83 Names That Mean Miracle For Your Little Blessing

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A miracle is an extraordinary and extremely welcome event, which perhaps seems to defy all odds, and is therefore often attributed to divine intervention.

It goes without saying that every beautiful, brand new baby is a miracle. So whether you're looking for girl names that mean precious or boy names meaning miracle, we've put together this list of names that will let your newest addition know how much they mean to you.

Choosing a baby name can be such an important task, your miracle baby will have their name with them for the rest of their life. It's lovely selecting a name with a meaning or story to it, especially if it feels as though it's been a long journey to get to that point, you can read more about choosing the perfect name here.

So make yourself a cup of tea, get comfy and check out these names meaning miracle, we're sure you'll find some you love.

For some more names that mean miracle check out these special rainbow names.

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Girl Names

These girl names that mean miracle will give you some inspiration for finding the perfect name.

1) Alasne (Spanish Origin), meaning "miracle". This Spanish name quite simply means miracle.

2) Celeste (Latin Origin), meaning "heavenly".

3) Celestine (Latin Origin), meaning "heavenly".

4) Dalili (Swahili Origin), meaning "a sign from the God's". Similar to Delila or Delilah.

5) Deanna (English Origin), meaning "divine".

6) Deva (Hindi Origin), meaning "divine, shining one".

7) Diana (Latin Origin), meaning "divine".

8) Dionne (Greek Origin), meaning "divine".

9) Engracia (Spanish Origin), meaning "endowed with God's grace".

10) Gia (Italian Origin), meaning "God's gracious gift".

11) Godiva (English Origin), meaning "God's gift". A miracle of God.

12) Gundruna (Swedish Origin), meaning "divine wisdom".

13) Hanita (Hindi Origin), meaning "divine grace".

14) Harika (Turkish Origin), meaning "a miracle, beautiful".

15) Heaven (English Origin), meaning "home of the Gods and celestial beings".

16) Jada (American Origin), meaning "precious". Names meaning precious show just how much your baby means to you.

17) Janet (English Origin), meaning "God's gracious gift". The name Janet hasn't featured in the lists of most popular names since the '60s.

18) Jenica (Romanian Origin), meaning "God's gracious gift".

19) Milagros (Spanish Origin), meaning "miracles". The male version of this name meaning miracle is Milagros.

20) Mirabei (English Origin), meaning "wonderful".

21) Mirabel (Latin Origin), meaning "wonderful".

22) Miracle (English Origin), meaning "wonderful".

23) Nadira (Arabic Origin), meaning "precious, rare".

24) Nasia (Hebrew Origin), meaning "God's miracle".

25) Nayab (Persian Origin), meaning "unique, rare".

26) Nevaeh (American Origin), meaning "heaven". This miracle baby name is heaven spelt backwards.

27) Ohanna (Hebrew Origin), meaning "God's gracious gift". This Hebrew name that means miracle is quite rare, there are approximately 3 Ohanna's born every year.

28) Orella (Latin Origin), meaning "announcement from the Gods".

29) Panthea (Greek Origin), meaning "all the Gods".

30) Pella (Hebrew Origin), meaning "marvel of the Gods".

31) Rhiannon (Welsh Origin), meaning "divine queen".

32) Sena (African Origin), meaning "bringing heaven to Earth, blessed".

33)Senalda (Spanish Origin), meaning "victory".

34) Shany (Swahili Origin), meaning "marvellous, wonderful".

35) Sian (Welsh Origin), meaning "God's gracious gift".

36) Sinead (Irish Origin), meaning "God's gracious gift".

37) Thea (Greek Origin), meaning "gift from God". This name meaning miracle is the short form of Dorothea.

38) Theodora (Greek Origin), meaning "gift of God".

39) Theophania (Greek Origin), meaning "appearance of God".

40) Tiffany (Greek Origin), meaning "God's appearance".

41) Urania (Greek Origin), meaning "heavenly".

42) Uriela (Hebrew Origin), meaning "God's light".

43) Winifred (Welsh Origin), meaning "blessed making, one who is miraculous".

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Boy Names

We're sure a few of these baby boy names that mean miracle will make their way on to your list.

44) Aaron (Hebrew Origin), meaning "miraculous".

45) Ansel (Germanic Origin), meaning "with divine protection".

46) Benedict (Latin Origin), meaning "blessed". This name meaning miracle is probably most well known as the name of actor Benedict Cumberbatch.

47) Chazon (Hebrew Origin), meaning "prophecy, revelation".

48) Devak (Indian Origin), meaning "divine".

49) Eijaz (Arabic Origin), meaning "miracle". This Arabic name that means miracle has Venus as its ruling planet. Apparently people with this name are usually very patient.

50) Ender (Turkish Origin), meaning "very rare".

51) Fyodor (Russian Origin), meaning "God's gift".

52) Jonathon (Hebrew Origin), meaning "God's gift". A miracle of God.

53) Joseph (Hebrew Origin), meaning "God will increase".

54) Lazarus (Greek Origin), meaning "God is my helper".

55) Loreto (Italian Origin), meaning "miraculous".

56) Mansur (Arabic Origin), meaning "divine aid".

57) Matthew (English Origin), meaning "gift of God". The name Matthew topped the popularity charts throughout the '80s and '90s, but has been less popular over the last 10 years although it still makes the top 50.

58) Milagro (Spanish Origin), meaning "miracle, wonder". The female version of this Spanish name that means miracle is Milagros.

59) Moses (Egyptian Origin), meaning "delivered from the water".

60) Nissan (Hebrew Origin), meaning "miracle".

61) Osgood (Teutonic Origin), meaning "divine creator".

62) Osmond (English Origin), meaning "divine protection".

63) Oswald (English Origin), meaning "divine power".

64) Raphael (Hebrew Origin), meaning "God has healed". The beautiful meaning of this Hebrew name would be perfect for a rainbow baby.

65) Thaddeus (Greek Origin), meaning "a blessing from God".

66) Theodore (Greek Origin), meaning "gift of God". This baby name meaning miracle has seen a huge surge in popularity over the last 5 years and is currently on the list of most popular names right now.

67) Zevadiah (Hebrew Origin), meaning "God's gift".

Unisex Names

If you're not sure whether you're having a girl or a boy, you're not raising your child in a gender-specific way or perhaps you're having twins, then these names meaning miracle will suit either a baby boy or baby girl.

68) Angel (Latin Origin), meaning "messenger of God".

69) Asher (Hebrew Origin), meaning "blessing". This baby name meaning blessed is set to be one of the most popular names of 2020.

70) Ata (Arabic Origin), meaning "gift from God". This Arabic name that means miracle is a traditional boys name in the Middle East. In America, it's more commonly a girls name.

71) Ayaan (Indian Origin), meaning "gift from God".

72) Barack (African Origin), meaning "blessed". Most well known as Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States.

73) Bennett (Latin Origin), meaning "little blessed one".

74) Jayden (Hebrew Origin), meaning "thankful to God".

75) Jesse (Hebrew Origin), meaning "gift from God". This Hebrew name meaning miracle is more popular in the United States than the United Kingdom.

76) Lumi (Finnish Origin), meaning "light bringer".

77) Magic (American Origin), meaning "full of wonder".

78) Marvel (French Origin), meaning "to wonder, admire".

79) Miracle (American Origin), meaning "divine act". It may seem like an obvious one, but no name could be clearer that your baby is indeed a miracle.

80) Neo (Twainian Origin), meaning "gift".

81) Revel (English Origin), meaning "pride".

82) Sam (Hebrew  Origin), meaning "God has heard".

83) Tori / Tory (English Origin), meaning "victory".

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