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100 Names That Mean Love That Will Stay In Your Heart

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Finding baby names can be a big task so finding the perfect one is super important.

What a beautiful sentiment it would be to give the person you love most a name that literally means love. With all the different languages this world has to offer there are so many names that mean love.

It is always great to know where the baby names you are choosing, come from and what they mean so why not find one of these names that mean love, to be sure your newborn will know how cherished they really are. Share your affection with your little angel with a name from this list. We're sure you will just love them!

Girl Names That Mean Love

Ahava (Hebrew origin) - a popular Hebrew name meaning "love".

Aimee (French origin) - a French name meaning "beloved" or "dearly love". Variations include Amelia.

Amanda (Latin origin) meaning "worthy of love" or "deserving to be loved".

Amara (Spanish origin) from the Latin verb 'amare' meaning "to love".

Amorette (French origin) meaning "little love".

Amy (Latin origin) meaning "beloved".

Aphrodite (Greek name) from Greek mythology she is the goddess of love and her name literally translates to mean "born from sea foam".

Aroha (Maori origin) means "love".

Carita (Italian origin) meaning "dear, beloved".

Carys (Welsh name) from the word 'caru' meaning "to love".

Cher (French origin) meaning "beloved".

Cordelia (Unknown origin) suspected to be associated with the Latin word 'cor' meaning "heart".

Darlene (Old English origin) derived from the word 'darel-ene' which means "little dear one".

Esme (French, Persian origin) french name meaning "esteemed" or "beloved".

Ettie (Persian origin) translates to mean "star" but is also the Babylonian goddess of love.

Femi (Nigerian name) meaning "love me", also a diminutive of 'olufemi' which means "G-d loves me".

Fila (Greek origin) meaning "loving" or from the Latin meaning "to love strength". It also means "lover" in Afghan or "badness" in Swahili. Form of the name Filomena.

Freya (Scandinavian origin) from the Old German 'frouwa' meaning "lady" but is also the goddess of love from Scandinavian mythology.

Halia (Hawaiian origin) meaning "remembrance of a loved one".

Holda (Old Norse origin) meaning "sweet", "gracious", "lovable" or in Germanic, it means "the good female spirit".

Imogen (Greek origin) believed to be derived from 'inno' meaning "beloved" and 'gen' meaning "child".

Kalila (Arabic origin) meaning "beloved".

Kara (Italian origin) meaning "dear" or "beloved".

Kerensa (Cornish origin) means "love".

Lalasa (Hindu origin) meaning "love, friendship".

Maitea (Greek origins) from the word 'maite' meaning "love".

Mia (Slavic origins) derivation of the word 'mila' meaning "dear" or "darling".

Milada (Slavic origins) from the word 'mil' meaning "love, favour, gracious".

Milena (Hawaiian origin) one of their special girl names that mean "beloved".

Myrna (Celtic origin) meaning "beloved".

Nayely (Native American origin) literally translates to "I love you" - that is too precious.

Philomena (Greek origin) a Greek name from the word 'philomene' meaning "loved".

Priya (Indian origin) meaning "beloved, favourite, nice".

Querida (Spanish origin) means "beloved".

Suki (Japanese origin) meaning "beloved".

Tivona (Hebrew origin) means "love's nature".

Valentina (Various origins) derived from Latin meaning "healthy, strong" but is also a variation of the name Valentine - the Saint widely associated with love.

Vida (Scottish origin) means "beloved or friend".

Yaretzi (Aztec origin) meaning "you will always be loved".

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Boy Names meaning Love

Aiko (Chinese origin) meaning "beloved son".

Amado (Spanish and Portuguese origin) from a medieval name meaning "beloved".

Amator (Latin origin) meaning "lover (of G-d)".

Amias (Latin origin) meaning "loved".

Aziz (Arabic origin) from the word 'azza' meaning "to be cherished".

Chaviv (Hebrew origin) meaning "dearly loved".

David (Hebrew name) means "beloved".

Dilan (Turkish origin) meaning "heart", "love" or "soul".

Eldad (Hebrew origin) meaning "G-d has loved".

Emre (Turkish origin) meaning "friend" or "lover" and can be written as 'Imre'.

Enzo (Lithuanian origin) meaning "G-d of love".

Eros (Greek origin) - the greek god of love.

Fenmore (English origin) meaning "dear love".

Janan (Arabic origin) meaning "heart, soul".

Jedediah (Hebrew origin) meaning "beloved (of the Lord)" or "friend of G-d" - variations include Jeb, Jed, Jedd or Jeddy.

Kama (Sanskrit name) meaning "love".

Lal (Indo-Iranian origin) means "darling", "precious" or "beloved", from the Sanskrit 'lala'.

Leif (Scandinavian origin) meaning "descendant" or "beloved".

Lennan (Gaelic origin) meaning "lover".

Lev (Hebrew origin) translates to mean "heart".

Lolonyo (African origin) meaning "love is beautiful".

Luben (Bulgarian origin) meaning "love".

Mathan (Hindu origin) means "Cupid; god of love" while the Hebrew origin means "gift of G-d" - a gorgeous double meaning-making for one of the very special names meaning loved.

Milos (Slavic origin) meaning "lover or glory" or "beloved".

Obi (Nigerian origin) meaning "heart".

Prem (Indian origin) meaning "love, affection".

Rasmus (Scandinavian origins) a shortened name for 'Erasmus'; a name that means "beloved" and also a name for a well-known saint.

Romelio (Hebrew origin) - a Hebrew name for boys that means "G-d's very beloved one".

Romeo (Italian origin) translates to mean "a pilgrim from Rome" but is widely associated with Shakespeare's character who is a devotedly passionate victim of star crossed love.

Rudo (African origin) means "love".

Sajan (Hindu origin) meaning "beloved".

Taaveti (Hebrew origin) meaning "dearly loved".

Theophile (Greek origin) - this is one of the Greek baby names that means "divinely loved". It can be a more unique derivation of the shortened name Theo, instead of Theodore.

Valentin (Scandinavian origins) derived from Latin meaning "healthy, strong" but is also a variation of the name Valentine - the Saint widely associated with love.

Wilmer (Old German origin) meaning "strong desire" or "famous".

Yadid (Hebrew origin) meaning "beloved".

Unisex Names That Mean Love

Agape (Greek origin) meaning "love" or "love for everyone".

Amadika (African origin) means "beloved".

Amadine (French origin) - a French name that is gender-neutral meaning "much-loved".

Amor (Spanish origin) literally translates to "love".

Cerys (Welsh origin) a Welsh name that comes from the word 'caru' meaning "love".

Connelly (Irish origin) means "love and friendship". Particularly popular since the hit sensation TV show Normal People.

Daralis (Old English origin) meaning "beloved". Variations include Daralice or Darelis.

Daryl (Anglo-Saxon origin) - the meaning of the name is "tenderly loved".

Fikre (Ethiopian origin) can be translated to "my love".

Jaimie (Canadian-French origins) means "I love".

Jaimin (French origin) means "I love".

Jorryn (American origin) means "The one G-d loves".

Jumoke (African origin) means "loved by everyone".

Kalei (Hawaiian origin) meaning "the beloved".

Kendi (African origin) meaning "the loved one". It is also said to mean "princess" when taken from English origin.

Lolovivi (African origin) meaning "there's always love".

Ludus (Greek origin) greek name that is one of the six ways they say "love" referring to 'playful love'.

Moral (American origin) meaning "lovely thoughts".

Noa (Japanese and Hebrew origins) in Japanese it means "from love" while it is also a common Hebrew name that means "motion".

Paris (French origin) meaning "a great lover" and associated with the capital of France - the city of love.

Reese (Welsh origin) form of the Welsh name 'Rhys' which means "ardor" - intense devotion.

Siran (Armenian origin) meaning "sweet love".

Taffy (Scottish origin) meaning "beloved" or "friend".

Tene (African origin) means "love".

Thando (African origin) common in southern African as one of the names that mean "love".

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