109 Unique Mermaid Names For Your Baby

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When it comes to naming a child, many parents take inspiration from a vast range of subjects, whether that's from places around the world or following a particular tradition.

Of course, your baby name inspiration may depend on what your favourite hobby happens to be. However, should you love all things nautical, or have an interest in the iconic movie The Little Mermaid, the beautiful names we have compiled here are just for you.

And mermaid names don't just mean monikers for lovely little girls, legends speak of mermen after all!

Aside from the classic Disney movie, interestingly history speaks of mermaids in Europe from as early as Greek mythology. Fishtailed sirens have frequently cropped up in myths and folklore across the world.

In Asia Merfolk are mentioned in the Shanhaijing (Classic of Mountains and Seas) series of Ancient Chinese geography and mythology, dating from the 4th century BC. And still, to this day, mermaids are going nowhere fast.

With centuries of tales, fascinating books and movie remakes across the globe, this all means one thing- there are some seriously beautiful merfolk names. Let's take a look at top mermaid names.

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Mermaid Names From The Movies

From Disney mermaids names to other cult classics, there's plenty of lovely mermaid names for girls.

1.Adella, Adella is an older sister of Ariel in the classic Disney film, The Little Mermaid.

2.Alana, Alana is another Little Mermaid name, as another sister of Ariel.

3.Andrina, from the classic Disney film The Little Mermaid, Andrina is another older sister of Ariel.

4.Attina, Attina is another of The Little Mermaid names, as another sister of Ariel.

5.Aquata, from the classic Disney film, Aquata is one of Ariel's older sisters.

6.Elvira, this pretty name is the mermaid in The Ingo television series.

7.Madison, this name is the name of the mermaid in the 1984 film, Splash.

8.Miranda, this is the pretty name of the leading mermaid played by Glynis Johns in the 1948 movie Miranda.

9.Shan, in 2016, Chinese cinema saw the release of a movie called The Mermaid. The film became a massive box office hit, and the leading mermaid's name is Shan.

10.Syrena, this is the name of a mermaid in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, 2011.

11.Tamara, this is the name of a mermaid in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, 2011.

12.Venus, is the name of the leading mermaid in the 2003 film, Mermaid.

Names Meaning Mermaid

Take a look at our top picks from across the globe.

13.Anahaita, (Old Persian) This is a variant of the name for the Iranian goddess of the waters.

14.Asherah, (Semitic origin), meaning 'she who walks in the sea".

15.Delja, (Polish origin), meaning "daughter of the sea".

16.Seriea, (Portuguese origin), this is the Portuguese word for mermaid.

17.Sirena, (Spanish origin), this is the Spanish word for mermaid.

18.Nerida, (Greek origin), meaning "sea nymph".

19.Raidne, (Latin origin), meaning "siren".

Mermaid Names From Myths and Legends

Centuries of maritime tales have resulted in many beautiful mermaid names, perfect for a baby.

20.Amatheia, (Ancient Greek), is a Greek sea nymph (Nereid), meaning "the one who rears or nurses the fish."

21.Asia, (Greek origin) is so much more than a place name. In  Ancient Greek mythology, Asia was the daughter of Oceanus and the mother to Atlas and Prometheus. The meaning of the name is "sunrise." What a truly adorable name for a little girl.

22.Asrai, (Old English), this is the name for an aquatic fairy in ancient English folklore.

23.Cleodora, (Greek origin), the daughter of a river god and lover of Poseidon.

24.Dione, (Greek origin,) Greek Nereid meaning "the divine one"

25.Muirgen, (Old Irish origin), meaning "born of the sea". The name of a woman in an Irish legend who transformed into a mermaid.

26.Galene, (Greek origin) An ancient Greek nereid (nymph), meaning" of the calm seas".

27.Nix, (Norse and Germanic origin), Nix are water spirits who usually appear in human form in Norse and Germanic mythology.

28.Niminane, (Old English origin), this is the name of the Lady of the Lake in an Arthurian legend (a variant of Viviane.

29.Sedna, (Inuit origin), Sedna is the name of the Inuit goddess of the sea, who is said to hold sea animals in her hair.

30.Sinnan, (Old Irish origin), Goddess of the River Shannon in Ireland.

31.Tethys, (Greek origin), was the Ancient Greek goddess of freshwater.

32.Thoe, (Greek origin), the Greek nymph of "swift voyages or moving waves".

33.Thessalonike, (Greek origin), she was the famous sister of Alexander the Great, widely believed to have turned into a mermaid.

34.Triteia, (Greek origin). Triteia was the daughter of Triton.

35.Viviane, (Latin origin), meaning "lively". Viviane is the Lady of the lake in ancient Arthurian legend.

Nautically Inspired Mermaid Names

A little girl wearing mermaid dress is playing in sand on a beach

The sea has inspired plenty of lovely baby names, take a look these names, fit for any mermaid.

36.Annemette, (Danish origin), meaning "bitter pearl".

37.Baia, (Portuguese origin), meaning "bay".

38.Derya, (Turkish origin), "from the ocean".

39.Delmara, (Spanish origin), meaning "of the sea".

40.Daryah, (Persian origin), meaning  "sea".

41.Dorea, (Greek origin), meaning "of the sea".

42.Erwyna, (Old English) meaning  "friend of the sea".

43.Irvetta, (Old English origin), meaning "friend of the sea".

44.Lorelay, (Belgian origin), meaning  "alluring".

45.Marina, (Latin origin), meaning "of the sea".

46.Maris, (Old English origin), meaning "of the sea".

47.Meltem, (Turkish origin), meaning "sea wind".

48.Miriam, (Hebrew origin), "of the sea or bitter".

49.Moana, (Maori origin),  meaning, "a wide expanse of water or deep sea".

50.Morgan, (Celtic origin meaning, "lives by the sea, bright sea, the edge of the sea".

51.Morwenna, (Old Cornish origin), meaning "maiden, sea wave."

52.Muriel, (Celtic origin), meaning "shining sea".

53.Nerissa, (Greek origin), derived from the Greek word for water.

54.Pearl, (Hebrew origin) meaning "ocean jewel".

55.Ryba, (Slavic origin), meaning "fish".

56.Stormi, (American origin), this is the name of celebrity Kylie Jenner's daughter.

57.Tina, (English origin), meaning "like a river."

58.Waverly, (English origin), meaning  "meadow of quivering aspens".

Mermen Names

Merfolk mythical creatures speak of plenty of mermen. Here's some boys names you will surely love.

59.Abijam, (Israeli origin), meaning "father of the sea".

60.Abreca, (Old English origin), meaning "storm".

61.Aegaeus, (Latin origin), meaning "one from the Aegean Sea".

62.Bahari, (African origin),  meaning "the one who sails".

63.Calypso, Greek origin), is the name of the nymph who captured Odysseus in Ancient Greek mythology.

64.Cas, (Dutch and Persian origin), meaning "King of the treasure".

65.Caspar, (Persian origin), meaning "keeper of the treasure".

66.Culbert, (Old English origin), meaning "the seaman".

67.Delphin, (Greek origin). Delphin was the leader of the dolphins, Poseidon placed him in the sky as the constellation.

68.Dillon, (Welsh origin), meaning "son of the seas" There are many variants of the spelling.

69.Ephyra, (Latin origin),  meaning " the daughter of Oceanus".

70.Hurly, (Gaelic origin), meaning "tide".

71.Irvin, (Gaelic origin) meaning, "water of green".

72.Jennis, ( Native American origin), meaning "wild wave."

73.Llyr, (Welsh origin), meaning  "from the sea".

74.Merrik, (Old English origin), meaning "ruler of the sea."

75.Meryn, (Latin origin), meaning "of the sea."

76.Moises, (Iberian origin), meaning "from the water."

77.Murphy, (Irish origin), meaning "sea warrior".

78.Murray, (Celtic origin), "from the sea, lives by the sea, or Lord of the sea.

79.Neifion, (Welsh origin). This lovely baby name is a form of Neptune, "God of the sea."

80.Neptune, (Ancient Rome), Neptune is God of the sea in Roman mythology.

81.Pacific, (Latin origin) meaning, the name of the ocean and "sea-land."

82.Phorcys, (Greek origin), Phorcys was the Ancient Greek God of hidden dangers of the deep sea.

83.Portumnus, (Latin origin), meaning "God of the sea".

84.Poseidon, (Greek origin),  Poseidon was the Ancient Greek God of the seas.

85.Premanth, (Indian origin), meaning "a sea of love".

86.Proteus, (Greek origin), Proteus was an Ancient Greek sea god.

87.Hancock, (Old English origin), meaning "shellfish-gatherer."

88.Kano, (Japanese origin), meaning "God of the waters."

89.Ronan, (Irish origin), meaning "little seal".

90.Susanoo, (Japanese origin), Susanoo was a  Shinto God of storms and the ocean.

91.Samudra, (Indian origin), meaning "Lord of the ocean".

92.Taras, (Greek and Russian origin), in Ancient Greek mythology this is the name of Poseidon's son.

93.Teddington, ( Old English origin) meaning  "where the tide ends".

94.Trai, (Vietnamese origin), meaning "oyster."

95.Triton, (Greek origin), meaning "God of the sea".

96.Troy, (Irish origin), "water or footsoldier".

97.Theo, (Greek origin), meaning "swift voyage or the moving waves".

98.Zale, (Greek origin), meaning "sea strength".

99.Zamir, (Arabic and Hebrew origin), meaning "beautiful voice, or the song".

100.Zealand, (Old English origin), meaning "from the sea-land".

101.Zeeman, (Dutch origin), meaning "a seaman".

Mermaids From The Arts

Arts and literature have also inspired many beautiful famous mermaid names, perfect for a baby.

102.Aquamarine, is the name of the mermaid in the book of the same title by Alice Hoffman.

103.Coralia, this is a mermaid name from a 19th-century ballet, inspired by the book "Undine".

104.Fredrika,  is the name of the mermaid from the book "Sleeping with the fishes" by Mary Janice Davidson.

105.Khalen, is the name of the siren in the book "The Siren" by Kiera Cass.

106.Mele, is the name of the mermaid in the book "Mele the Mermaid" by J. Cecil.

107.Neela, is the name of the mermaid who holds the light in the book series the Waterfire Saga, by Jennifer Donnelley.

108.Serafina, is the pretty name of one of the very brave mermaids in the Waterfire Saga series, by Jennifer Donnelley.

109.Syrenka, is the name of the wronged mermaid in the book Monsterous Beauty, by Elizabeth Fama.

Kidadl has lots of great baby names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for Mermaid Names then why not take a look at Nautical Names, or for something different take a look at Names Meaning Ocean.

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