101 Best Ocean Names For Girls To Inspire You

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Originally Published on Jun 10, 2020
These awesome ocean names for girls are 'shore' to take your fancy!

The ocean is full of so much wonder and mystery but ever thought of using it as a source for good girl names?

There are so many amazing baby names inspired by the sea that would make the perfect addition to your family. Will you go for the name Meribella, which means 'beautiful star (beauty) of the sea' or for Kaia, which is a Hawaiian word for 'sea'?

Well, water you waiting for? Check out this ocean baby names list to pick out the best one!

'Sea' Names For The Ocean

Girl playing in water

Find such a so-fish-ticated and beautiful name for a baby girl from this list, perfect for your very own ocean baby!

1. Aerwyna (English origin) means 'friend of the sea'.

2. Aqua (Latin origin) means 'water'.

3.Avisa (Sanskrit origin) meaning 'ocean'.

4. Cari (Turkish origin) means 'flows like water'.

5. Cordelia (Latin and Celtic origins) meaning 'heart' and 'daughter of the sea'.

6. Daria (Persian origin) from the word 'darya' which means 'sea'.

7. Delmare (French origin) means 'of the sea'.

8. Delta (Greek origin) means 'mouth of the river', describes where a river splits before it meets the ocean.

9. Derya (Turkish origin) means 'one who is from the ocean'.

10. Doria (Greek origin) meaning 'from the sea'.

11. Eldoris (Greek origin) means 'of the sea'.

12. Firtha (Scottish origin) means 'arm of the sea'.

13. Haf (Icelandic origin) means 'sea'.

14. Hali (Greek origin) meaning 'sea'.

15. Jaladri (Sudanese origin) means 'ocean'.

16. Jordan (Hebrew origin) meaning 'one who descends' or 'to flow down'.

17. Kai (Hawaiian origin) means 'sea'. A unisex name for boys and girls.

18. Kailini (Hawaiian origin) means 'sea and sky'.

19. Kairi (Japanese origin) means 'ocean village'.

20. Kendra (English origin) means 'magical' or 'water baby'.

21. Maraja (Esperanto origin) means 'made of the sea'.

22. Marcelline (French origin) means 'defender of the sea'.

23. Marella (Latin origin) means 'shining sea' or 'star of the sea'.

24. Marina (Latin origin) meaning 'of the sea'.

25. Marissa (Latin origin) means 'of the sea'.

26. Maya (Hebrew, Spanish, and Greek origins) meaning 'water'.

27. Meri (Estonian and Finnish origins) means 'sea'.

28. Mira (Sanskrit origin) means 'ocean'.

29. Moana (Hawaiian and Maori origins) means ‘ocean’.

30. Morgana (French origin) meaning 'sea-circle' or 'dweller of the sea'.

31. Muriel (Irish origin) meaning 'of the bright sea'.

32. Murigen (Iranian and Indian origins) means 'the sea-born'.

33. Oceana (Greek origin) female form of the name Oceanus, the god of the sea.

34. Samudra (Indian and Sanskrit origins) meaning 'the ocean'.

35. Serena (Latin origin) means 'clear, tranquil', often associated with the calm of the water.

36. Shui (Chinese origin) means 'she who comes from the water'.

37. Thalassa (Greek origin) meaning 'from the sea'.

38. Umiko (Japanese origin) meaning 'child of the sea'.

39. Yara (Brazilian origin) means 'water lady'.

Sea Creature Names

Girl playing on the beach

Discover ocean baby names for girls that are all about sea creatures.

40. Angel (Old English and French origins) is usually associated with spiritual beings. This is also the given name sea snails have.

41. Baiji (Chinese origin) means 'white-finned dolphin' and is the name of a species also known as the Chinese river dolphin.

42. Coral (English origin) means 'reef formation'.

43. Coraline (English origin) means 'heart' but is inspired by the semi-precious sea species.

44. Delphina (Greek origin) translates as 'woman from Delphi' but is derived from the word 'dolphin'.

45. Faridah (Arabic origin) means 'matchless pearl'.

46. Marrus (Norman origin) meaning 'a marsh' and also the name of a unique rocket-like sea creature.

47. Megara (Greek origin) meaning ‘pearl’.

48. Merida (Spanish origin) is possibly a form of the Celtic name Mairead meaning ‘pearl’.

49. Moray (Scottish origin) means 'sea' and is the name for an eel-like predatory fish.

50. Omura (Japanese origin) the name of a species of baleen whale.

51. Pearl (English origin) produced in the sea, it is the birthstone of June.

52. Peg (Greek origin) meaning ‘pearl’.

53. Ridley (English origin) means 'reed clearing' but is also the name for a small tropical turtle.

54. Rosemary (Latin origin) means 'sea dew'.

55. Zelva (Slovenian origin) means 'turtle'.

Names From The Beach

Names from the beach are super cute!

56. Aukai (Hawaiian origin) means 'sailor'.

57. Bo (Chinese origin) meaning 'wave'.

58. Bondi (Italian origin) comes from the word 'boondi' which means 'surf' but it is also the name of a very popular beach in Australia.

59. Coralia (Greek origin) translates to 'like coral'.

60. Galia (Hebrew origin) means 'wave of God'.

61. Ginevra (Italian origin) meaning 'white wave'.

62. Haven (English origin) means 'safe place' but is also used as a name for a harbour for small boats.

63. Jennifer (Cornish origin) meaning 'white shadow, white wave'.

64. Lana (Gaelic origin) from the word 'ailin' meaning 'little rock'.

65. Marley (English origin) meaning 'pleasant seaside meadow'.

66. Mary Rose (English origin) name of a famous shipwreck.

67. Meena (Hindi and Sanskrit origins) meaning 'fish'.

68. Molly (English origin) means 'of the sea' and is also the name for a breed of fish.

69. Morwen (Welsh origin) means 'maid, 'great' or 'white sea'.

70. Muir (Scottish origin) meaning someone who lived on a moor.

71. Naia (Basque origin) means 'wave' or 'seafoam'.

72. Ondine (French origin) meaning 'wave of the water'.

73. Sandy (Greek origin) name meaning 'protector of mankind' but is also closely related to the beach.

74. Shelley (Old English origin) recorded to mean 'meadow's edge' or 'clearing on a bank' and is now strongly associated with the seaside.

75. Tallulah (Native American origin) means 'leaping water'.

76. Vanora (Welsh origin) meaning 'white wave'.

Mythical Creatures Of The Sea Names

A name relating to a mythical sea creature is a beautiful choice.

77. Ariel (Biblical Hebrew origin) means 'lion of God' and is the name of the Little Mermaid herself.

78. Asherah (Sumerian origin) meaning 'she who treads on the sea' and is one of the most ancient Sumerian goddess mother figures.

79. Calypso (Greek origin) literally means 'she that conceals' and is the name of a sea nymph in Greek mythology.

80. Coventina (Celtic origin) is a Celtic baby name meaning 'water goddess'.

81. Ezili (African origin) name means 'goddess of water, beauty, and love'.

82. Halcyon (Greek origin) is generally known from Greek mythology as a bird that had the power to calm the seas.

83. Hama (Japanese origin) meaning 'beach, seacoast, seashore'.

84. Indra (Indian origin) means 'possessing drops of rain'.

85. Kelpie (Celtic origin) is the name of a shape-shifting aquatic creature from Scottish legend.

86. Lorelei (German origin) meaning 'temptress' due to the legend of Lorelei, who lived on the rocks by the sea.

87. Makara (Indian origin) means 'born under Capricorn' and is also a name of a mystical sea-creature in the Hindu faith.

88. Mazu (Chinese origin) is a goddess of the sea in Chinese culture.

89. Meredith (Welsh origin) has many meanings, one of which is 'seal lord'.

90. Naida (Arabic origin) means 'water nymph'.

91. Narissa (Greek origin) meaning ‘sea nymph’.

92. Nerida (Greek origin) means 'mermaid'.

93. Nimiane (Old English origin) from the Arthurian legend the name means 'The Lady of the Lake'.

94. Noelani (Hawaiian origin) means 'mist of heaven'.

95. Remora (Latin origin) translates to 'delay' from the ancient belief that 'remoras' could stop ships by uttering their name.

96. Sedna (Native American origin) meaning 'goddess of the sea'.

97. Sereia (Portuguese origin) translates to 'mermaid'.

98. Sirena (Greek origin) derived from the sirens in Greek mythology who are mystical sea creatures that change form.

99. Ula (American origin) means 'jewel of the sea'.

100. Varuna (Ancient Sanskrit origin) is the name of a Hindu goddess of the sky and sea.

101. Venus (Greek origin) means 'goddess of love'. In Greek mythology, she rose from the sea.

Kidadl has lots of great baby names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for ocean girls' names then why not take a look at these artistic names or for something different take a look at these adventurer names?

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