95 Names That Mean Happy For Your Baby

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Originally Published on Oct 08, 2020
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Selecting a baby name is a joyful event, and choosing a name that signifies happiness adds even more to the celebration. For parents expecting either a girl or a boy, picking a name that means happiness or joy reflects their hopes for their child's life; a life full of smiles and positivity.

This collection includes names of various origins, such as Arabic, Hebrew, and Greek, as well as gender-neutral names associated with happiness and contemporary names that symbolize joy and good fortune. Each name is more than a mere tag; it's a heartfelt wish for a life surrounded by joy.

These names are designed to appeal to both traditional and contemporary tastes, ensuring every parent finds a name that resonates with happiness for their child.

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Traditional Names That Mean Happy For Your Baby Girl

Traditional names meaning happy, specifically curated for a girl, are deeply rooted in culture and history, offering a timeless appeal. With origins in diverse cultural backgrounds, these girl names have stood the test of time, symbolizing the collective happiness of generations. They present a classic choice for parents seeking a name that brings happiness.

1. Abigail (Hebrew origin): The name Abigail is associated with the meaning 'my father is joyful' or 'my father’s joy'.

2. Alaia (Basque origin): This name translates to 'joyful' or 'happy'.

3. Aleeza (Hebrew origin): Aleeza is a name that means 'joyful' or 'cheerful'.

4. Alisa (Hebrew origin): Alisa depicts the idea of 'great happiness' or 'joy'.

5. Beatrice (Latin origin): This name means 'she who brings happiness' or 'bringer of joy'.

6. Bonnie (Scottish origin): The name, Bonnie, reflects a 'cheerful' and 'beautiful' disposition.

7. Caia (Latin origin): Caia means 'to rejoice'.

8. Caroline (multiple origins): Caroline has different origins and is often interpreted as a 'song of happiness'. As an Italian name, it means 'strong', or 'free woman'.

9. Deia (Latin origin): The name Deia translates to 'joy' or 'goddess'.

10. Eden (Hebrew origin): Eden signifies 'delight' and 'place of pleasure'.

11. Edna (Hebrew origin): Edna means 'delight', 'pleasure', or 'rejuvenation'.

12. Elza (Hebrew origin): The name Elza is associated with the meaning 'God is my joy'.

13. Hana (multiple origins): Hana has its roots in expressions meaning 'happiness' or 'flower'.

14. Joy (Latin origin): Joy is a name that means 'great pleasure' or 'happiness'.

15. Joyce (English and Latin origins): The name Joyce signifies 'joyous' or 'lord'.

16. Jovie (English origin): The name Jovie can be interpreted as 'joyful'.

17. Keiko (Japanese origin): Keiko translates to 'happy child' or 'blessed child'.

18. Kiki (multiple origins): The meaning of this name is 'double happiness' or 'noble'.

19. Leda (Greek origin): This name translates to 'happy' or 'woman'.

20. Maeve (Irish and Gaelic origins): Maeve translates to the meaning, 'she who causes great joy'.

21. Miyuki (Japanese origin): This name denotes the idea of 'beautiful happiness' or 'beautiful snow'.

22. Nara (multiple origins): The name Nara can be interpreted to mean 'happy'.

23. Ronli (Hebrew origin): Ronli means 'my joy'.

Baby Boy Names That Evoke Happiness

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Are you looking for the perfect baby boy name that radiates joy and hope? This list of names ranges from those derived from an Italian word to a Hebrew-origin name. Each was chosen for its cultural richness and the promise of a joyful future. These baby names are perfect for a young boy's spirited nature, setting a positive tone for all his future adventures.

24. Alair (English origin): Alair signifies 'happy', 'precious', or 'merry'.

25. Anit (Sanskrit origin): The name Anit is associated with 'unending joy'.

26. Arnan (Hebrew origin): Arnan is a name that means 'joyous'.

27. Asher (Hebrew origin): Asher means 'happy' or 'blessed'. It was the name of one of Jacob's sons in the Bible.

28. Bahjat (Arabic origin): The name Bahjat translates to 'happiness'.

29. Bayode (Yoruba origin): Bayode is associated with the meaning, 'he who brings joy with himself'.

30. Caius (Latin origin): The name Caius is interpreted as 'rejoice'.

31. Cayo (Spanish and Latin origins): This name means 'rejoice' or 'gladness'.

32. Denish (Sanskrit origin): means 'happy' or 'joyful'.

33. Edwyn (Old English origin): The name Edwyn signifies 'happy friend' or 'wealth'.

34. Faegan (English origin): Faegan is associated with the meaning 'joyful person'.

35. Fane (English origin): The meaning of this name is 'happy and joyous'.

36. Farrah (Arabic origin): Farrah means 'happiness' or 'joyful'.

37. Feliciano (Italian origin): This name translates to 'happy' or 'lucky'.

38. Felix (Latin origin): The name Felix means 'happy', 'fortunate', or 'lucky'.

39. Gale (English origin): Gale is a name that depicts 'joy', also meaning 'wind'.

40. Gil (Hebrew origin): Gil is a modern Jewish name associated with 'joy' or 'bright promise'.

41. Helier (Latin and English origins): The name Helier translates to 'cheerful'.

42. Ike (Hebrew origin): The name Ike is associated with 'Laughter'.

43. Issac (Hebrew origin): Isaac translates to 'laughter' or 'one who laughs' and is also a Biblical name.

45. Jay (Latin origin): The name Jay is derived from the Latin name 'Gaius' and it means 'to rejoice'.

46. Macario (Spanish origin): This name translates to 'happy' and 'blessed'.

47. Onni (Finnish origin): Onni is a name that means 'happiness' or 'luck'.

48. Oron (Hebrew and Gaelic origins): The name Oron means 'light' or 'joy'.

49. Ron (Hebrew origin): The meaning of this name is 'joyous'.

50. Saeed (Arabic origin): Saeed means 'happy'.

51. Selig (German and Yiddish origin): It is a name derived from a Yiddish word that means 'happy' and it also means 'blessed' in German.

52. Shreyash (Sanskrit origin): Shreyash is associated with concepts of 'happiness', 'good fortune', and 'prosperity'.

53. Simcha (Hebrew origin): The name Simcha carries the meaning 'joy' or 'gladness'.

54. Tate (Norse origin): Tate is derived from the Old Norse word 'teitr' meaning ‘cheerful'.

55. Tarub (Arabic origin): The name Tarub signifies 'happy'.

Unique Names That Mean Happy

A smiling baby in a pink dress.Shutterstock

If you've ever considered choosing an Arabic-origin name, one of African origin, or one rooted in the Sanskrit language of Indian origin, this list of baby names is perfect for you. Discover names that offer unique choices if you want a name that stands out and has a cheerful and profound significance.

56. Aida (Italian origin): Aida signifies 'happy'.

57. Alaia (Basque origin): The name Alaia means 'joyful' or 'happy'.

58. Alisa (Hebrew origin): Alisa is associated with feelings of 'great happiness' or 'joy'.

59. Allegra (Italian origin): The name Allegra translates to 'happy', 'joyful', or 'lively'.

60. Beeja (Sanskrit origin): Beeja means 'happy' or 'the beginning'.

61. Behati (Afrikaans origin): Behati signifies 'she who brings happiness' or 'blessed'.

62. Bliss (English origin): Bliss is interpreted to mean 'merriment', 'happiness', or 'grace'.

63. Blythe (Old English origin): The name Blythe means 'cheerful', 'joyous', or 'merry'.

64. Chara (Greek origin): Chara can be directly interpreted as 'joy' or 'gladness'.

65. Delicia (Latin origin): The name Delicia means 'pleasure' or 'delight'.

66. Duscha (Russian origin): Duscha means 'happy'.

67. Euroa (Aboriginal origin): The meaning of this name is 'joyful'.

68. Falisha (Latin origin): Falisha signifies the idea of being 'happy', 'fortunate', or 'lucky'.

69. Felicidad (Spanish origin): The name Felicidad means 'happiness' or 'luck'.

70. Frayda (Yiddish origin): Frayda is associated with 'joy'.

71. Giaconda (Latin and Italian origins): Giaconda means 'pleasant', 'delightful', or 'happy'.

72. Hani (multiple origins): Hani translates to 'joyful', 'happy', or 'content'.

73. Helgi (Old Norse origin): Helgi signifies 'happy', 'successful', and 'productive'.

74. Hepzibah (Hebrew origin): This name means 'my delight is in her' or 'in her is my delight'.

75. Ilaria (Italian origin): The name Ilaria means 'cheerful'.

76. Kalea (Hawaiian origin): Kalea signifies 'joy' or 'happiness'.

77. Laticia (Latin origin): The meaning behind the name Laticia is 'joy', 'joyful', or 'happy'.

78. Leta (Latin and Greek origin): The name Leta means 'glad' or 'joyful'. It is associated with the Greek mythological name Leda.

79. Luana (Hawaiian origin): Luana is interpreted to mean 'happy', 'leisure', or 'enjoyment'.

80. Lykke (Danish origin): The name Lykke translates to 'happy' or 'good fortune'.

81. Mabbina (Irish origin): Mabbina signifies 'happiness'.

82. Makenna (Kikuyu origin): Makenna is associated with the meaning, 'the happy one'.

83. Merewen (Old English origin): This name means 'sublime delight'.

84. Ronia (Hebrew origin): The name Ronia translates to 'God's joyful song'.

85. Rowena (German and English origins): The name Rowena is interpreted as 'fame', 'joy', or 'fair-haired'.

86. Seeley (English origin): Seeley is a gender-neutral baby name that means 'happy' and 'blessed'.

87. Trixie (Latin origin): The meaning of the name Trixie is 'bringer of joy'.

Names Of Famous People That Mean Happiness And Cheerful

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Looking for gender-neutral baby names or a unique Hebrew name that radiates extreme happiness and a cheerful disposition? This bonus list features names linked to historical figures known for their joyfulness and vibrant spirits. Each name is a marker of happiness and a link to the remarkable individuals who have made lasting contributions to the world.

89. Alanis (multiple origins): The name Alanis translates to 'precious', 'cheerful', or 'handsome'. It is the name of the Canadian-American singer-songwriter and musician, Alanis Morrissette.

90. Festus (Latin origin): The name Festus signifies 'joyous' or 'festive'. A famous bearer of this name is the third president of Botswana, Festus Gontebanye Mogae.

91. Felicity (English origin): This name means ‘happiness’. It is the name of Primetime Emmy Award-winning American actress, Felicity Huffman.

92. Gwyneth (Welsh origin): The name Gwyneth is derived from the word ‘gwenith’ meaning ‘wheat’, It is also said to mean ‘happiness’ or ‘fair bow’. It is the name of an American actress and businesswoman, Gwyneth Paltrow.

93. Hillary (Latin origin): It is a name that means ‘happy’ or ‘cheerful’. It is the name of the former United States Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

94. Phylicia (Latin and Greek origins): The meaning of this name is 'happy', 'fortunate', or 'lucky'. It is the name of the American actress Phylicia Rashad.

95. Winston (Old English origin): Winston is a name that means 'joy stone'. It was the name of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom during the Second World War, Winston Churchill.


What cultural significance do names that mean 'happy’ hold around the world?

Names meaning 'happy' embody the global appreciation for joy and positivity across different cultures. These names are frequently selected to convey hope and a positive perspective, representing the collective desire for the child's happiness and satisfaction in life.

Can the meaning of a name impact a child's sense of self as they grow?

Although the meaning of a name may not directly shape someone's personality, it can play a role in developing a child's sense of identity and self-esteem. Names with positive meanings, such as 'happiness', can inspire individuals to reflect the essence of their names in their journey through life.

What should parents consider when choosing a name that means happy for their baby?

Choosing a baby name that means happy typically involves examining its roots, how well it blends with the family surname, how easy it is to pronounce, and its significance to the parents. It's important for parents to be attracted to the name's cheerful meaning and to think about how well it will suit their child's identity over time.

Does the popularity of happy names fluctuate with societal trends?

The popularity of names meaning 'happy' can mirror changes in society and current trends. In periods of difficulty or societal tension, parents may prefer names with positive meanings as a symbolic act of hope for the future.

Are names that signify happiness okay to use across different genres of fiction?

Names filled with the essence of happiness are perfectly suited for a wide range of fictional settings, from cheerful children's stories to complex, layered narratives. These names carry a brightness and hopefulness that can impact the personalities and story arcs of characters across genres.

Authors tend to select these names to influence readers' perceptions of characters, using them to add depth and positivity to the narrative.

This comprehensive list of names represents joy, happiness, and hopeful prospects, spanning diverse origins and backgrounds. Selecting from this collection of joyful names allows parents to gift their child with a name that signifies cheerfulness, good luck, and a promising future.

As you explore these names, may they offer you and your child immense joy and countless reasons to smile.

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