110 Names That Mean Happy For Your Baby

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Originally Published on Oct 08, 2020
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Happy, joy, cheer, and giddy are all words that make you smile and feel warm inside.

This is exactly how you feel when you look at your baby, and the outlook you want them to have in life. Why not give your baby a name that means happy to provide them a great start showing the happiness they bring to you?

For more baby names inspiration take a look at these names that mean faith and these names that mean star.

Traditional Names That Mean Happy

If you are interested in a popular name that has stood the test of time, one of these might be the baby name for you.

1. Abigail (f) - (Hebrew) means 'my father is joyful'.

2. Ada (f) - (Hebrew) Means 'happy'.

3. Asher (m) - (Hebrew) This name is becoming more popular and means "happy one", "blessed", and "fortunate".

4. Beatrice (f) - (Latin origin) Means "bringer of joy".

5. Bonnie (f) - (Scottish) This is one of the baby names for a baby girl that means "cheerful" and "beautiful".

6. Carol (f) - (French)  Means "song of happiness". This name has been popular for centuries.

7. Caroline (f) - (English and French) This is one of the baby names that has a meaning of "joyous" in English. This name also means "song of happiness" in both English and French.

8. Delilah (f) - (Hebrew) This name has many meanings which includes "delight", "temptress" and "amorous".

9. Eden (f) (m) - (Hebrew) Means "delight" and "place of pleasure".

10. Edith (f) - (Old English) This English name means "happy warfare".

11. Edna (f) - (Hebrew) This name comes from many different languages. It means "delight", "pleasure", and "rejuvenation".

12. Hana (f) - (various origins) This name has many different meanings. In Hebrew, Czech, and Slovac this name means "flower" or "blossom".

13. Joy (f) - (English) The name is derived from French and Latin and quite simply means "joyous".

14. Joyce (f) - (English) This baby name means "cheerful" and "merry".

15. Kiki (f) (m) - (French) This is a French name with a Bohemian style. It means  "double happiness" and is a typical French name.

16. Maeve (f) - (Irish) Means "cause of great joy".

Unique Names That Mean Happy

cool and happy names for children

If you are looking for a name that is a little different from most, take a look at this list.

17. Alaia (f) - (Arabic origin) This unique name means "happy" and "joyful". It also comes from the Spanish word alegria, meaning "joyous" and "happiness".

18. Alisa (f) - (Hebrew and Russian) This name has become popular over the past few years and it is perfect for a baby girl. This name means "great happiness".

19. Arcadia (f) - (Greek) Means "happiness" and often makes one think of "great happiness".

20. Bayo (m) - (African) This pretty and happy name has the meaning "joy has found us".

21. Beeja (f) - (Hindi) This name has the meaning "happy" or "the beginning".

22. Behati (f) - (African) Means "she who brings happiness" or "blessed".

23. Bliss (f) - (English) The name Bliss is a cute baby name. Bliss means "perfect joy" and "extreme happiness".

24. Blythe (f) - (Old English origin) This English name means "happy, cheerful, and carefree".

25. Cayo (m) - (Spanish and Latin) The thought of this name makes one feel happy. The true meaning of the word is "rejoice".

26. Dita (f) - (Indonesian) Means "happy" and "prosperous".

27. Duscha (m)- (Russian) This is one of the names meaning "happy".

28. Eda (f) - (German) This unique name means "happy and wealthy".

29. Falisha (f) - (Muslim) Means "happy and fortunate".

30. Giaconda (f) - (Italian) Means "the happy one" or the "lighthearted woman". This is a great name for your baby.

31. Halona (f) - (Native American) This is a name for a little girl that has the meaning of "happy fortune".

32. Hani (m) - (Hawaiian) Means "joyful".

33. Kalea (f) - (Hawaiian) Means "happiness". This is one of the top names in Hawaii for girls.

34. Laticia (f) - (English) This is one of the baby names that mean "happy" and "joyful". Letitia is a variation of this name.

35. Luanaa (f) - (Hawaiian) This is one of names meaning "happy".

36. Lykke (f) - (Danish) This is one of the happy names that you can name your child. It has a meaning happy and "good fortune".

37. Mabbina (f) - (Irish) Means "happiness".

38. Makenna (f) - (Irish and African) Means "happy one". This word has a positive connotation.

39. Merewen (f) (m) - (Anglo Saxon from Medieval times) Means "sublime delight".

40. Ronia (f) - (Hebrew)  This pretty name is one of the names with meaning joy behind it. It actually means "God's joyful song".

41. Rowena (f) - (Old English) This unique name means "joyous" and "fame".

42. Seelay (f) (m) - (English) Means "very happy".

43. Trixie (f) - (English) Means "one who brings happiness".

Famous People Whose Name Stand For Happy

Check out these name choices meaning happy that were made popular by the rich and famous.

44. Alanis (f) - (English) This English name means "cheerful and handsome". This name was made famous by Alanis Morrissette.

45. Felicity (f) - (Latin) This word Felicity means "good luck". This name was made famous by Felicity Huffman.

46. Gwyneth (f) - (Welsh) Means "happiness". This name was made famous by Gwyneth Paltrow.

47. Hillary (f) - (Latin) This is another one of the happy names that means "happy and cheerful". This name was made famous by Hillary Clinton.

48. Phylicia (f) - (Greek) Means "fortunate". This name was made famous by Phylicia Rashad.

Girl Names That Mean Happy

Check out this list of girl names that mean happy or joyful.

49. Aida - (Arabic)This is one of the baby names that mean "happy".

50. Allegra - (Italian) This baby name means "happy or jaunty".

51. Beah - (Latin) This name is a shortened version of Beatrice. This name has the meaning "cheerful".

52. Chara - (Greek) This baby girl name means "joyful".

53. Delicia - (Latin and Spanish) In Latin, this name means "delightful". In Spanish, this name means "charming".

54. Euroa - (Aboriginal) Means "joyous".

55. Felicidad - (Spanish) This name is used mostly in Latino households and its roots are firmly planted there. This is another name that means "happiness".

56. Frayda - (Yiddish) This is a traditional name among families of Jewish descent. This name means "joyous".

57. Helgi - (Norse) Means "happy", "successful", and "productive".

58. Hepzibah - (Hebrew) This name has roots in the Bible. It is found most often in the Old Testament of the Bible. This name means "my delight is in her".

59. Ilaria - (Italian) This is one of the names meaning "happy". It also means "a lot of cheer". This is the Italian version of the English name Hillary.  

60. Jovie - (English) Means "happy".

61. Jubilee - (Hebrew) - This name is perfect for your baby girl, as it has the meaning of that is joyous and "celebration".

62. Leda - (Greek) This baby girl name has a meaning "happy". Leda is also known for "beauty and wisdom"

63. Merry - (English) This is one of the names that means "happy" and "cheerful".

64. Naomi - (Hebrew) This pretty and popular name has a touch of femininity to it. It actually means "pleasantness".

Boy Names That Are Another Word For Happy

A happy baby boy

Check out this list of boy names that mean happy, or have the meaning happy.  

65. Alair - (English) This is primarily a name for a boy and one of the names that has a meaning "happy".

66. Ancer - (Hebrew) This baby name means "happy".

67. Anit - (English) Means "joyful unending".

68. Arnan - (Hebrew) Means "joyful".

69. Bennet - (English) Means "blessed".

70. Caius - (Latin) While the name actually means "rejoice", it brings about the thought of joyful feelings.

71. Denish - (Danish) Means ‘happy’.

72. Edwin - (German) Means "happy friend".

73. Faegan - (English) Means "joyful".

74. Fane - (English) This name for a boy means "happy" and "joyous".

75. Feliciano - (Italian) Means "happy".

76. Felix - (Latin) This is one of the names meaning "happy" or "lucky".

77. Festus - (Latin) The roots of this name goes all the way back to Biblical times. It means "joyous" and "festive".

78. Helier - (Jerrais) Means "cheerful". This is another one of the names meaning happy.

79. Ike - (Nigerian) Means "one who brings laughter".

80. Issac - (Hebrew origin) This Hebrew name means "laughter".

81. Jay - (English) Means "to rejoice".

82. Jevin - (English) Means "joyful and brave".

83. Keyes - (Hebrew) Means "to rejoice".

84. Macario - (Spanish) Means "happy and blessed".

85. Maddox - (Welsh) This baby name means "fortunate".

86. Noam - (Jewish) This means "delight or joy".

87. Shreyash - (India) This names means happy, "good fortune", "prosperity", and "welfare".

88. Ron - (English) This means "joyous".

89. Ronelle - (Welsh) This means "joy of the lord".

90. Selig - (Jewish) This means "happy".

91. Saeed - (Turkish) This means "happy".

92. Simcha - (Hebrew) This means "joy".

93. Tate - (English) This means "glad".

94. Tarub - (Arabic) This means "happy".

Names That Mean Joy

These names bring about the meaning happy when you think of them.

95. Aleeza (f) - (Jewish origin) This name means"joyful" and is a charming name.

96. Caia (f) - (Greek and Latin) This name means "joy" in Latin and "pure" in Greek.

97. Dayo (f) (m) - (Nigerian) This name has a cheerful meaning, it means "joy arrives" in Yoruba.

98. Deia (f) - (Latin) This name means "happy" and "goddess"

99. Elza (f) - (Hebrew) This name means "God is my joy" and "joyful". This is typically a girl's name in many countries.

100. Farrah (f) - (Arabic) An Arabic word that means "joyful".

101. Gale (f) (m) - (Multiple origins) This name has a Hebrew origin which means "father's joy" or "gives joy". In English, this is also a name meaning "joy".

102. Gil (m) - (Old French, Hebrew, and Greek) - This name means "joy" or "bright promise" in three languages.

103. Gili (f) - (Hebrew) This is a Hebrew name that means "my joy" and "rejoice".

104. Oron (m) - (Hebrew) This Hebrew name means "joy" and "light".

105. Ronli (f) (m) - (Hebrew origin) This name means "joy is mine".

106. Winnifred (f) - (Welsh) This is one of the baby names meaning "joy".

Names That Mean Happy In Japanese

These names have a meaning happy in Japanese.

107. Keiko (f) - (Japanese origin) This name means "happy child".

108. Miyuki (f) - (Japanese) This is one of the special Japanese names. It means "beautiful happiness" or "beautiful snow"

109. Nara (f) - (Japanese origin) This name means "happy".

110. Yuki (f) (m) - (Japanese origin) This name means "happiness or snow".

Kidadl has lots of great baby names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for names that mean happy then why not take a look at these names that mean kind, or for something different take a look at these strong girl names.

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