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Why Nicknames For John?

People who give their friends nicknames usually do it because the nickname suits the person's personality, or they don't want to call the person by his first name. Whether John is your business partner, best friend, sibling, or important person, you know he deserves a remarkable nickname that distinguishes him from the other people in the room. Confusion, however, comes hand in hand with the weighty duty of selecting nicknames for John. So, if you are close to someone named John, then here is a list of 70 nicknames for John that you can try.

Best Nicknames For John

1. John-Bonne

2. J Star

3. Jabberwocky

4. Jack

5. Jack At A Pinch

6. Jack Sparrow – an appropriate nickname for someone who loves 'Pirates Of The Caribbean.

7. Jacko- an extension of the name Jack to make it more classical.

8. James (Hebrew origin)- meaning 'the one who follows'.

9. Jax

10. Jean (French origin)- means 'God is gracious'.

11. Jiffy – this is an ironic nickname for someone who is perpetually late.

12. Jiggle Wiggle – a funny nickname to address the John in your life.

13. Jigglypuff – this nickname was inspired by the title of one of the most successful virtual game franchises of all time, Pokémon.

14. Jim- short for James, this can also be used as a nickname for John.

15. Joanna – you can affectionately call your best buddy, Joanna. Joanna means 'God is gracious'.

16. Jon Snow - for someone who is a huge fan of 'Game of Thrones'.

17. Jocko

18. Johann (German origin)- a cheeky and endearingly charming nickname that means 'God is gracious'.

19. John Keats – you may give this name to a buddy who is a poet.

20. Johnnie -

21. Johpan

22. Joinker

23. Joy- is a sweet nickname for a guy who fills your life with incomparable happiness.

24. Juggernaut – if you know a strong person named John, you can give him this nickname.

25. McJargon

26. Yawn – this is a cute way to refer to a sleepyhead, and the name has a rhyming pattern with John.

Cute Nicknames For John

27. Ivan

28. J’oh – an endearing pet name that might be pronounced ‘Joh!’

29. Jackie

30. Jankin

31. Jackin

32. Jam – if your friend John can't get enough jam!

33. Jan – a nickname for John, who is born in the month of January.

34. Joe

35. John-John

36. Johnny – Johnny is the affectionate nickname that brings to mind the famous nursery rhyme 'Johnny Johnny'.

37. Jon

38. Jono

39. Juan (Hebrew origin)- another pronunciation for the name John, which means 'gift from God'.

40. Nhoj – an uncommon nickname derived by playing around with the letters of 'John'.

Nicknames That Rhyme With John

41. Dawn

42. Don

43. Drawn

44. Fawn

45. Ian- a rhyming word for Juan or John.

46. Johaganny

47. Johns- Johns is a funny and poetic way to call your friend John.

48. Jono – a cheeky and endearingly charming nickname for a child named John

49. Lawn

50. Nom Nom – The noise that the cookie monster makes. You might give this to a person who loves cookies.

51. Ron

Funny Nicknames For John

52. Bonbon- refers to chocolate.

53. Bonny (Scottish origin)- means 'beautiful' or 'attractive'.

54. Janny

55. Jay - you can give this name to your school friends.

56. Jini- comes from the English word 'genie', suitable for a person who loves fairy tales and superheroes.

57. Jo Jo

58. Johagranny

59. Johnica

60. Johnny Bravo – for the friend who loves watching the cartoon 'Johnny Bravo'.

61. Jon Bon Jovi – give someone this moniker if they are a huge fan of Bon Jovi.

62. Juni (Latin origin) - means 'youth'. Also refers to the person born in June.

63. June- a suitable nickname for your friend born in June.

64. Lil Jon – From the rapper Lil Jon.

65. Papa John - from Papa John's pizza.

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