houseplants can be hard but even beginners will recognise cactus houseplants! Beginners can easily choose from the variety of cacti because they need low maintenance and minimal watering.  

8. Cast Iron Plant, it belongs to the family of the Lily.

9. Chinese Money Plant, the plant's botanical name is Pilea Peperomioides and it can grow up to between 10 and 12 inches.

10. Devil’s Ivy, will be the best choice for beginners as the plant can also grow under unfavorable conditions.

11. False Shamrock, it looks like a very delicate plant and grows only up to six inches in height.

12. Fiddle Leaf Fig, the plant is a trendy houseplant and is chosen mostly for interior decoration.

13. Flaming Katy Houseplant, is selected for its physical appearance and its flowers which last for days.

14. Flamingo Flower, the plant is one of the most common house plants with dark green leaves and deep colored red flowers.

15. Guzmania Bromeliads, a beginner friendly choice that comes from the family of the Pineapple.

16. Heartleaf Philodendron, is also known as the sweetheart plant, it is one of the best options for beginners.

17. Hindu Rope Plant, has long rope vines.

18. Hyssop, you can grow these in containers or as garden borders.  

19. Jack-In-The-Pulpit, the plant has a hood-like shape.  

20. Jade Plant (Crassula Ovata), is the name of an indoor plant.

21. Lucky Bamboo, is an example of low maintenance plants that bring happiness and prosperity.

22. Madagascar Dragon Tree, is one of the most popular plants for beginners.

23. Money Tree Plant, it is low maintenance and is believed to bring wealth and luck.

24. Moth Orchid (Phalaenopsis), the shape of its flowers are wonderful.

25. Peace Lily Houseplant, it is one of the most common options for indoor plants.

26. Peperomia, this plant has about 1000 species to choose from for your home or garden.

27. Ponytail Palm Houseplant, looks elegant and has leaves that look like long hairs resembling a ponytail.

28. Rubber Plant, has glossy and thick leaves that are large oval shapes.

29. Spider Plant, a common plant option for beginners also known as the ribbon plant or the hen and chicken plant.

30. Inchplant, is considered a good plant for beginners as it is easy to keep alive.

31. Zebra Plant, is a small succulent with beautiful rosette leaves.

32. ZZ Plant, the leaves of this plant are hard, pointed and sharp.

Best Trailing House Plants

Bottle technique for even supply of potted flowering plants

Trailing plants can be grown on shelving, along  benches, or in hanging baskets.

33.  Arrowhead Plant, due to the change in the shape of the plant's leaves, it is also known as five fingers.

34. Bird’s Nest Fern, is a common name for trailing plants that latch onto other plants for growth.

35. Burro’s Tail, is a common name of a succulent you can grow in summer with ease.

36. Chain Cactus, the botanical name is Rhipsalis paradoxa, it produces small white flowers.

37. Chain Of Hearts, this plant grows long with a chain of heart shaped leaves.

38. Chenille Plant, grows quickly to a great height if grown with proper care.

39. Coral Cactus, the botanical name is Rhipsalis cereuscula, it bears small, white bell shaped flowers in spring.

40. Creeping Fig, is an example of a low growing trailing plant.

41. Curly Locks Orchid Cactus, bears yellow and white small flowers in spring.

42. English Ivy (Hedera helix), is a common trailing plant often seen on the exterior of buildings or brick walls.

43. Fishbone Cactus, it bears perfumed large white and yellow flowers in autumn.

44. Golden Pothos, is a twining vine plant.

45. Hoya linearis, you need to care for this plant carefully with its well scented white flowers with linear leaves.

46. Lepismium bolivianum, is like a cactus without spines that grows white and pink flowers occasionally.

47. Maidenhair Fern, is a gorgeous indoor trailing plant with purple leaves hidden under light green foliage.

48. Marble Pothos, the vines of this trailing plant are hard to climb.  

49. Morning Glory, comes with various flower color options of purple, blue, or pink.  

50. Orchid Cactus, produces red flowers and is easy to grow in the summer in your garden or indoors.

51. Peperomia quadrangularis, is a beautiful trailing plant option with green vines that dangle down half a meter.

52. Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes), tropical plants that and need moist soil and clear water to grow.  

53. Red Herringbone Plant, the closing of the plant's attractive patterned leaves at night gives it the name of the prayer plant.

54. Ripple Peperomia, comes in the colors of grey, red, cream and green with heart shaped leaves.

55. Satin pothos, is a twining vine with satiny and shiny leaves.

56. Staghorn Fern, the botanical name is Platycerium bifurcatum, it is a magnificent option.

57. String Of Beads, the trail of the plant is delicate and looks like rows of beads.

58. String Of Hearts, produces amazing flowers that look like pink hearts.

59. String Of Nickels, features coin shaped leaves.

60. Tradescantia, is a popular easy-to-grow option.

61. Trailing Jade, smaller in shape than other plants, with circular leaves and thin stems.

62. Wax Plant, the botanical name is Hoya linearis, it produces small, white perfumed flower clusters.

The Best Large House Plants

Some names of plants that are common are the Bamboo tree, African Candelabra, Bird of Paradise, and the Desert Rose. These large house plants often bear beautiful flowers or leaves.  

63. African Candelabra, is a succulent that can grow up to 20 feet tall.

64. African Milk Thistle, is an example of awesome indoor large pants.

65. American Plant Exchange Areca Palm, can grow 10 inches per year.

66. Anita Dracaena, listed under NASA's list of clean air plants.

67. Areca Palm, has a resemblance of bamboo.

68. Bamboo Tree, is possible to grow indoors.

69. Bird Of Paradise, has paddled shaped leaves that are glossy.

70. Bonsaiboy Orange Bonsai Tree, is a species of citrus tree that can be grown indoors.

71. Brussel's Live Dwarf Jade Indoor Bonsai Tree, is considered both as a tree and a succulent.

72. Corn Plant, is an option for an easy-to-grow plant in a house.

73. Costa Farms, the list will be incomplete without this shiny plant option with fiddle shaped leaves.

74. Croton, this houseplant has a huge variation in its pattern.

75. Desert Rose, is a stunning indoor large plant option with green leaves and red flowers.

76. Dragon Tree, has corn-like leaves that are beautiful and bright.

77. Elephant Ears Plant, the botanical name is Colocasia gigantea, it is a bi-leafed plant.

78. European Fan Palm, the plant is a tropical house plant.

79. False Castor Plant, is also known as finger plant because of having finger-like leaves.

80. Ficus Alii Plant, has a tall and upright structure that suits house corners.

81. Ficus Tree, is an amazing indoor option.

82. Fishtail Palm, its leaves resemble the tail of a fish.

83. Giant White Bird Of Paradise, is a tall tree example that will beautify any home.

84. Hirt's Victorian Parlor Palm, can grow in low light spaces with little water.

86. Kentia Palm, has a slender arch-like and stylish shape and form.

87. Lacy Leaf Philodendron, has glossy leaves and is easy to grow.

88. Lady Palm, was discovered 300 years ago in Japan with a beautiful fan pattern.

89. Macho Fern, have large and broad fronds, this plant is also called the giant sword fern.

90. Majesty Palm, is a beautiful plant with dark and dense green foliage.

91. Malva, features pink and purple blooms and can also be grown in a garden in summer.  

92. Ming Aralia, is a beautiful plant which is a low maintenance option.

93. Monstera, the plant creates a tropical environment in any room.

94. Natal Mahogany, covers a large area and has bushy green leaves.

95. Norfolk Island Pine, looks like a delicate pine with soft needle-like leaves.

96. Olive Tree, can also be grown indoors, it is an impressive plant.

97. Parlor Palm, has long palm-like leaves and is able to grow indoors.

98. Peepal, many believe in the medicinal and spiritual powers of this plant that can be grown in pots.

99. Rhapis Palm (Rhapis excelsa), is one of the unique ornamental house plant types.  

100. Sabre fig, has long thin leaves.

101. Schefflera Arboricola 'Umbrella', is a tropical shrub option.

102. Snake Plant (Sansevieria Laurentii), this plant's leaves resemble a snake.

103. Split Leaf (Monstera deliciosa), is easy to grow and can grow up to nine feet tall.

104. Swiss Cheese Plant, is a popular indoor large plant option.

105. Tree Fern, is an incredible and common plant.

106. Windmill Palm Tree, will be best for your garden or home.

107. Yucca, is a tough plant that can survive without water for several weeks.

Best Small House Plants

Many small house plants are ornamental plants such as the Snake Plant, the String Of Pearls, the Peace Lily, the Chinese Money Plant, and Water Bamboo. Small plants like the African Violet or Anthurium are perfect for adding greenery to your house. There are a huge variety of small indoor plant names.

108. African Violet, is suitable to grow in summer.

109. Ageratum, is an amazing option with white, purple, pink and blue flowers.  

110. Asparagus Fern, belongs to the Lily family.

111. Baby Rubber Plant, one of the common indoor plants.

112. Baby Tears, has tiny leaves that add charm to it.

113. Baby Toes, is a succulent family of plants that resemble an infant's toes.

114. Bunny Ear Cactus, growing this plant is simple and easy.

115. Calathea Orbifolia, is from the family of the prayer plant.

116. Cast Iron Plant, are hardy plants.

117. Chinese Evergreen, is able to bear any indoor condition.

118. Christmas Cactus, blooms mainly in winter.

119. Dracaena Warneckii, can be grown as ornamental plants.

120. Evergreen Candytuft, have a small cloud-like flower bunch.

121. Echeveria Preta, is a succulent that looks great on desks.

122. Frosty Fern, does not bear flowers but its leaves are amazing.  

123. Grafted Ficus Bonsai, has a distinctive beauty.

124. Hawaiian Umbrella Tree Bonsai, is a remarkable tree option.

125. Haworthia Zebra, is a succulent that is a very hardy plant.

126. Holly Fern, is a species of fern.

127. Hoya Heart Plant, is a cute, small plant.

128. Ivy (Hedera), is a common name for small plants.

129. Kalanchoe, is a species of flowering plant that bears purple or pink flowers.

130. Lemon Button Fern, is a close relative of Nephrolepis exaltata.

131. Lithops, resemble small stones or pebbles.

132. Lucky Bamboo, is a common name for a species of flowering plant.  

133. Moon Cactus, is an easy-to-care for plant.

134. Nerve Plant, this is an ornamental plant thanks to the red, white and pink veins on its leaves.

135. Oxalis, is also known as false shamrocks.

136. Pink Anthurium, bears beautiful pink flowers.

137. Polka Dot Plant, are known for their pink color.

138. Primrose, has magnificent bright colored flowers.

139. Purple Spiderwort, grows annually and is a tropical plant.

140. Purple Waffle Plant, can remove volatile organic compounds from its habitat.

141. Rex Begonia, resembles a stained glass window.

142. Scotch Moss, can grow up to an inch tall.

143. Silver Dollar Plant, is a drought-tolerant plant.

144. The Chickadee, is a common example of plants with long-lasting flowers.

145. Tillandsia, is a species of succulents.

146. Venus Fly Trap, can be a perfect houseplant option, its flowers are in the shape of a trap.

147. Watermelon Peperomia Plant, leaves have different textures, colors and patterns.

148. Weeping Fig, is one of the most graceful and elegant plant species.

149. Wooly Thyme, has fuzzy and soft leaves.

150. Zinnia, is easy to grow and has beautiful shades of purple, pink and yellow flowers.

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