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Dornish names are found in the 'A Song Of Ice And Fire' novel series and the hugely popular 'Game Of Thrones' TV series.

One of the greatest houses of the Seven Kingdoms is the House Martell that rules over the Kingdom of Dorne. Those living in the Kingdom of Dorne are called the Dornish.

The rulers of the House Martell are the Dornish Lords and, along with Dornish Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses, they follow the fashion of Rhoynar. House Martell is ruled from the capital of Dorne, also known as Sunspear. The region of Dorne is dry, arid, rocky, and mountainous. The red wine featured in the web series is Arbor Red.

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Dornish Names For Girls

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Some of the rulers of Dorne are Prince Mors Martell, Prince Mors II Martell, The Red Princess, Princess Meria Martell, and Prince Doran Martell. Here're some Dornish female names from fiction:

1. Allyria, a member of House Dayne.  

2. Belandra, a servant of House Martell at Sunspear.  

3. Cassella, a member of House Vaith.

4. Delonne, the Lady of Godsgrace.

5. Ellaria Sand, the paramour of Prince Oberyn Martell of House Martell.  

6. Jynessa Blackmont, a noblewoman of House Blackmont.  

7. Cedra, one of the servants who attended Princess Arianne Martell during her imprisonment.

8. Drinkwater, members of House Drinkwater.

9. Jayne, a noblewoman from House Ladybright.

10. Jennelyn, a daughter of Lord Franklyn Fowler.

11. Joss, one of the servants who accompanied Princess Arianne Martell.

12. Larra, the Lady of Blackmont.

13. Myria, a member of House Jordayne.

14. Mellei, a servant of House Martell at Sunspear.  

15. Nymeria, a princess of the Rhoynar.  

16. Obara, the daughter of Oberyn Martell in 'Ice and Fire'.

17. Red Princes, were the successors of Prince of Dorne Mors II Martell.

19. Sylva, a member of House Santagar.

19. Tyene, another love-child of Oberyn Martell. Together his daughters were called the Sand Snakes.

20. Ysilla, one of the members of the Shy Maid crew.

Dornish Names For Boys

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If you are looking for strong names for Dornish knights, Dornish warriors, or in a general name for Dornish soldiers, then our next list can help you. We have the best names from Dornish houses from 'the Ice and Fire' series to inspire you.  

21. Andrey, often referred to as Drey in the 'Song of Ice' series.

22. Arthur, also known as the Sword of the Morning.

23. Alleras, wine lover and the son of a Dornishman in 'Ice and Fire series'.  

24. Allyrion, son of Dornish queen Delonne Allyrion and head of the Dornish Army. She is also known as Lady of God's grace.

25. Benedict, the last king of House Blackmont in Dorne.

26. Brude, born in the shadow city of Sunspear, the city of Dornish people.

27. Deziel, the Knight of Lemonwood and the head of House Dalt.

28. Davos, a knight from House Dayne and the Sword of the Morning.

29. Dornish, among the men that Bowen Marsh leaves behind to defend Castle Black.

30. Ferris, a King of Stone and Sky.

31. Franklyn, the Lord of Skyreach and head of House Fowler.

32. Gerris, a knight from House Drinkwater.

33. Gulian, a knight of House Qorgyle.

34. Harmen, the Lord of Hellholt and head of House Uller.

35. Michael, a knight of House Manwoody.

36. Mors, the eldest son and heir of Dagos Manwoody.

37. Morion, the ruling Prince of Dorne.

38. Nate, a black haired serving-man and master's assistant.

39. Oberyn, the Prince of Dorne who was supposed to be named the King of Dorne.

40. Perros, the son of the Lady of Blackmont.

41. Princess of Dorne, the unnamed ruler of Dorne during the reign of King Aerys II Targaryen.

42. Quentyn, better known simply as Quentyn Martell.

43. Qorgyle, the second son of Lord Quentyn Qorgyle.

44. Tanselle, a Dornish puppeteer, also known as Tanselle Too-Tall.

45. Tremond, the Lord of Salt Shore and the head of House Gargalen.

46. Timoth, a servant of House Martell at Sunspear.

47. Vulture King, a Dornish outlaw.

48. Willam, a knight of House Wells from Dorne.

Dornish Last Names

Below we have listed names of all Dorne houses that appeared in the book 'Ice and Fire'.

49. House Allyrion of Godsgrace, headed by Lady Delonne Allyrion

50. House Blackmont of Blackmont, headed by Lady Larra Blackmont

51. House Dalt of Lemonwood, headed by Ser Deziel Dalt

52. House Dayne of High Hermitage, headed by Ser Gerold Dayne.

53. House Dayne of Starfall, headed by Lord Edric Dayne.

54. House Drinkwater, a noble house in Dorne.

55. House Dryland of Hellgate Hall, an extinct noble house from Dorne.

56. House Fowler of Skyreach, a noble house from Skyreach in Dorne.

57. House Gargalen of Salt Shore, headed by Lord Tremond Gargalen.

58. House Jordayne of the Tor, one of the principal noble houses of Dorne.

59. House Ladybright, a noble house from Dorne.  

60. House Manwoody of Kingsgrave, an old Dornish noble house.

61. House Nymeros Martell of Sunspear, headed by Prince Doran Martell

62. House Qorgyle of Sandstone, headed by Lord Quentyn Qorgyle.

63. House Santagar of Spottswood, headed by Ser Symon Santagar

64. House Toland of Ghost Hill, headed by Lady Nymella Toland

65. House Uller of Hellholt, headed by Lord Harmen Uller

66. House Vaith of the Red Dunes, headed by Lord Daeron Vaith

67. House Wells, a noble house from Dorne.

68. House Wyl of the Boneway, a house from Wyl in northern Dorne.

69. House Yronwood of Yronwood, headed by Lord Anders Yronwood.

Dornish Place Names

Here're are the names of the places in the Dorne kingdom.

70. Blackmont, in 'Ice and Fire' is the stronghold of House Martell.

71. Godsgrace, the home of House Allyrion.

72. Greenblood, an area surrounded by River Greenblood. 

73. Hellholt, the home of House Uller.

74. Kingsgrave, the seat of House Manwoody.

75. Lemonwood, the home of House Dalt.

76. Mistwood, the home of House Mertyns.

77. Planky Town, a trading town in Dorne.

78. Sandstone, the seat of House Qorgyle.

79. Starfall, the seat of House Dayne.

80. Sunspear, the capital city of Dorne.

81. The Tor, a castle located on the shore of the Sea of Dorne.

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