100 Best Names That Mean Blessed For Your Little Miracle

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Originally Published on Nov 05, 2020
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The word "blessed" can mean different things for different people as for some, it is getting a good job, for some a new home, and for some, it is a baby.

No matter what language you say the word blessed, its meaning remains the same. A gift from God, that is meant for you to cherish and protect.

Over a great many years, so many things have changed, but one thing is still the same: the meaning, symbolism, and message behind the glorious word blessing.

If you are looking for names that mean miracle, blessed or that mean blessing, then we have got the list for you.

If you've felt a profound association with the miracle and wonder of life in being blessed with a baby, then you need a name for your child, which reflects that they are actually a gift for you. Having a child is always a blessing or a rainbow after a storm.

So, find the right names meaning favor or blessed by checking out these beautiful and meaningful 100 names for your baby which means a gift or blessing from God.

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Baby Boy Names Meaning Gift From God

God Hand Pour Down Blessing.

Selecting baby names that mean a gift for your baby boy is the perfect way to honor the blessing of God. There are so many names that mean a miracle, but for your baby boy, the name should be unique and one of its kind.

So, we hope one of the names meaning a miracle or gift on this list will be perfect for your baby boy.

1. Alay (Indian origin) meaning "gift".

2. Amirkyal (Arabic origin) meaning “reward”.

3. Anum (Indian origin) meaning “blessing of God”.

4. Ashish (Indian origin) meaning “blessing". It is one of the most common names in India.

5. Ata  (Arabic origin) meaning "miracle" in Arabic, it's among the short and pretty girl names.

6. Attaullah (Indian origin) meaning "Gift of Allah”.

7. Attam (Indian origin) meaning "a gift from God".

8. Avishai (Indian origin) means "a gift from God".

9. Avita (Indian origin) means "God’s gift".

10. Ayne (German origin) meaning “the Lord has shown favor”.

11. Ayaan (Indian origin) meaning "rays of the rising sun".

12. Ayaansh (Indian origin) meaning "first rays of the sun". One of the most popular baby names in India.

13. Barkat (Arabic origin) meaning "miracle". Among the popular baby names in Asia.

14. Bhanuprasad (Indian origin) means "a gift of the sun".

15. Bozidar (Slavic origin) means “God has been gracious”.

16. Charis (Greek origin) means "charities".

17. Donatello (Spanish origin) means “given by God”.  Famous name bearer is the Italian sculptor Donatello.

18. Dorek (Polish origin) means “a blessing" or "miracle".

19. Durgadatt (Indian origin) means “blessing of Goddess Durga".

20. Gianni (Italian origin) means "God is gracious".

21. Gurdita (Indian origin) means “one who is born with the blessing of the Guru”.

22. Hansel (German origin) means "God is gracious". It a famous character from the children's story 'Hansel and Gretel.'

23. Hannibal (Roman origin) means "grace or grace of Ba’al"  Famous bearers: Hannibal, a Carthaginian general during the Second Punic War, and Hannibal Lecter from the TV show 'Hannibal.'

24. Joindah (Arabic origin) means “blessings of God".

25. Mathew (Indian origin) means “one who has come as a reward". Famous name bearer many Hollywood actors names Matthew Like Matthew McConaughey, Matthew Broderick, Matthew Perry.

26. Mathias (Greek origin) means “miracle".

27. Meghdutt (Indian origin) meaning "a gift from the gods of clouds and rain". In Indian mythology, he was a prince of Lanka and possessor of Indralok.

28. Milko (Polish origin) meaning "nice, pleasant, or graceful".

29. Nate (Hebrew origin) meaning “blessed by the lord". Famous name bearer is the actor Nate Parker.

30. Prasad (Indian origin) means “blessing of God".

31. Ramdutt (Indian origin) meaning "Gift of Lord Rama".

32. Reyan (Indian origin) meaning "Gift of God; Little King".

33. Reyom (Indian origin) meaning "God’s gift".

34. Shriprasad (Indian origin) meaning "A gift from the very hands of God".

35. Skandaprasad (Indian origin) meaning "Gift of God Skanda or Karthikeya".

36. Sonu (Indian origin) means "God’s gift; pure gold; morning". One of the most common baby names in India.

37. Sougat (Indian origin) means "A gift; enlightened".

38. Thavaselvan (Indian origin) means "gift of God". A popular boy names in South India

39. Toha (Indian origin) means "A beautiful miracle handed down by God himself".

40. Ukesh (Indian origin) means "God’s gift".

41. Vishnudutt (Indian origin) means "Lord Vishnu".

42. Varam (Indian origin) means "A boon".

43. Wahb (Arabic origin) means "Gift; blessing".

44. Yadan (Arabic origin) means "God’s gift; honest".

45. Yanish (Hebrew origin) means "Gift of God".

46. Yannick (Hebrew origin) means "Lord is gracious."

47. Zain (Arabic origin) means "grace or beauty."

48. Zaiyaan (Indian origin) meaning "bright and graceful."

49. Zubaid (Arabic origin) means "That which is given as a gift".

50. Zayne (Arabic origin) means "God is gracious".

Baby Girl Names Meaning Gift From God

Little baby feet with yellow flower in the mother's hands.

For your little miracle, choose these beautiful baby girl names that mean blessing. Your baby girl needs names that mean she is the treasure of your life. With so many names on this list that mean miracle, we hope that you find the right baby name meaning miracle or blessed for your girl:

51. Aadia (Indian origin) meaning "a gift; unequalled; perfect".

52. Aana (Indian origin) meaning "gifted by God" or "blessed".

53. Aanam  (Indian origin) meaning "a gift from Lord Ganesha".

54. Aalin (Arabic origin) meaning "beautiful, serene, calm or graceful".

55. Analee (Spanish origin) meaning "grace or favor".

56. Annamaria (Hebrew origin) meaning "option of two".

57. Atiya (Indian origin) means "a gift".

58. Carissa  (Greek origin) means "grace".

59. Doroata (Greek origin) means “a blessing".

60. Engracia (Spanish origin) meaning "someone endowed with god’s grace".

61. Evanna (Welsh origin) meaning "God is gracious". Evanna is the female variant of the Welsh name Evan.

62. Giovanna (Italian origin) meaning “gracious blessing" and "blessed".

63. Grace (English origin) means "beauty, elegance, and finesse".  A simple yet classic name for your daughter.

64. Gracia (Spanish origin) means "beautiful", variants of the name are Garcia, Gracie, and Grassia.

65. Graziella (Italian origin) means "kind or gracious". A cute nickname of Elle would go well with this name!

66. Hannah (Hebrew origin) means "grace and favor". Other variants of the names are Hanna or Hana.

67. Ivanka (Russian origin) meaning "God is gracious". Ivanka is the female variant of the name Ivan. Another interesting variant of the name is Ivana.

68. Jamila (Arabic origin) means "beauty, elegance or grace". Jamila is the female variant of the name Jamil.

69. Jane (English origin) meaning "gracious". Many believe the name Jane to be the female version of the name John. A famous bearer of the name is Jane Austen, a distinguished English author.

70. Jessica (Hebrew origin) means "god’s a gracious gift". The name Jessica was made famous by the famous Shakespearean play ‘The Merchant of Venice!’

71. Joanna (Hebrew origin) means "elegance".

72. Johanna (Greek origin) meaning "God is gracious".

73. Joindah (Arabic origin) meaning “blessings of God” or "blessed".

74. Jean (English origin) meaning "God is gracious".

75. Kalasiah (Tongan origin) means "unique and trendy". The name Kalasiah is perfect for parents looking for a name that’s unheard of!

76. Keyanna (American origin) means "the lady is living her life with grace". A trendy nickname of Keya or Anna would go well with this name.

77. Lisna (Arabic origin) means "grace of a woman".

78. Marianne (French origin) meaning "kind, gentle". Marianne has a cute feminine charm attached to it.

79. Mila (Slavic origin) means "gracious". Mila is a short and sweet name that won’t even require a nickname.

80. Mileva (Slavic origin) means "dear". The pronunciation of the name is ‘May-LEH-vah.’

81. Nancy (Hebrew origin) means "grace". A short and cute name that reminds us of the famous and fierce character of the amateur sleuth Nancy Drew.

82. Naysa  (Hebrew origin) meaning  “Miracle of God”.

83. Noreena (Irish origin) means "honor, and grace".

84. Ohanna (Hebrew origin) means "God’s gracious gift".

85. Roseanne (Latin origin) means "grace" graceful rose.

86. Shakira (Arabic origin) meaning "a woman of grace".

87. Shavawn (Hebrew origin) means "the lord’s grace and mercy".

88. Sioned (Welsh origin) means “gift”. God Is Gracious and is of Welsh name.

89. Sheena (Scottish origin) meaning "God is gracious".

90. Zaina (Arabic origin) means "beauty".  Another variant of the girl's name is Zayna.

91. Janette (Hebrew origin) meaning “gift from God”.

Gender Neutral Names Mean Blessed

Names that mean miracle or names that mean blessed may not necessarily be for a boy or a girl. We have curated a list of some gender-neutral names for you.  These names are in-vogue, we trust one of these names means favored for your young boy or a girl.

92. Asher (Hebrew origin) means "a blessing or fortunate".

93. Bennett (Latin origin) means "a little blessed one".

94. Dory (French origin) means  "gift of God".

95. Harika (Turkish origin) means "a miracle".

96. Lahja (Nordic origin) means "special gift".

97. Nima (Latin and Arabic origin) means "a blessing".

98. Mikelle (Hebrew origin) means "a gift from God".

99. Marvel (French origin) means "miracle".

100. Mirakel (Norwegian origin) means  "a miracle".

Kidadl has lots of great baby names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for Names That Mean Blessed then why not take a look at Names Meaning Calm Or Quiet, or for something different take a look at Steampunk Names.

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